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JUNO investing magazine is a New Zealand luxury investment and lifestyle magazine which explains in plain English your financial options and how to build wealth. It covers the share market, property investment, KiwiSaver, personal finance, the economy, books, travel, and all the good things in life you can buy when you invest wisely. Once it's done, we won't need to update it again.

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meet our contributors

CAMERON BAGRIE Cameron is the Managing Director of Bagrie Economics. He was previously Chief Economist at ANZ, a position he held for 11.5 years. Bagrie Economics is a boutique research firm. PRISCILLA DICKINSON Priscilla has 14 years’ experience within the insurance industry, including Vero, Southern Cross, AMP and Willis Towers Watson. She is currently working as a freelance writer. JOHN BERRY John is Co-founder and CEO of Pathfinder Asset Management. Prior to Pathfinder John worked in investment banks and law firms, including at Deutsche Bank Structured Capital Markets. VICTORIA HARRIS A Senior Analyst at Pie Funds, Victoria researches and analyses global companies. Before joining Pie Funds, Victoria was a Senior Analyst and Co-portfolio Manager at Milford Asset Management. AMY HAMILTON CHADWICK Amy specialises in property and finance journalism; she has been a writer and editor for almost 20 years.…

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I’ve done a fair amount of air travel around New Zealand recently. So I’ve been getting a bird’s-eye view of property developments far below. As I flew into Wellington, I couldn’t believe how much dirt I saw spread across large areas of Upper Hutt. This is being cleared to make way for more housing developments and infrastructure. And Christchurch, well, we all know this city is undergoing a massive rebuild. When I touched down in Queenstown, I wondered what had happened to the quiet town I knew 10 years ago. Every time I visit, I see more residential and commercial developments under way. Hawke’s Bay is experiencing huge growth too. Many new sections are being created, and homes built on the hills around Taradale and Te Mata Peak. Commercial developments are also on…

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is property right for you?

People venturing into property may be surprised to find that being a property investor may involve a lot more hard work than you think. On Christmas Day, your tenant might phone to say the oven’s stopped working and the turkey’s lukewarm. Does sorting this situation appeal to you? Are you an active investor ready to work round the clock to see your nest egg grow, or someone who thinks investments should be left ticking quietly away in the background? Or perhaps you prefer to take a step back and have your whole portfolio managed by the professionals? Whichever kind of investor you are, there’s something for you in our property issue. The most diversified portfolios will probably contain some property investment, so that you can spread your risk. Take this year so far. Perhaps your…

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juno exchange

Truly Outside the Box Want to invest in electric cars, a vineyard, or a new Kiwi business? These are just some of the ideas suggested at the latest JUNO Exchange. The venue was The Box café in Auckland; the topic was ‘Outside the Box’; and the ideas shared covered investments that some may never have considered before. The Autumn JUNO Exchange held on Thursday evening, 28 March, was an exercise in innovative thinking, offering investors fresh ideas for their portfolios. More than 70 people attended the seminar, to hear four experts. It was MC-ed by JUNO Founder and Publisher Jacqueline Taylor. Wealth adviser Simon Hepple, of Pie Funds, spoke about why you need to diversify your portfolio beyond the traditional asset classes of shares, bonds, fixed interest, and property. With volatility affecting the share market,…

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what we like

Escape to a Mediterranean Dream When you enter the gates of Elephant Hill Lodge in Hawke’s Bay, you’re immediately taken to a Mediterranean oasis. The driveway is lined with olive trees and towering cypresses. As you approach the lodge, masses of vines greet you from every angle, and ocean views stretch from Mahia to Cape Kidnappers. Architect John Blair created a masterpiece of modern architecture for Elephant Hill founders Roger and Reydan Weiss. Its cladding of aged copper, oxidised to resemble the sea, helps the lodge blend effortlessly into the landscape. The lodge’s interior is expansive, with vaulted ceilings and full-length windows. All furnishings and materials are European and include Gaggenau appliances and extensive use of marble. Sit at the large dining table, where a striking piece of art by Shane Cotton could be your…

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is property investing right for you?

For years, I’ve listened to people debate which is the better investment: shares or property? It’s not really a very sensible discussion because they can both be good for the right people at the right time, but bad for the wrong people at the wrong time. In any case, if investment were solely about returns, it would be an easy game. We would simply find the asset class that was likely to give the best returns, and everyone would invest in that. That’s a crazy idea, of course, and that’s the reason there are so many investments available: each investment suits certain people at certain times. That’s definitely true of residential property investment. Property means work Some people become very wealthy from property, but buying rentals is not for everyone. It can give good returns,…