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JUNO investing magazine is a New Zealand luxury investment and lifestyle magazine which explains in plain English your financial options and how to build wealth. It covers the share market, property investment, KiwiSaver, personal finance, the economy, books, travel, and all the good things in life you can buy when you invest wisely. Once it's done, we won't need to update it again.

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the money i wish i’d made

JUNO writer Martin Hawes wrote a bestseller about property investment in the 90s. It flew off the shelves and I saw it on many of my friends’ coffee tables. Some of those friends went on to buy rental properties. I met one of those early investors about a year ago. He still has a portfolio of rental properties and no longer needs a day job. He was travelling the world in a campervan and enjoying life, while his properties ticked over. Another friend inherited a share of her grandmother’s house. She worked hard, borrowed to buy it, renovated it, and still has it. Now money just drops into her account every week. I didn’t read the book, but I knew the principles: hold on to a rental property and watch it increase in…

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meet some of our contributors

CAMERON BAGRIE Cameron is the managing director of Bagrie Economics, a boutique research firm. He was previously Chief Economist at ANZ, a position he held for over 11 years. MARTIN HAWES Martin is the chairman of the Summer KiwiSaver Investment Committee. He is an authorised financial adviser and offers his services throughout New Zealand. He also presents at seminars. DIANA CLEMENT Diana is one of New Zealand’s leading writers in personal finance, investment and related topics. Diana’s favourite topic is the secrets of saving money. She writes for the New Zealand Herald and other publications. ANDREW NICOL Andrew is an authorised financial adviser and the managing partner of Opes Partners. He has over 15 years’ experience in banking, finance, and property. AMY HAMILTON CHADWICK Amy specialises in property and finance journalism. She has been a writer and editor for…

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invest for your age

There was a full house for the Winter JUNO Exchange reader event, held at the Kitchens by Design showroom in Takapuna, Auckland. We celebrated the launch of the Winter issue of JUNO, ‘Invest for your Generation’. It was a lively evening of inspirational speakers, exploring investing options for every generation. About 90 people of all ages attended. Kristen Lunman, who’s the GM of online trading platform Hatch, spoke first. A whiz in the start-up world, Lunman directed New Zealand’s first fintech accelerator. As Kiwi Wealth’s Director of Innovation, Lunman set up Hatch, an investment platform that opens up a world of opportunities for Kiwis wanting to invest. She explained how the platform came about after research into the habits of millennials. Lunman discovered they tend to be DIY investors, who want sophisticated, well-built platforms that…

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subscribe to win

Subscribe to JUNO for a year (four issues) for $35 and you’ll go in the draw to win one of eight Dermalogica skincare packs, valued at over NZ$300 each. Go to www.junoinvesting.co.nz/subscribe Terms and conditions: 1. The prize is as stated, one of eight Dermalogica skincare packs. 2. Each Active Clearing pack includes AGE Bright Clearing Serum 30ml, AGE Bright Spot Fader 50ml, Clearing Skin Wash 250ml, and Oil Free Matte sunscreen 50ml, and is valued at NZ$386. Each Normal Skin Range pack includes Special Cleansing Gel 250ml, Daily Microfoliant 74g, Multi-Active Toner 250ml, Protection 50 Sport 156ml and is valued at NZ$326. 3. Prize is not transferable and is not redeemable for cash. 4. Offer expires on 31 October 2019. 5. The prize goes to the purchaser of the winning subscription, and…

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what we like

Sustainability You Can See Imagine a pair of prescription glasses made from recycled milk bottle tops, old Australian bank notes or beer keg caps. Now they’re a reality. Dresden, now with two stores in Auckland, makes its glasses from fully recyclable nylon and recycled discarded plastic. The lightweight, durable prescription glasses start from NZ$63. Founders Australians Bruce Jeffreys and Jason McDermott discovered many plastics can be melted and moulded into new products. Order online, or visit the store and your glasses can be made in 15 minutes, as long as you don’t have a complicated prescription. JUNO has one pair of Dresden multifocals and one pair of single vision glasses to give away. Enter at www.junoinvesting.co.nz/competitions www.dresden.vision/nz/ It’s My Treat A monthly subscription box service is delivering treats to women around New Zealand. Founder Rosie Graystone launched MyTreat to…

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property: do the numbers still stack up?

A flat market, extra costs, and more regulations. Is rental property investment in the too-hard basket right now? For decades, buying a rental has been a back-up retirement savings plan for Kiwi families who have a bit of money to spare. However, the Government and the Reserve Bank have put a number of hurdles in front of residential property investors, as they try to make the banking and property sectors safer. Some investors got out The upshot is that fewer investors are buying properties, CoreLogic data shows. “Investor share of the [new mortgage] market peaked midway through 2015 and dropped to its lowest point at the end of 2017,” says Nick Goodall, CoreLogic’s head of research. “Since then, we’ve seen a gradual return to the market, but investor activity remains a long way off its former…