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JUNO investing magazine is a New Zealand luxury investment and lifestyle magazine which explains in plain English your financial options and how to build wealth. It covers the share market, property investment, KiwiSaver, personal finance, the economy, books, travel, and all the good things in life you can buy when you invest wisely. Once it's done, we won't need to update it again.

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earn money while you sleep

Most of us need go to work every day to earn money. But imagine if you could earn money while you sleep. It sounds like magic, but it’s called investing – and everyone can be an investor. Investing is about putting the money you have to good use, rather than spending it. By putting your money into businesses through the share market, into houses to rent, into KiwiSaver, or into anything that will hopefully make a return, you’re most likely going to get further ahead than if you just saved it and left it under the bed. If you’re a beginner investor, you’re reading the right magazine, and the right issue, at the right time. In JUNO, we explain the most popular types of investments and talk to experts about returns, risk, and reward.…

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meet some of our contributors

CAMERON BAGRIE Cameron is the managing director of Bagrie Economics, a boutique research firm. He was previously chief economist at ANZ, a position he held for over 11 years. ANDREW KENNINGHAM Andrew is the chief Europe economist for Capital Economics. He was previously an economic adviser for the United Kingdom Foreign Exchange. DIANA CLEMENT Diana is one of New Zealand’s leading writers in personal finance, investment and related topics. She writes for the New Zealand Herald and other publications. KRISTEN LUNMAN Kristen directed New Zealand's first fintech accelerator, and is now the general manager of investment platform Hatch, launched after interviews with many millennials. JOSEPH DARBY Joseph spent 15 years in the army, reaching the rank of major, before becoming an authorised financial adviser. He’s now the chief executive of Milestone Direct. ANDREW NICOL Andrew is an authorised financial adviser and…

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property: is the time right?

How the tide has turned. Interest rates are at record lows. That makes it bad for savers with money in the bank, but better for house buyers and investors, JUNO editor Brenda Ward told attendees at the Spring JUNO Exchange event in September. More than 90 people attended the reader event at the JUNO offices in Takapuna, Auckland, to find out the answers to their questions on property investment. Three experts inspired and updated attendees with information about investing in property, what tenants look for, and what’s happening in the market. The first speaker was Andrew Nicol, a managing partner at Opes Partners, a company that helps Kiwis get into property investing. Nicol talked about how Kiwis who own a home may be able to get the extra money they might need for retirement…

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subscribe and win

(limited to the first 60 orders) Subscribe to JUNO for a year (four issues) for $35 and you’ll go in the draw to win one of 30 women’s packs, or one of 30 men’s packs, valued at over $40 each. Go to www.junoinvesting.co.nz/subscribe You and Nature: It’s a Match Weleda has been growing and creating 100 per cent natural, organic herbal medicine and skin care products for over 90 years, often to the same original, authentic recipes that have stood the test of time. It was founded nearly 100 years ago, in 1921, by Dr Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and natural scientist, and Dr Ita Wegman, a Dutch doctor. ‘Anthroposophy’ inspires the view of the human being with a deep understanding of nature, and remains at the heart of Weleda’s vision even today. Weleda is the…

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what we like

Brush Up on Skin Care A Kiwi company is having great success with its new certified organic skincare range. Launched one year ago, Rage Against Chemicals has an extensive range for both men and women, and plans to enter the Middle East, Asia and Europe markets. Certified by Biogro NZ, Rage Against Chemicals is NZ’s only men's certified organic skincare range. The company says testosterone can cause men’s skin to be up to 25 per cent thicker, rougher and drier than that of women’s. Their moisturiser is packed full of manuka honey goodness plus natural antioxidants. The products make a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. JUNO has five men’s gift packs, including a shaving brush, shaving bar, and face cream, to give away. Enter at www.junoinvesting.co.nz/competitions Branch Out in Olives When Richard Lee wanted…

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