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JUNO investing magazine is a New Zealand luxury investment and lifestyle magazine which explains in plain English your financial options and how to build wealth. It covers the share market, property investment, KiwiSaver, personal finance, the economy, books, travel, and all the good things in life you can buy when you invest wisely. Once it's done, we won't need to update it again.

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will money make you happy?

Princeton University in the US has put a dollar value on happiness. A study showed that NZ$116,000 is the amount you need to earn to be happy. Your happiness goes up the closer you get. But, guess what? Happiness stops going up right there. After that, there’s no point striving for more. No matter how much more you earn, you might feel life is going well, but you won’t feel any happier. In fact, studies have shown that people are happiest when they’re spending money on just a few things: getting rid of money worries, experiences, giving to charity and loved ones, spending on things that give you back time, and owning beautiful things. Did you know that rich people’s faces even look different? A new study from the University of Toronto says differences…

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meet some of our contributors

CAMERON BAGRIE Cameron is the managing director of Bagrie Economics, a boutique research firm. He was previously chief economist at ANZ, a position he held for over 11 years. MARY HOLM Mary writes in the Weekend Herald, presents a financial segment on Radio New Zealand, and is a best-selling author. She’s a director of the Financial Markets Authority. AMY HAMILTON CHADWICK Amy specialises in property and finance journalism. She has been a writer and editor for almost 20 years. Amy is a registered financial adviser. KRISTEN LUNMAN Kristen directed New Zealand’s first fintech accelerator, and is now the general manager of investment platform Hatch, launched after interviews with many millennials. ASHLEY CHURCH Ashley is the former chief executive of the Property Institute. A media commentator on property for over 20 years, he now writes on behalf of OneRoof. MONIQUE MACKIE Monique…

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the beginner’s guide to investing

If you’d ever wondered why you should invest and how to get started, by the end of the Summer JUNO Exchange, held in Auckland, you’d have had a really good idea. It covered where to start when you’re a beginner, building a new house as an investment, and what’s going on with the share market. Guests also heard from a young TV presenter who already owns three rental properties. Buying a house may not be easy in Auckland today, but it wasn’t any easier when she was a young person, either, financial adviser and author Lisa Dudson told the event. Dudson’s a leading businessperson and educator with 35 years of experience in money, business and property. She’s also the author of The New Zealand Money Guide and The New Zealand Property Guide. Dudson said she…

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subscribe to win

Subscribe to JUNO for a year (four issues) for $35 and you’ll go in the draw to win an ecostore gift pack containing four products selected from its household cleaning range. We have 10 packs to give away. Go to www.junoinvesting.co.nz/subscribe It’s hard to know what’s in the things you use to clean your home, which is why ecostore works hard to make products you can trust. The company’s household cleaning range is made from plant and mineral-based ingredients that are just as effective as traditional cleaners for achieving gleaming surfaces, sparkling dishes and clean laundry – while being safer for you, your family and the world. By creating hardworking products without harmful or unnecessary chemicals, its ethos has always been to put people’s health first and give them the choice to live clean. When…

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what we like

A Lippy Fit for a Princess Kiwi queen of natural lip colours Karen Murrell has released a ‘Princesses of the Golden Petals’ collection that celebrates the contemporary princess in all of us. From when Murrell was a young girl, beauty, cosmetics and skincare have been her passion and her enduring ambition. She was inspired by her Nana Gwen, who was like her second mother. She fondly recalls creative afternoons spent exploring Nana Gwen’s elaborate make-up collection. Murrell’s new collection includes three favourites, plus two luxurious metallic shades. The lipsticks are rich and creamy, with a velvety matte finish. They contain natural ingredients to create nourishing and long-lasting lip colours – avocado and evening primrose oils, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon, and sweet orange. www.karenmurrell.com Save the World, One Shave at a Time If your goal is to live…

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how to get rich

There are four main paths people take to get rich, author and financial planner Tom Corley has discovered. The US researcher spent five years analysing how rich people get wealthy and talked to 233 wealthy people, 177 of them self-made millionaires. Here are the paths he discovered. Can you use one to change your life? Saver-Investor In his research, Corley found that a whopping 49 per cent of the rich people he studied were Saver-Investors. “This path is basically living below your means, saving money and then investing that money prudently.” Corley says saving 20 per cent of their after-tax income was the magic figure for most saver-investors. But you won’t get rich in a hurry using this method. Using these habits, it still took on average 32 years to accumulate US$3.3 million. If you start saving…