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The biggest whitewater kayaking magazine in the world. If a photo speaks a thousand words, then Kayak Session is an encyclopedia. Dubbed the ‘National Geographic’ of whitewater kayaking, we collaborate with some of the best photographers and most acclaimed writers in the outdoor industry. Our photo concept is to show stunning images of kayakers in their element. This photos-first idea is coupled with a creative layout and fresh content, sure to inspire our readers with every issue. Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide.

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In the last few months, access to the world’s rivers, oceans, and lakes was shuttered as countries and governments around the world navigated the challenges wrought by novel coronavirus Covid-19. Yet for all that was temporarily lost, much was gained as paddlers and players in the paddlesport industry found solidarity, rallying together to support something bigger. Manufacturers switched their focus from paddling gear to Personal Protective Equipment of another kind: the masks, gowns, and face shields needed by those at the forefront of a pandemic. Athletes flocked to the internet, creating online tutorials and hangouts to keep the community sated and connected. During these tumultuous months, river lovers, from fisherman to whitewater paddlers, waited anxiously to return to the water, sometimes poaching runs and other times fighting for access. SUP and kayak…

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great river

Many have felt the pull of the Stikine, felt called to explore its waters and a landscape that loom larger than life. In April 2019, Jasper Gibson, Erik Johnson, Brendan Wells, Katrina Van Wijk, and Kent Christensen took to the river only to head into the mountains. Join as they paddle from Telegraph Creek, BC to Wrangell, Alaska, using the lower Stikine as a watery highway to reach mountain couloirs skiers dream of, writing their own chapter in the river’s storied history. One of Katrina's first steps punches straight through the ice, leaving her chest-deep in the icy waters of the Stikine River. A leash slung over her shoulder connects her to a sea kayak laden with ski gear, camping gear, and supplies for the next 18 days out in the…

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a hidden issue

While adventuring down the Stikine, it is easy to ignorantly believe that the area is largely free of human exploitation. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. Less than seven miles away from our first alpine camp lies a ticking time bomb. The Galore Creek Mine, a massive copper-silver-gold mine situated near the Iskut and Stikine Rivers, is currently moving forward with intrusive mining practices to explore the resources of the area. The Galore Creek Mine is one of several mines and resource exploitation developments that are either under construction or already operational in the Sacred Headwaters area, and there has been a recent push by the mining companies NovaGold Resources Inc. and Teck Resources Ltd to begin additional operations. If put into production, the Galore Creek Mine will be the fourth…

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the wish list

P&H SEA KAYAKS - VIRGO A polyethylene sea kayak that takes day & weekend trips seriously. The Virgo is a compact but uncompromising sea kayak for weekend warriors, at a length which provides ample hull speed for short to medium journeys whilst keeping the boat weight to a minimum. LENGTH: 443 CM/14’6 | WIDTH: 58.5 CM/23’’ | WEIGHT: 23.5 KG/52 LB | VOLUME: 313 L/69 G | MAX. CAP.: 100 KG/220 LB | MATERIAL: CORELITE X (ADVANCED ROTOMOULDED FOAM CORE SUPER-LINEAR HDPE) PHSEAKAYAKS.COM LEVEL SIX - FJORD DRYSUIT The Fjord is our expedition-style drysuit. It’s constructed from a fully waterproof-breathable 2.5 ply eXhaust material and integrated with 3.0 ply eXhaust panels in high wear areas. This drysuit features our new stealth waistband system, and elastic shoulder straps allow you to wear the top like a…

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wild wild, west canoeing the green river, utah, usa

I first read about the Green River when searching for a great paddle trip in the southwest USA.The 1,170 km waterway is the chief tributary of the Colorado River, its source in Wyoming’s Wind River Mountains. Descriptions of the river's abundant wildlife and stunning scenery as it makes its way to the Colorado quickly piqued my interest. A few months later, we are floating through the confluence of the Green and the Colorado, close to the end of our trip, when a sentence I read doing research pops back in my mind, and I feel that the fact sheet got it wrong. Tributary it may be, from the canoe point of view, the Green River looks bigger and has a higher water flow than the Colorado! Besides, the drainage basin…

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the wish list

VENTURE CANOES - PROSPECTOR 165 The traditional-style Venture Prospector 165 excels on wilderness expeditions and whitewater trips, making it popular with enthusiasts and outdoor centers across the globe. The TriLite construction is ideal for deep water use, offering greater hull performance at a lower weight, or choose a CoreLite construction for reliable, hard-wearing performance in more demanding conditions. Model shown include optional Explorer Upgrade. LENGTH: 508 CM/16’8 | WIDTH: 90 CM/35’’ | WEIGHT: 37 KG/821 LB | MAX. CAP.: 400 KG/882 LB | MATERIAL:TRILITE (ADVANCED ROTOMOULDED FOAM CORE SUPER-LINEAR HDPE) VENTUREKAYAKS.COM FREEFALL PADDLES - BEAVER TAIL Our Beaver Tail paddle is absolutely beautiful. Handmade from North American slow-grown ash, as slow-grown means a tighter configuration of the wood’s natural rings and grain. Our paddles follow the traditional design with a longer, thinner blade. All Beaver…