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Kayak Session Magazine Summer 2021

The biggest whitewater kayaking magazine in the world. If a photo speaks a thousand words, then Kayak Session is an encyclopedia. Dubbed the ‘National Geographic’ of whitewater kayaking, we collaborate with some of the best photographers and most acclaimed writers in the outdoor industry. Our photo concept is to show stunning images of kayakers in their element. This photos-first idea is coupled with a creative layout and fresh content, sure to inspire our readers with every issue. Kayak Session is the essential reading for whitewater kayakers worldwide.

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#ferdagirls - if he can do it….

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made,” former US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously said. That includes kayaking grade V and magazine covers. So, where are they? The narrative that there are fewer women involved in the sport or that fewer women want to run hard or consequential whitewater than men has always existed. And while that might be true when it comes to the numbers, that perspective doesn’t do women— or whitewater— any favors. There have always been- at least a few- women shredding alongside the guys. Risa Shimoda, Nancy Wiley, Shannon Carroll, Buffy Bailey, Mariann Saether, Nikki Kelly, Tanya Faux, Deb Pinniger, Emily Jackson, Adriene Levknecht, Nouria Newman... There are too many to name them all. The current generation grew up with their legacy,…

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gallery shot

Tom Dolle runs the first descent of Babory Falls in the Cantal district of central France. This area is renowned for its cheese making, but not so much for its rarely runnable rivers. When the occasion to go paddling here arises, some make sure not to miss it. With a total height of 18 meters and 15 meters of freefall, this falls is part of the “Jar-din de Saihlant." With a determined team and an abundance of rain, the stars aligned. The rock formations around the waterfall brought the kayakers all the way to Iceland for a day for a spectacular first descent.…

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world whitewaternews

NEWS AND HAPPENINGS DURANCE FESTIVAL 2021 IS BACK! JULY 30TH - AUG 1ST This year, the 2021 edition of the Durance Festival Whitewater Sessions will take place July 30th-August 1st. Bigger and better than ever, this year the menu features the now-classic WRSI Guil Gorge Chrono Creek Race on the Chateau Queyras Gorge, heaps of clinics (Waterfall Freeride, River Sup, Girl Power, Safety, Open Canoe), an exhibitor's village with tons of gear to test, a Sup Race, an open-air cinema in the evening, and a giant stoke float on Sunday called La Grande Descente. Not to mention a second-hand market and an intermediate event, the Freefall Paddles Lower Guil Rally! There is something for everyone, so bring the friends, the family, and enjoy. For more info, visit durancefestival.com. LEVEL SIX KING OF THE…

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patagonia road trip kayaking along the carretera austral

PCRs, holiday permits, residency papers… traveling these days isn’t easy and takes twice as much energy. But it’s all worth it when you are floating down the beautiful waters of the southern rivers of Chile. An entire year of the pandemic had us dying to get out on a trip, and after a good season of spring kayaking in la Araucania, it was time to follow the water and head south. "Even in the middle of summer, you can see water flowing and falling from every hill. That is Patagonia's biggest gift. Clean and abundant water." We only had 10 days to travel around, and we wanted to make sure to get the most of every day, so we decided to start our trip on the mighty rio Futaleufu. The team consisted…

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family kayaking in the durance valley

“What are we going to do?” Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself this fundamental question anew. Shortly after sunrise, when the first mountain peaks glow in the warm sunlight, the distant sound of the Durance is heard, and the birds begin to chirp, a mountain of possibilities amasses. Day after day, morning after morning, “What to do?” is the question with which I begin a vacation day in Durance, in the southeast of France, in the wonderful region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. This name alone—Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur—is a clear indication of the problems of a holiday in the Durance. The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region bundles southern French clichés; it combines the magic of the azure Mediterranean coast with the Mediterranean charm of the Provence and the white Alpine peaks on…

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200% green river high times on a southeast staple

"THE GREEN AND THE DAM HAVE CREATED A COMMUNITY HERE" I'm sitting above Gorilla, on Western North Carolina's Green River, and although I've run this rapid a few hundred times, my heart is racing at the prospect of peeling out. Both generators on the Lake Summit Dam are running full bore for what feels like the first time in ages, and it's 19" on the stick gauge, or a little more than double the normal flow. At 200%, Gorilla is known as the Silverback, and it's a beast. Instead of five distinct moves with eddies between them, it turns into a single, stacked sequence—a rushing highway of whitewater where every feature flows straight into the next and mistakes anywhere will cost you. I haven't run the Silverback in seven years, and my…