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Trail Run February - March 2018

Trail Runner New Zealand & Australia (formerly Kiwi Trail Runner) is New Zealand's best running magazine. The writing is loaded with 'real' experience and connects readers with fellow runners and New Zealand's stunning landscape. Even the most ardent couch-dwellers have picked up Kiwi Trail Runner and said it has inspired them to head outside and run in terrain that is among the most spectacular on earth. This magazine will appeal to anyone who wants to feel part of a community of people who love running, the outdoors and the camaraderie that comes with having a shared purpose. 1 year subscription equals 6 issues. 2 years subscription equals 12 issues. Your subscription will begin when the next issue is published to make sure you get the latest edition. As this is a bi-monthly magazine your first delivery may take six - eight weeks.

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matt rayment

There is joy in what we do In putting together the first Trail Runner of 2018 I was confronted over and over again by the joy expressed by people who are involved in our sport. It was delightful, refreshing and contagious. I feel invigorated by our culture and even more excited to be a part of it than I was at the end of last year. This joy has manifest itself in many ways: in the generous discussions I had with Paul Charteris and Barefoot Ted McDonald, two men who have had singular visions that they have dedicated the last ten years to. Both have taken different paths and both express their joy in different ways – you would be hard pressed to find someone more loquacious and engaging than Ted, however…

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cover competition

First Place 26 year old Tokoroa resident Linda Downes finish at the 23km Tikitapu adventure run was captured by Allan Ure as Linda as she crossed the line with her 17 month old daughter in her arms. We loved the composition of the photo, and subject matter knocked us out. The look on Linda’s face says it all; the triumph of completing such a strenuous event and above all the love for Alice, her daughter. The majority of us have family connections and it’s true that It really isn’t worth getting out in the trees if there is nothing to come back for. This was Linda’s second time competing at the Tikitapu Adventure Run after having a break whilst Alice was little (Linda did complete the Tarawera Marathon in 2015 whilst…

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our little secret oz

Nightcap National Park Where: 30km east of Byron Bay Distance: 13km return Degree of difficulty: Moderately challenging – mostly due to its remote location and unpredictable weather. Turns are sharp and there are some sheer drops from the cliffs above the falls. Watch out for slippery surfaces when it has been raining, and take adequate drinking water if it is hot. Check the weather forecast before heading out. Access: There are two entrances to this section of Nightcap National Park – from the east/north and from the south. Once you find the park entrance, drive along Minyon Drive and follow the signs. Parking is available at both Minyon Falls and Minyon Grass picnic areas. Why: Run Minyon Falls track to experience history and nature on a massive scale. This track is part of the Nightcap…

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our little secret nz

Bluff Hill/Motupohue Where: Bluff, Southland Distance: Variable. There are numerous tracks on and around the hill. Hook together the Foveaux Walkway, Millennium Track and Topuni Track for a 7km run with a good bit of variety. If you want to go further, chuck in the track around to Ocean Beach and back for another 8km. Degree of difficulty: Easy. The tracks are well-marked and well maintained. Access: Head towards Bluff, 25km southeast of Invercargill, on SH1. Bluff Hill/Motupohue access is signposted off SH1, via Lee Street up Flagstaff Road to the lookout. The Glory Track can be accessed via Walker Street and Gunpit Road, and the other tracks start at Stirling Point. Note: The Ocean Beach Track crosses private farmland, so please don’t take dogs with you. Why: Rising 265 metres above the township of the…

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jogging your memory

Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia and, as yet, there is no cure for it. Every year tens of thousands of people across Australia join together to support Dementia Australia at more than 60 Memory Walk & Jog events across the country. The events, which started as a small community effort in 2004, are now one of Dementia Australia’s biggest fundraisers. In 2018, there will be 10 flagship events across the country and more than 50 DIY events organised by motivated runners and supporters. Every event is pushchair and pram friendly, and you can go as quickly or as slowly as you like. To make it even more inclusive, if you can’t find an event near you, check out the website and pledge your kilometres for…

3 min.
the listening lounge

Trail Runner Nation www.trailrunnernation.com This is the granddaddy of all trail running podcasts. Don Freeman and Scott Warr are just so damn affable it’s hard not to be positive listening to them. From the hokey adverts they produce at the start of the show to the myriad of excellent guests and insights into everything to do with trail running, this podcast is a must listen. The Rich Roll Podcast www.richroll.com Rich Roll’s story is one of almost complete transformation, from an unhappy, unhealthy 40 year old to one of the fittest people on the planet. Focusing on holistic expressions of health, this podcast is a great one for getting inspired. Rich has a stream of high profile guests, the former lawyer isn’t afraid of hard questions – his grapple with cyclist Lance Armstrong being a…