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Trail Run June - July 2018

Trail Runner New Zealand & Australia (formerly Kiwi Trail Runner) is New Zealand's best running magazine. The writing is loaded with 'real' experience and connects readers with fellow runners and New Zealand's stunning landscape. Even the most ardent couch-dwellers have picked up Kiwi Trail Runner and said it has inspired them to head outside and run in terrain that is among the most spectacular on earth. This magazine will appeal to anyone who wants to feel part of a community of people who love running, the outdoors and the camaraderie that comes with having a shared purpose. 1 year subscription equals 6 issues. 2 years subscription equals 12 issues. Your subscription will begin when the next issue is published to make sure you get the latest edition. As this is a bi-monthly magazine your first delivery may take six - eight weeks.

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5 min.
what we do is sacred

I’ve had an epiphany – I think that the ritual and intimacy of trail running has been diluted by social media, which on one hand is rich as I am an avid user of social media in my personal life and, as a professional, I rely on social media to publicise and engage with others about Trail Runner. Am I able to sit with this notion and at the same time sit with my love of Instagram and other social media platforms? Of course. But for me, who for such a long time was so pro the immediacy of the social media experience, the thought that we may be selling ourselves short, or at least providing a pale facsimile of our golden moments, was striking to say the least. What led me…

1 min.
dream run

ALPS 2 OCEAN TRAIL, WAITAKI VALLEY, NEW ZEALAND Distance: 322km Photographer: Alps 2 Ocean Ultra Runners: James Kohler and Peter Kingston The good dirt: Fans of the Narnia movies might recognise the Elephant Rocks as Aslan’s camp. They’re just one of many amazing sights to be seen on the Alps 2 Ocean Trail. Run as much or as little of the trail as you like as it wends its way from the foothills of Mount Cook out to the sea at Oamaru. If you want to take on the whole thing, then get your entry in for the Alps 2 Ocean Ultra, an annual event held in late February.…

3 min.
doing your distance

The distance you do as a trail runner does not define you, rather it is the shared loved of being out in the elements, soaking up the rain, being shin- or knee-deep in mud, conquering hills to the best of your ability, and being surrounded with like-minded people. Here are 10 reasons why shorter runs are great! 1 Less recovery time A one-hour bash through the bush will get your heart rate up and pump the blood around, but you won’t be left fatigued for days and hobbling around with delayed onset muscle soreness [DOMs]. 2 More time with loved ones Training can be part of your life, but not one that overtakes everything. Shorter training runs mean you can be gone and back again in two hours without missing out on family time.…

3 min.
our little secret oz

SERPENTINE GORGE TO SERPENTINE CHALET DAM, NORTHERN TERRITORY Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park Where: 100km west of Alice Springs. What: This makes up section eight of the Larapinta Trail. The whole trail covers 223 kilometres, with the eastern end at Alice Springs and the western end at Mt Sonder, one of the Northern Territory’s highest mountains. The trail follows the West MacDonnell Ranges, variously climbing up to the ridge line then dropping down onto the plains below. Distance: 13.4km Degree of difficulty: Moderate to difficult – this section of the trail is quite rough and rocky, with long, steep sections to navigate. Access: Head west from Alice Springs. Turn off via the sealed Namatjira Road and then continue down a 5km gravel track into Serpentine Gorge. The start point is accessible by conventional vehicles, but…

4 min.
run forrest, run.

If ever there were three words to make any runner turn around and stare at the non-runner who utters the phrase until the non-runner either walks off or bursts into flame, they are: “Run Forrest, run.” However, Rob Pope, a vet from Liverpool in the UK, has broken Winston Groom’s fictional character’s record by running across the USA five times, starting in Mobile, Alabama and finishing in Mississippi. Rob has run over 24,000 kilometres on his journey, which was inspired by his late mother, who told him to do one thing in his life which was incredible. Rob took on Gump’s mantra of “When I was tired, I stopped, when I was hungry, I ate, and when I had to go, you know, I went.” Rob’s goal on his journey was to…

6 min.
the listening lounge

URP started in 2011 and is one of the pioneers in the outdoors podcasting realm. Spanning seven years and over 300 episodes, URP has spoken to everyone from icons in our sport to your average everyday runner. Schranz’s quickfire delivery and his palpable enthusiasm for all aspects of trail and ultrarunning are two of the main reasons that we keep tuning in. Eric never feels like he’s phoning it in. Trail Runner talked to Eric to get some insight into what drove him to start a podcast, even though to this day, he has never listened to a single episode! And we had to ask, as Schranz regularly does with his guests, just what his favourite beer is…. Trail Runner: How did you come to trail and ultrarunning? What first attracted you…