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Trail Run August - September 2018

Trail Runner New Zealand & Australia (formerly Kiwi Trail Runner) is New Zealand's best running magazine. The writing is loaded with 'real' experience and connects readers with fellow runners and New Zealand's stunning landscape. Even the most ardent couch-dwellers have picked up Kiwi Trail Runner and said it has inspired them to head outside and run in terrain that is among the most spectacular on earth. This magazine will appeal to anyone who wants to feel part of a community of people who love running, the outdoors and the camaraderie that comes with having a shared purpose. 1 year subscription equals 6 issues. 2 years subscription equals 12 issues. Your subscription will begin when the next issue is published to make sure you get the latest edition. As this is a bi-monthly magazine your first delivery may take six - eight weeks.

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rise above

I owe a debt of thanks to Fiona and Gregor for giving me this opportunity to hold the reins at Trail Runner. I believe that I have made marked change and we’ve delivered a magazine that is not only inclusive, entertaining and fun, but thought-provoking, challenging and put together with care and a sincere love for the trails. Henry Rollins often discusses how he sees himself in the service industry. Rollins, who was the lead singer in Black Flag from 1981 until their break-up and then went on to a successful solo career with Rollins Band, is also as a spoken-word artist, author, and actor. He clearly isn’t working for minimum wage, nor is he scooping ice cream at Häagen-Dazs like he did in Washington DC prior to joining Black Flag, but…

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trek'n' travel going the distance

The magical landscape around the ancient city of Petra make the Petra Desert Marathon one of the most spectacular races imaginable. The almost lunar landscape in the region and the desert heat combine to create a challenging but ultimately rewarding event. A lone runner enjoys a watery break from the rocky terrain of the inaugural Ring of Fire ultramarathon in April 2018. The event, which takes place in Tongariro National Park, traverses one of the North Island’s still active volcanoes, Mount Ruapehu.…

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our little secret…nz

Where: 111km north of Kaitaia Distance: 24.5km one way Degree of difficulty: Moderate. This point-to-point undulating trail is moderately challenging. Access: The starting point for this run is the Cape Reinga lighthouse. Park at the main carpark there and follow the footpath towards the lighthouse. About halfway along the footpath, there is a track heading east – take this to Spirits Bay. The track is well marked from there. Note: There is a campground at the eastern end of Spirits Bay which has Department of Conservation (DoC) toilets and facilities. You will need to organise a car to pick you up from here if you decide to do the point-to-point run. Why: Te Rerenga Wairua means the leaping-off place of spirits, while reinga means the underworld, In Maoritanga, the spirits of the dead travel to…

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our little secret…oz

Where: 12km south of Port Douglas Distance: 12km return Degree of difficulty: Moderate. The first 2 kilometres feature some brutal climbs, which will get your heart pumping. What goes up must come down though, and it can be tough on those legs venturing downhill. Access: You can access the bottom of Bump Track from Mowbray River Road, 8 kilometres south of Port Douglas. Cross the river, then take the right-hand fork onto Connelly Road. The Bump Track starts on your left about 3.5km from the highway. Alternatively, you can reach the top of the track by turning onto Euluma Creek Road from Julatten. Then take the turn-off down Black Mountain Road where you will find the top of the Bump Track about 5.5km along this dirt road. Why: The Bump Track was originally an Aboriginal…

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what’s hot and happening in the running world

BURNING MAN ULTRA Costumes! Fun! Dust! Naked people! The Burning Man Ultra takes place every year at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada Desert. For the ultimate utopian, inclusive, radically accepting and self-reliant experience check out this race. You need a Burning Man ticket to enter, but the race itself is free, however they do rely on a gifting economy. So bring something to contribute. And some goggles for the dust. 28 August 2018 www.burningman50k.com Born To Run Festival Another for the books, Born to Run festival is run by Luis Escobar, one of the main characters in Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run Escobar now holds a running festival in May each year. It looks as wild as Burning Man and when the bio simply states: “Yep, this is the run that you…

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IT WAS ONE OF THE MOST LOVED OR MOST HATED PARTS OF SPORTS AT SCHOOL FOR NEARLY ALL OF US, SO BRAD DIXON DELVES INTO THE JOY THAT IS CROSS-COUNTRY. For most of my life, I’ve had a love–hate relationship with running cross-country. I can vividly remember my first national event running for Burnside High School. It was the first time I felt physically sick during an event (running up the muddy hill for the second lap) and I finished the race feeling dizzy, ill, and completely short of oxygen. My school coach said before the race that I was a dark horse – more like a sick pony! I placed 122nd and at that moment knew that I could do better. (For interest’s sake, the senior boys results in 1990 were:…