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Trail Runner New Zealand & Australia (formerly Kiwi Trail Runner) is New Zealand's best running magazine. The writing is loaded with 'real' experience and connects readers with fellow runners and New Zealand's stunning landscape. Even the most ardent couch-dwellers have picked up Kiwi Trail Runner and said it has inspired them to head outside and run in terrain that is among the most spectacular on earth. This magazine will appeal to anyone who wants to feel part of a community of people who love running, the outdoors and the camaraderie that comes with having a shared purpose. 1 year subscription equals 6 issues. 2 years subscription equals 12 issues. Your subscription will begin when the next issue is published to make sure you get the latest edition. As this is a bi-monthly magazine your first delivery may take six - eight weeks.

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gregor paul editor

There I was, believing that I had eradicated most of my pre-conceptions and had become genuinely open-minded about just about everything. And then a chap called Andrew Dickson made contact and unearthed yet one more misguided notion lying not so much dormant in my system as unrecognised. Andrew is an academic at Massey University and as well as having an obviously big brain, he considers himself to be in possession of a relatively large physique as well. By relative, he means in comparison with most longer distance runners. He’s 1.78m and weighs about 94kg he says. You will be able to see from the pictures of Andrew on pages 30-35, that if you walked past him on the street, there would be nothing remarkable about his size at all. Nothing would register. But as he…

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our little secret nz

Where: Sefton Ridge Track is one of a series of trails in the Kaitake Range in Oakura, Taranaki. Kaitake Range is remarkably different from the rest of Egmont National Park, with its variety of warmth-loving, semi-coastal forest, and when up high, sweeping views of farmland and the Tasman Sea in the distance. Distance: 4.3km (2hrs-3hrs) Degree of difficulty: The short but Challenging Sefton Track can be linked with the Waimoku Track to make a loop that returns to Lucy’s Gully. There is a stream crossing to navigate and the trail is slippery in parts after rain, and the climb up can seem never-ending. Access: The Sefton Track begins in Lucy’s Gully. From New Plymouth, follow Devon Street West south, continuing on coastal SH45, 5km past Oakura. Turn off at the signposted access road. Why: The Kaitake…

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our little secret oz

Where: Falls Creek is a resort town in northeastern Victoria, Australia. It is a 4.5 hour drive from Melbourne, an easy day’s drive from Sydney and less than two hours in the car from Albury. Most access to Falls Creek is via the nearby township of Mount Beauty and the beautiful Kiewa Valley, while visitors to Ovens Valley also have excellent access and Falls Creek is just over an hour’s drive from Bright. While widely known for its alpine and cross-country ski centre and spectacular skiing, Falls Creek also has three dedicated running trails of varying difficulty and length – the Green, Blue and Black Trail Runs. Distance/degree of difficulty: The beauty of running at Falls Creek is you can choose how long you want to run, and also the degree of difficulty you…

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time to be honest

I recall having a chat with a guy called Jimi a few years back. Jimi is the founder and leads a movement called Live More Awesome*. Jimi talked about this thing called ‘mental health’, and to be honest I didn’t really know what he meant by that term. I did, however, know the term ‘depression’, which was getting a fair bit of press at the time, and continues to do so. Jimi explained to me that mental health is a neutral term (unlike depression, which holds negative connotations) - it’s just a thing, like physical health. It’s a measurable thing, a state that something is in, at a certain point in time. It’s the place or position that our mental health, state of mind, perspective or outlook on life (or whatever works for you)…

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cool stuff

WOMAN’S Woman’s run + lite mini Whether you’re hitting the trails, getting in a few miles after work or lining up for your next race, the Run+ Light Mini Socks provide the optimal balance of comfort, cushion and breathability. This sock’s technical fabric blend combines soft merino wool with nylon for durability and a touch of LYCRA for active stretch and shape retention NZD $34.95 WOMEN'S COOL-LITE™ COMET SHORTS FOLDS Lightweight, technical shorts designed for maximum breathability when you’re moving fast, the Comet Shorts Folds are ideal for trail running, ultralight hikes and other high-output pursuits in hot weather. The Comet’s minimalist design provides uninhibited motion and amplifies airflow by combining a 100% recycled polyester main body with panels of corespun eyelet mesh. The elastic waistband provides a low-profile fit, and reflective side trim improves…

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summer running 10 tips

1 BUILD UP SLOWLY Even if you think you are someone that relishes the heat and doesn’t mind, it still makes good strategic sense to be cautious with your training as summer sets in. No matter your level of fitness or schedule for the summer, it is best to not overdo it as the heat begins to bite. So as the temperatures start to become warmer be conscious that your body won’t thank you if you thrash it immediately. Best to scale back both in terms of the number of times a week you run and the intensity of your sessions. Spend the first three weeks breaking yourself in gently to acclimatise and build back up to your usual routine once your body has had a chance to get accustomed to the heat. You will enjoy…