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Trail Run August - September 2019

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Trail Runner New Zealand & Australia (formerly Kiwi Trail Runner) is New Zealand's best running magazine. The writing is loaded with 'real' experience and connects readers with fellow runners and New Zealand's stunning landscape. Even the most ardent couch-dwellers have picked up Kiwi Trail Runner and said it has inspired them to head outside and run in terrain that is among the most spectacular on earth. This magazine will appeal to anyone who wants to feel part of a community of people who love running, the outdoors and the camaraderie that comes with having a shared purpose. 1 year subscription equals 6 issues. 2 years subscription equals 12 issues. Your subscription will begin when the next issue is published to make sure you get the latest edition. As this is a bi-monthly magazine your first delivery may take six - eight weeks.

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gregor paul editor

I have to be honest and say that Brad Dixon's piece in this issue about his recovery concept has struck a chord with me. At the risk of this being a spoiler, Brad essentially writes that there is no point in searching for a quick fix when it comes to recovering from a major event such as a marathon. There is no one-off, or short-term formula that is going to get the job done effectively. Recovery, to his way of thinking, is not some isolated state but instead a constant part of our running cycle and can therefore be greatly improved by making long-term sustainable changes in the way we eat, sleep, stretch and live. I am sure I won't be the only one thinking about what he wrote long after I read…

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dream run

Alps 2 Ocean South Island, NZ Starting at the base of New Zealand’s Highest mountain, Mount Cook, to the small, historic town of Oamaru, perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this rugged 323km race passes by eight lakes, takes in valleys, rivers and diverse terrain. It is set to challenge the hardiest athlete, yet allow virgin ultra-athletes to test their mettle. Run Larapinta Northern Territory, Australia Run Larapinta is a four-day stage race on the Larapinta Trail in the MacDonnell Ranges around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. The longer Malbunka course has stages 20km to 45km each day, with a total distance of around 130km over four days. The shorter Manatjira course has stages of 10km to 30km each day, with a total distance of around 80km over four days. You can choose to run…

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on the foreign soil

GETTING THERE One difficult to avoid factor that comes with a foreign event is air travel. And it is all too easy to under estimate its impact on you body. Assuming your budget doesn’t stretch to business class, then sitting on a long haul flight with your knees bent and spine curled for an extended period is hardly great preparation. The real damage caused by flying is dehydration. It sucks the water right out of you and so it is vital that you drink water before, throughout and after the flight. The sensible thing to do would be to avoid booze on the plane as well. Probably best to avoid coffee, too and try to do leg extensions every 20 minutes or so and periodically get up to walk around the cabin. If possible,…

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our right to an opinion

These wee articles that I’m lucky enough to get to write every few months, well I was thinking about them recently, specifically about what purpose they serve. It’s a funny thing actually, because what has occurred to me is that they are a bit of a cathartic platform and outlet for me, and the things that are occupying my mind at the time of writing. Quite possibly a little bit self-indulgent I know, but hey we all need a bit of that right? I always look forward to getting the latest issue of the Trail Runner mag when it hits the shelves. I genuinely think that it’s a great read and is for the most part a really inclusive, honest-to-goodness representation of what this community is. It also allows me to pop back to where…

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new hub for tarawera

New Zealand’s largest trail running festival has made some changes for 2020 and is set to benefit from a $40 million injection. The Tarawera Ultra Marathon, which will take place on February 8 next year, has shifted its event hub to the lake-front reserve in Rotorua. The reserve has been targeted for a three-year $40-million redevelopment that is set to transform that part of the city and further establish itself as the home of outdoor activity events in New Zealand. Tarawera race director Tim Day, who has been a part of the event in some way shape or form for all but two of its 12-year history, says: “We are very lucky in Rotorua that the provincial growth fund from the government, along with Rotorua Lakes Council is putting money into developing the…

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key information about tarawera 2020

● Event date is February 8, 2020, with all events starting on the Saturday, with the 100 Miler and 102km events seeing finishers throughout Saturday and into Sunday at the new finish line. ● All events will finish at the new event hub on the lake front. ● The 100 Miler and 102km courses are largely unchanged, with the 100 Miler starting at Te Puia. ● A new 50km course will be revealed. ● Course maps for the 100 Miler, 102km and 21km events are online. ● The event weekend ties in with Waitangi Day to create a four-day weekend.…