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February 2021

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search daylight

Dear Reader, The big search engines have way too much power over the business world. It almost doesn’t matter what your business is. Almost every industry has some kind of online presence – either to sell directly or to provide information to users in need of addresses and product details. If you need acupuncture services, for instance, you will likely type in “acupuncture” with the name of your city to find the services in your area. When the results pop up, the top three names on the list will get most of the clicks, and the first on the list will get the most of all. Getting to the top (or near the top) of that search list is therefore vitally important for any company. This need to ascend the search ladder…

2 min.
linux mint 20 and kali linux 2020.4

Linux Mint 20 64-bit Linux Mint became a popular distribution for one overwhelming reason: At a time when Gnome, KDE, and Ubuntu were all trying to innovate on the desktop, Linux Mint listened to what people wanted and gave it to them. The Mint developers forked the popular Gnome 2, keeping it alive under the name of MATE, and, when the Gnome project drifted away from the traditional desktop metaphor with Gnome 3, the Mint team rolled out Cinnamon, an innovative desktop that combines Gnome 3 with a more traditional desktop experience. Code-named Ulyana, Linux Mint 20 is a Long Term Support (LTS) release based on Ubuntu that will be supported until 2025. Its default installation is a mix of free and proprietary software chosen for ease of use. This month’s DVD comes…

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patreon project looks to bring linux to apple silicon

Developer Hector Martin believes Linux is capable of running on Apple hardware powered by M1 chips. In fact, he believes so much in this goal, that he’s created a Patreon project to help fund his efforts. This is quite a major task for a single developer, but Martin believes he’s able to pull it off. The project, however, will require a full-time effort, which is why the developer has created the Patreon page. Martin’s developer experience includes Linux ports of the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. About this project, Martin says, “Apple just released a new range of ARM-based Apple Silicon Macs that blow every other ARM machine in the same class out of the water. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could run Linux too?” As for whether or not…

1 min.
a new chrome os-like ubuntu remix is now available

If you’ve used Chrome OS, you know there’s a beauty in its simplicity. Over the years, there have been a few attempts at recreating that same simplicity for Linux, but many of those distributions have vanished. From the creator of Ubuntu Unity (https://ubuntuunity.org/), comes yet another attempt to create that user-friendly magic. The new distribution, called Ubuntu Web, is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and offers an open source take on Chrome OS. The developer, Rudy Saraswat, has employed the Gnome desktop (version 3.36, https://www.gnome.org/) to pull this off and includes plenty of preinstalled apps to make Ubuntu Web a distribution anyone can use. Included in the app listing you’ll find web apps for Mastodon, Twitter, SoundCloud, and a number of others from the /e/ Foundation. In order to really get the most…

1 min.
system76 refreshes the galago pro laptop

System76 (https://system76.com/laptops/galago) is known to push the envelope of form and function. But when something works, why reinvent the wheel? That is precisely why the Denver, CO company has given their most popular laptop a bit of a refresh. The Galago Pro now supports the latest 11th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and can top out at 64GB of RAM. And although the base model ships with Intel Iris Xe graphics, the laptop can be specified with an optional NVidia GTX 1650 GPU. Carl Richell, founder and CEO of System76, says of the updates to the laptop, “The Galago Pro has always been a fan favorite of our laptop offerings. The extremely light chassis and well balanced mix of components, all for a very good price, make the Galago an…

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