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Liz Earle Wellbeing November/December 2019

Built on over 30 years of Liz Earle’s personal, award-winning advice, experience and research, our much-loved bi-monthly magazine brings you the best ways to look good and feel great. You’ll find each issue packed with tried-and-trusted recipes, inspirational ideas and simple ways to bring out the very best in you. Wellbeing wisdom you can trust is at the heart of all we do. Enjoy!

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hello and welcome to our fabulously festive edition!

I’m a big fan of Christmas. I love this season of goodwill and bonhomie, but am not fond of the festive overload that takes over, making life far too stressful. So, this issue, we’re focusing on some simpler, more uplifting family favourites, from botanical decorations for the home (and tree, of course), to planning the perfect get-togethers, with cocktails, mocktails, tasty eats and more. And as well as delicious (and nutritious) party food, we have the best Yuletide treats, including tasty turmeric mince pies brimming with a sensational spiced mincemeat – an unmissable festive fix with a wellbeing twist. You’ll also find some great comfort food, with top pub grub secrets from Britain’s best chefs – each recipe a guaranteed taste-bud winner. Staying well and in shape is inevitably more of…

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make sense of the menopause with liz earle wellbeing

Knowledge is power. Sail through this trying transition with our bestselling e-books, packed with Liz's time-tested wisdom. The Truth About Menopause This easy-to-follow beginner's guide includes: - Guidance on how to navigate menopause - Advice on boosting mood and energy - Top tips for keeping weight off during menopause The Truth About HRT This comprehensive guide includes: - The myths and facts about HRT - Medic-approved look at HRT risks and benefits - Guidance on how to speak to your GP The Good Menopause Guide In this beautifully illustrated hardback Liz shares: • Guidance on how to balance your hormones • Top tips to take special care of skin, hair and nails • 60 nutritious recipes to help you feel your best 'Filled with a wealth of invaluable information. .. after reading The Good Menopause Guide you will feel empowered and ready to take on the…

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carbon capture

Conservationists are arguing that well-managed livestock and eating meat is part of the climate change solution. How so? Grazing animals produce healthier soils that can ‘sequester’ or capture carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and store it in the ground. Commonly called ‘mob grazing’, this allows farmers to produce more meat per acre, without using chemicals or grain feeds, resulting in healthier omega-3 enriched beef or lamb, too. In her book Defending Beef, cattle rancher Nicolette Hahn Niman argues that ‘cattle are not, in fact, a climate problem at all; instead cattle are actually among the most practical, cost-effective solutions to the warming of the planet.’…

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baby gut bugs

A link has been discovered between the food preservative propionic acid (PPA), found in ultra-processed foods to prevent mould, and gut health disruption and autism. Studies published in Nature suggest eating PPA during pregnancy may reduce the development of neurons in foetal brains. ‘Studies have shown a higher level of PPA in stool samples from children with autism, and the gut microbiome in autistic children is different,’ noted Professor Saleh Naseh, who leads the research. The microbiotia of autistic children were found to have fewer strains of beneficial Bifidobacteria and Prevotella, and higher levels of non-beneficial gut bugs. Fact or fable? ‘Chicken soup helps coughs and colds by reducing upper respiratory tract inflammation.’ FACT: Studies show its carnosine content improves our airways.…

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hrt update

Despite the scary recent headlines, no new research has linked HRT to increased risk of breast cancer death. The statistics citing an increased risk have been widely criticised as flawed, with leading breast cancer expert Professor Michael Baum calling them ‘irresponsible’. Head to menopausedoctor.co.uk for updated news and evidence-based advice. However, experts have issued a warning to women using unregulated compounded hormones, saying the treatment can be ineffective, costly and could put women at risk of cancer. Endocrinologist Susan Davis, professor of women’s health and president of the International Menopause Society says, ‘The issue is that the dose is a best guess… therefore the levels that might get into the bloodstream might be negligible – or enormous.’ A group of major international menopause bodies are set to release a global position…