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Liz Earle Wellbeing March/April 2020

Built on over 30 years of Liz Earle’s personal, award-winning advice, experience and research, our much-loved bi-monthly magazine brings you the best ways to look good and feel great. You’ll find each issue packed with tried-and-trusted recipes, inspirational ideas and simple ways to bring out the very best in you. Wellbeing wisdom you can trust is at the heart of all we do. Enjoy!

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hello and welcome to a blooming lovely new issue!

It has been such a joy to put this edition together with my Wellbeing team and pack it with so much of the good stuff. We have a fresh new focus on some fundamentals for feeling and looking well – from fabulous food to top fitness ideas and nutritional musthaves. I was fascinated to read the in-depth interview with Dr Zoe Williams (a fellow contributor to ITV’s This Morning). She reveals so much I didn’t know about the pill and its astonishingly good safety record, as well as the news that it’s best for our health and wellbeing if we take it continuously. Who knew? Certainly not many GPs – do take a read of this insightful article and share with your daughters and girlfriends. We tackle other important female health…

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wellbeing news

WINTER SWIM WINS Being exposed to the cold can help keep us slim, as it increases brown fat in the body. While white fat increases our risk of diabetes and heart disease (especially if it sits around our middles), brown fat takes up less room and burns energy faster, leading to weight loss. Getting cold triggers the conversion of white fat to brown, which may explain why regular cold-water swimmers report unexplained fat loss. Make Menopause Matter Staggeringly, most doctors don’t cover menopause with more than a cursory glance during their seven-year training (despite the fact that over half of their future patients will have one!). If you’d like to see greater GP understanding and better medical training for mid-life women’s health issues, do sign Diane Danzebrink’s brilliant campaign #MakeMenopauseMatter, calling for mandatory…

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shape up the easy way in 2020!

Exclusively available to download at lizearlewellbeing.com/stronger-slimmer-you for just £4.99. Due to popular demand, we’ve compiled the very best of fitness from the magazine into this newly revised e-book, so that Liz’s easy-to-follow, effective workouts are always at your side whenever you need them. Discover new ways to shape up with tried-and-trusted, at-home exercises developed by celebrity personal trainer, Michael Garry, and a host of delicious and nutritious, low GI recipes to fuel your body along the way, alongside inspirational advice from Liz. It truly is a onestop-shop for tightening bums and tums, toning arms and legs and perfecting your posture. THE TRUSTED GUIDE TO TONING UP FROM LIZ EARLE WELLBEING MAGAZINE…

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the health & beauty edit

Herbal Essentials AHA Night Cream This reasonably priced multitasking formula works wonders while you sleep. Sugar maple gently exfoliates the skin, sweet almond oil soothes, while natural antioxidants bilberry and grapeseed oil offer pollution protection. Wake up to a more youthful, glowing complexion that’s ready to face the day. £25, herbal-essentials.com TRY IT As we move out of winter, we turn our attention to our long-neglected feet. We’ve been soothing desert-dry heels with the Patchology Best Foot Forward Softening Foot and Heel Mask. Simply slip on the shea butter-infused booties, pop the telly on and feet will be sandalready before you know it. £10, spacenk.com EAT IT Caught out without a snack? Keep an eye open for these Health Lab Gut Goodness Balls – gut-friendly cashew balls packed with one billion probiotics. £2, hollandandbarett.com SKIN FOOD Glowing, beautiful skin starts…

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zero-waste wonders

Rescue My Hair Shampoo Bars When it comes to solid shampoos, these are the best we’ve tried. There’s a bar for dry hair, one that prevents pollution damage and another for those craving volume. All are sulphate-free. £13.95, beautybay.com Tabitha Eve Organic Cotton and Bamboo Make Up Pads Despite its eco-friendly reputation, it takes huge amounts of water to produce cotton. With this in mind, it makes no sense to simply throw away the final product after a quick swipe over the face. Tabitha Eve’s bamboo makeup rounds are reusable, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial. £8 for 3, tabithaeve.co.uk Fat and the Moon Eye Coal Sport a smudgy, smoky eye without the plastic. This rich black pigment is suspended in beeswax and sunflower oil for an easy-peasy blend. £24, thefuturekept.com…