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Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

May/June 2021
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Packed with patterns and designs, Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting puts great quilting tips and patterns with easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, photos, and full-size patterns right at quilters' thimble-wearing fingertips! Master quilters Marianne Fons and Liz Porter guide you to quilting success with insider secrets and tips, fabulous quilting projects with step-by-step instructions, and lots of big, beautiful photos to inspire you.

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from the staff

As we wrap up this issue of Love of Quilting, most of the country is recovering from some pretty frigid winter weather. While we eagerly await longer days and warmer nights, why not start some fun summer quilting! What springs to mind when YOU think of summer? A hike in the woods? A warm afternoon breeze? A fragrant garden of blooming flowers? Then be sure to check out Reed Johnson’s Between Two Pines panel quilt, the delightful Windy Blooms by Angela Huffman, and a gorgeous makeover of the vintage Timeless Tulips. If your idea of fun in the sun includes a dip in the water, make a few waves with Geraldine Wilkins’ Lazy River throw. Perform a few simple block tricks to make Sara Gallegos’ Which Way Around? and Ramona Sorensen’s Gemstone Halos. Ready…

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MAGNAFINGERS Originally invented by a teenager for collecting spilled fishhooks, MagnaFingers is also the perfect tool for quilters. Wave this magnetic clothespin-like device over all those errant pins and needles around your sewing studio, then just squeeze to release them. Imagine—no more poked fingers! Available in a variety of fun colors. magnafingers.com HALF RECTANGLE TRIANGLE RULER Do you struggle with piecing triangles cut from rectangles? Struggle no more! Melanie Traylor and Southern Charm Quilts designed their Half Rectangle Triangle Ruler to simplify that chore! This clever ruler and their easy-to-follow instructions make it a snap to stitch up half-rectangle triangles two-at-a-time in sizes from 2" x 4" to 4½" x 8½". havelssewing.com LABEL PANEL We believe a label adds a nice finishing touch to a quilt. Make your projects a little more special with some…

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sew many tips

ALL WOUND UP To keep bobbin threads from unwinding, I cut a piece of felt about 1"-long by the height of the bobbin. Press the piece into the bobbin, covering the loose end of thread. It holds the thread in place and allows you to see the thread color. Renea Northern California GREETINGS! As not only a lover of quilting, I enjoy scrapbooking and card making. I combine these to create quilting greeting cards. They are so easy to construct and very fun to design with custom embellishments or seasonal themes. It’s also a great way to use up scraps of fabric! Roberta Crepeau White Lake, MI PIN PAL You can create a pin cushion that attaches to the throat of your machine using scraps. After making a little cushion, attach an elastic band with a hook-and-eye…

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between two pines

FINISHED SIZE: 75" x 83" FINISHED BLOCKS: 52 (8") blocks MATERIALS Fabric yardage assumes 40" usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. ► 3½ yards cream print for blocks, border 1, and border 3 ► 3¼ yards green print for blocks, border 4, and binding ► 1¾ yards brown print for blocks ► 1 panel print for center ► 7⅜ yards backing fabric ► 83" x 91" batting Fabric: National Parks Collection by the Anderson Design Group and Landscape Basics, both from Riley Blake Designs CUTTING Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. FROM CREAM PRINT, CUT: • 9 strips 11"-wide, subcut: • 26 squares 11" (A) • 12 strips 1½"-wide for border 1 and border 3 FROM GREEN PRINT, CUT: • 4 strips 11"-wide, subcut: • 12 squares 11" (A) • 8 strips 5"-wide for border 4 • 9 strips 2½"-wide for binding FROM BROWN PRINT, CUT: • 5 strips 11"-wide, subcut: • 14…

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block-by-block: pacific railroad

The diagonal chain pattern of squares and triangles has several common names, including Jacob’s Ladder, Stepping Stones, and Wagon Tracks. All of these names indicate a journey. Although the basic patchwork units are the same, the coloration and rotation of the units differ slightly. The Pacific Railroad variation was published as a pattern in 1936, and credited to Nancy Cabot. Nancy Cabot was the pen name for Loretta Leitner Rising, of The Chicago DailyTribune. On becoming the Needlework Editor in 1933, she adopted her pen name and began providing patchwork blocks in the paper daily. Readers could order a printed pattern for 5 cents in stamps or coin, coin being the preferred method of payment. Join Barb Eikmeier on her program, Block-by-Block: Quilting Our Patchwork Legacy to learn more about the blockʼs history,…

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gemstone halos

FINISHED SIZE: 72" x 80" FINISHED BLOCKS: 28 (12") blocks MATERIALS Fabric yardage assumes 40" usable width of fabric (WOF) unless otherwise noted. ► ½ yard each of 14 assorted color solids for blocks ► 1⅜ yards black solid for blocks ► 1⅞ yards lime solid for blocks and binding ► 1⅞ yards navy solid for setting rectangles, sashes, and border ► Fabric glue (optional) ► 5¼ yards backing fabric ► 80" x 88" batting Fabric: Cotton Shot by Amanda Murphy for Benartex CUTTING Measurements include ¼" seam allowances. Pattern for template is included. = cut in half once diagonally FROM EACH ASSORTED COLOR SOLID, CUT: • 1 strip 7½"-wide, subcut: • 2 squares 7½" (D) • 1 strip 6⅞ "-wide, subcut: • 4 squares 6⅞ " cut to make 8 triangles (A) FROM BLACK SOLID, CUT: • 112 B FROM LIME SOLID, CUT: • 9 strips 2½"-wide for binding • 28 strips 1¼…