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Lunch Lady is a quarterly keepsake full of meaningful content, inspiring family stories, easy DIY, stacks of recipes plus funny relatable opinion pieces about the ups and downs of raising children. It's a magazine where parenting is not taken too seriously but a balanced approach to family life is.

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hello partners, tell us what makes a good brand?

Augie Eyewear When a brand’s ethics align with your personal beliefs, it can give you more than a good product. It solves your problems and gives you a community you want to engage with. We aim to please by making life easier for parents, whilst empowering kids with the confidence they deserve. Lana Arnold Co-founder Australian Organic Food Co. A good brand doesn’t just sell stuff. A good brand engages, connects and pays people and the planet back for being picked up off the shelf. Honest and human, a good brand can make mistakes, is honest enough to acknowledge an imperfect world and is driven enough to change it. Adrian Cester Founder Nature Baby A good brand is one that has purpose, substance; that innovates and creates in a way that looks to make the world a…

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fun cakes prep

BAKING These recipes are designed to be baked in two 6-inch (or 20cm) round cake tins. Using two tins makes the baking process much faster. Plus, the cakes bake more evenly and will give you an easier product to work with for decorating. If you don’t have two tins, they can be baked as one big cake and sliced across the middle afterwards. However, you will need to adjust cooking time (bake for longer). Once the suggested baking time is up, check on your cake every 5–10 minutes. When it looks ready, poke a skewer in the centre. If it comes out clean, it’s done. TO MAKE RASPBERRY COMPOTE: Raspberry has a beautiful natural colour—and flavour, of course, too! Save the juice to add to icings, marshmallow and lots of other things to…

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some more!

Marshmallows: they’re fluffy, they’re delicious and they have a mouthfeel that can best be described as ‘warm childhood memory’. Yet have you ever wondered how something so absurd came not only to exist, but also to serve as shorthand for innocence, joy and hyped-up six-year-old birthday parties? The concept of a marshmallow has been kicking around since the ancient Egyptians, who took the spongy root pulp of the marsh mallow plant—a tall, pink-flowered swamp weed—boiled it in honey and then served it to gods and royalty as a treatment for sore throats. And for the next few thousand years, marshmallows were an entirely medicinal affair; even the marsh mallow plant’s botanical name, Althaea, is derived from the Greek althein, which means ‘to cure’. (The Greeks used the plant’s sap on toothaches…

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d-i-y candles.

You will need: • beeswax, either as granules or pellets, or you can grate a solid piece of beeswax yourself. How much you’ll need depends on how many candles you wish to make and how many colours you’d like to try, but we found about 400–500g (about 1lb) beeswax was enough to fill one can to about 1/2 to 3/4 full (so it’s deep enough for dipping) • clean aluminium cans, one per colour and another filled with water • cotton string, or you can purchase candle wicks from craft stores • wax dye, if you wish to colour your candles. Candle dyes will dissolve into the wax and not clog the wick. You can find a vast range of candle dyes from craft stores. Unfortunately, liquid food colourings will not mix with wax,…

18 min
where the wild things are.

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m thirty-nine years old and I was born and raised mostly in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. For over a decade, my life was all about music. I’m a singer-songwriter with three albums under my belt. I collaborated mostly with Tim Foljahn (who played with Cat Power) as well as Fred Smith from the band Television. I was lucky to tour with bands such Au Revoir Simone and my friend Ben Lee. The last few years I have been focusing more on writing, and while I am working on new music, I’m also working on my first book. Describe your family. My husband is Ian. He’s a visual artist turned exhibition designer slash museum director. We’ve been together for fifteen years and Ian is my opposite: quiet, steady but…

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how to talk so kids will listen + listen so kids will talk...

1. Is it important that I always empathise with my child? No. Many of our conversations with our children consist of casual exchanges. If a child were to say, “Mum, I decided that I do want to go swimming this afternoon,” it would seem unnecessary for the parent to reply, “So you made a decision to go swimming this afternoon.” A simple “Thanks for letting me know” would be sufficient acknowledgement. The time for empathy is when a child wants you to know how they feel. Respecting their positive feelings presents few problems. It’s not hard to respond to a youngster’s exuberant “I got a B+ on my assignment today!” with an equally enthusiastic “B+! You must be so pleased!” It’s their negative emotions that require our skill. That’s where we have…