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Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms

Issue#17 2018

Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms is an annual magazine which targets customers who desire the luxury look and feel in their Kitchens & Bathrooms. Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms provides its readers with more ideas, quality products coupled with editorial that looks at everything from functionality to visual appeal

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from the editor

Do you visit luxury resorts and high-end restaurants and find yourself being drawn to certain elements in the kitchens, bathrooms and bars of these spaces, then find yourself mentally planning how to incorporate them in your own home? While these ideas might seem far-fetched at times, this exercise is actually a very impactful way of figuring out what luxury, in the context of your home and everyday living, means to you. If you like the look of that incredible resort in Bali or Marrakech, it’s highly likely you’ll love living in a home that possesses the style, beauty and creature comforts synonymous with such spaces. To help you out, we’ve (virtually) travelled around the world to some of the most beautiful resorts. We have explored their indulgent bathroom spaces and noted down…

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eurocucina is always a good idea

There’s nothing like travelling overseas to an international design fair when you need a little inspiration for work back home. This year’s visit to EuroCucina did not disappoint, and I returned home feeling more inspired than ever before. The 22nd edition of the biennial EuroCucina showcased incredible displays by 117 companies over 22,000m. The exhibits embodied incredible design, the latest kitchen technology and innovative solutions. Keep reading to find out my verdict of the top 10 best trends I spotted when immersing myself in the kitchen design Mecca that is EuroCucina. 1 HIDDEN APPLIANCES Gone are the days of kitchens looking solely like kitchens. The trend is now for the kitchen to look more like a piece of furniture. This means everything, including wall ovens and other appliances, is concealed behind doors. Pocket doors…

5 min.
a luxury escape

Do you visit luxury hotels and resorts overseas and find yourself thinking, “Now this is exactly what I need at home!”? I know I do; almost every resort stay results in new ideas for a bathroom renovation of the luxury variety. Though the bathroom ideas you dream up when surrounded by luxury may seem a little too extravagant for everyday life, think about how relaxed and happy you were feeling at the time. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could replicate that at home every time you stepped into your bathroom? This is the one space in your home that is dedicated to me-time. It’s where you can unwind, relax and indulge yourself. It’s true that replicating a hotel bathroom down to its marble floor-to-ceiling tiling, high-end spa bath and panoramic ocean…

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a light-bulb moment

1 START FROM THE TOP The kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in the house. Understandably, with this high level of use comes an increased level of power, particularly from lighting up the room. Making the change to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) can illuminate your space while reducing your energy usage. Going natural and utilising sunlight is still the best way to brighten your room and, if you're able to do so, your kitchen will be all the better for it. 2 KEEP COOL Refrigerators are one of the big purchases for a kitchen, and features such as energy efficiency, cost, size and extras including water dispensers or ice makers are important considerations. One fridge is always better than two for power use, but the bigger…

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in hot water

A sustainable kitchen is often characterised by lower electricity use, but an environmentally friendly bathroom will have energy-efficient appliances and systems that cut down on water wastage too. Here are four ways to achieve just that. 1. UNDER PRESSURE A daily luxury we’re all grateful for is the shower. Whether it’s to wash away the efforts of last night’s karaoke or a quick scrub to start the day fresh, Australians are known for their love of an exhilarating shower. An efficient showerhead can halve the amount of water used, dropping it to roughly 9L per minute. These water-saving devices not only save you money, they also protect the environment. This switch to efficiency is almost undetectable, so you can still enjoy the water pressure. 2. TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE Limiting how much water…

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hamptons haven

“This ex-RSL Art Union Prize home had a beachy, contemporary feel, but was tired and outdated on the inside. In particular, the many brown finishes seemed to make the space smaller and there was plenty of room for improvement in functionality. The homeowners decided to renovate the entire home and saved the kitchen until last. They opted for a Hamptons-style design to complement the home’s beachside location, which followed the original kitchen and pantry’s footprint. The kitchen was designed to be a space in which family and friends could gather for meals and conversation. The gorgeous engineered stone island with feature legs includes a breakfast bar for casual meals. It was placed right next to the bifold doors which lead to the spectacular outdoor area, complete with ocean views —…