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Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms

Issue #19 2020

Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms is an annual magazine which targets customers who desire the luxury look and feel in their Kitchens & Bathrooms. Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms provides its readers with more ideas, quality products coupled with editorial that looks at everything from functionality to visual appeal

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from the editor

After a trying year where our normal has been flipped on its head, I think we can all use a bit (or a lot!) of luxury in our home. And what better spaces to refurbish than the kitchen and bathroom? In our annual edition of Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms, we hope you uncover your style and new ways to transform your house into a sanctuary. For some, luxury will mean splurging on a decadent marble benchtop and latest appliances, while for others it may be a luxurious golden bathtub. Whether you desire a place of comfort and opulence, or maybe a bit of both, this publication can help you get there. When one thinks of comfort, the mind strays to skyscraping penthouse suites and expansive island villas. If you’ve been missing travelling,…

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from holiday to home

Picture this: it’s the end of a long day and exhaustion has settled into your weary bones. Your shoulders slump as you head towards the bathroom — all you want is a nice relaxing soak in the tub, or the hot bursts of the shower to massage your pain away. And then, everything changes. From the moment you step inside your ensuite, you’re transported to another location. Luxury and ambience collide, erasing your mental load and taking you to another time and place. Here relaxation seems within reach — where comfort is not a request, but an expectation. What if your bathroom resembled that of a five-star hotel? What if you felt like you were on vacation every time you used it? By making the right design and style choices, there’s no…

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be daring

What is it that takes a beautiful stylish kitchen or bathroom to the next level? Quality materials and fittings play a part, as do tactile touches, inspiring colour palettes and elements such as shape, scale and proportion. All of these things form a cohesive whole that defines the look and feel of a space. Kitchens and bathrooms that really stand out from the rest take it one step further. They have a design or statement feature that is bespoke, beautiful and sometimes unashamedly unique. It could be a striking mural on a wall, a stunning tile feature, a ceiling rose that adds luxury, or a spectacular light fitting that infuses glamour. It could also be a surprise feature, something that’s a little out of the box; it might evoke a sense…

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a world of colour

“White kitchens will always be in vogue. White kitchens are simple, practical and generally easy on the eye”— Cathi Colla Colours can speak louder than words. Enter a room swathed in dark, majestic cabinetry with dark-toned walls to match and a sense of moodiness will imbue the space. Alternatively, a kitchen with white walls bathed in natural light will invite you in and tempt you to spend long afternoons indulging in the bright glow of the sun. Colour can change your kitchen. A simple brushstroke has the power to transform your space and alter the mood and energy of the room. “Paint is a useful tool to use if you want flexibility in your kitchen when it comes to colour choices over time,” says Alex Roth of Roth Architecture. “Rather than stone…

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half light

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best of both worlds

Mid-century modern designs have skyrocketed in popularity and there is an abundance of furniture to outfit your space in this gorgeous style. Growing out of 20th-century Modernism, mid-century modern strengthened in the design world after WWII. A trend that can encompass a broad range of colours and looks, the foundation remains as an exploration of function, efficiency and beautiful aesthetics that is ultimately accessible to all. Think simple lines and organic shapes that combine for a timeless, practical furniture piece. Add a bit of glam and at times, a retro twist, and you’ll have a lasting mid-century modern space. Honing in on the bathroom, we’ve scouted out some furniture that can infuse your space with an old-world elegance that hovers at the cusp of the future.…