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Issue 44

Make Modern is Australia's only modern quilt magazine. Published bi-monthly since 2014, our modern quilt magazine is produced and written by our dream team of passionate quilters, for quilters just like you. Each issue of Make Modern is 100+ pages filled to the brim with modern quilt patterns, articles to inspire and teach you something new, and interviews with your favourite quilt designers. Thanks to the power of the internet, our magazine is truly international – we work with designers all over the world and deliver our magazine to readers in 70+ countries. Come and join our growing modern quilt community with Make Modern!

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from the editor

FROM THE EDITOR Few things are as universal and timeless as needle and thread. Throughout the ages, humans have sewn together garments and blankets to protect themselves from the elements, with relatively few changes over the centuries. And these days, it’s not essential to know how to sew or quilt because we can buy warmth for our families in a store. But for quilters, it’s an essential part of our being – and we all know that handmade warmth, with love sewn in, is better! Another wonderful side effect of being a quilter is the automatic camaraderie that comes when you meet another quilter, regardless of where they’re from. I love to chat to quilters from different countries, because while many aspects of our lifestyles are diverse, quilting is the…

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bitter lemon

CURVES AHEAD Bitter Lemon ANKE B. CALZADA Curves, diamonds, cool scrappy hues, modern fabrics – it’s hard to say what the best part of this amazing quilt is! This is a showstopper on every level, and would make the perfect gift for a teen. materials 14” each of eight different accent fabrics: two yellow, two spring green, two mint, two teal prints Two, 4” x 8” rectangles of pink scrap fabrics 16” each of eight different low volume white/grey fabrics for the background 15” binding fabric – or use scraps from the low volume and accent fabrics 4 yds of backing fabric 60” x 75” piece of batting Block Size: 7” x 14” Quilt Size: 50” x 64” preparation and cutting 1. Print out the templates on pages 11 and…

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flying geese: solo or squad?

TIPS + TECHNIQUES Flying Geese: Solo or Squad? by ALYCE BLYTH Let’s start with a fun fact: when we talk about Flying Geese quilt block units, the large triangle is the goose, and the small corner triangles are the sky. Flying Geese are such a quilt-making staple! They can be arranged to create so many different designs, from zigzags to squares, from rings to pinwheels. And there are two main ways to create them – one at a time, or four using the ‘No Waste’ method. SOLO FLYING GEESE The traditional method of creating flying geese units uses one rectangle of fabric for the ‘goose’, and two small squares for the ‘sky’ to create one flying geese… goose? Using an erasable fabric marker, draw a diagonal line on the wrong…

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go big baby bear

SUPERSIZED SEWING Go Big Baby Bear SUE BONE Who doesn’t love a rainbow, and this clever supersized variation on the traditional Bear Paw block cleverly creates the rainbow gradation in one oversized block. This quilt would be perfect for a baby quilt and could also be a great scrap buster. materials ¾ yd low volume background fabric 1, 10” square of red print fabric 1, 10” square of pink print fabric (pink 1) One fat quarter of pink print fabric (pink 2) One fat quarter of orange print fabric One fat quarter of yellow print fabric One fat quarter of green print fabric ½ yd of blue print fabric ½ yd of purple print fabric ½ yd binding fabric 1 ¼ yd backing fabric 42” square of batting Quilt Size:…

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designed tolast

DIY DESIGN Designed toLast by TARA GLASTONBURY I use the term ‘perennial’ a lot in my work – to describe both my design philosophy and my use of Ifabrics. Perennial means enduring, or something that lasts a long time. My aim for perennial is partly a concern about our overconsumption and the constant need for new, but also because it takes time and effort to design and make a quilt – to sketch out ideas, resolve one until you’re happy with it, choose colours and fabric, cut and sew the top, baste it, quilt and bind it. Then, if you’re making a pattern, there’s writing and illustrating, figuring out the yardage, photographing the quilt from various angles, laying out the pattern instructions, having it edited and tested, and then launching.…

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king’s belt

SIMPLE BUT STUNNING King’s Belt DAISI TOEGEL This complex looking plaid-inspired quilt is pieced from two simple blocks, alternated and set on point to make it look much harder than it really is. The striking design would be perfect for a man’s quilt, and you can mix it up by replacing the blue with any colour you like. materials ½ yd grey solid fabric (1) 1 ¼ yd black solid fabric (2) ¾ yd blue solid fabric (3) 1 yd white background fabric ½ yd binding fabric 4 yds backing fabric 60” x 73” piece of batting Quilt size: 52” x 65” preparation and cutting 1. From the grey fabric (1), cut: four, 3 ½” x WOF strips. Subcut into 40, 3 ½” squares. 2. From the black fabric (2),…