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Tatler Malaysia

September 2021

THE essential guide to the very best in life, Tatler Malaysia runs the gamut of high-end living, from cool parties to fine dining, from international fashion to luxury travel. Tatler Malaysia has unparalleled access to the world’s most glamorous people, the exotic places they frequent and the desirable objects they own. The magazine showcases all this via exclusive features that are insightful, entertaining and presented with style. Distinguished by wit and savoir faire, Tatler Malaysia has been an indispensable part of life for the city’s sophisticates for over 30 years. Our well-heeled readership shape opinions and trends in Malaysia and across the region. This affluent and influential group is almost impossible to reach - except through the pages of Tatler Malaysia.

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around asia

TATLER HONG KONG Twelve-year-old Lance Lau is part of a new generation of eco-activists in Hong Kong fighting for climate justice. He discusses his experiences campaigning for change and the challenges facing humanity. tatlerhongkong.com TATLER INDONESIA Iman Usman, the co-founder of RuangGuru, an app that connects students with tutors, discusses what the future holds for distance learning. Last year, less than a week after Indonesia closed its government schools due to the pandemic, RuangGuru launched a free, 18-channel, live-streamed online school, providing classes to anyone with access to a smartphone. tatlerindonesia.com TATLER MALAYSIA This month, a look at the lighter side of life in a series of interviews with three Malaysian stand-up comedians based abroad—Ronny Chieng, Nigel Ng and Phil Wang—who discuss honing their craft and making it on the international stage. tatlermalaysia.com TATLER PHILIPPINES Philanthropist and…

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let us entertain you

When the pandemic hit us in 2020, we can unequivocally say that art and entertainment (film, theatre, dance, music, books) have kept us sane and helped us through this difficult time. And yet ironically, the creative industry was deemed unessential and was among the most badly hit. Numerous projects had to be put on hold as people were not able to perform live and earn a living. But being masters at improvisation and innovation, these artists and performers turned to the digital space as their stage. Doing so had enabled them to reach a wider global audience, but at a fraction of the ticket prices it used to be. In spite of the burgeoning digital trend, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, a champion of Indian classical dance, still firmly believes in the…

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the guest list

ADAM AMENGUAL Los Angeles-based photographer Adam Amengual has been taking pictures since the age of 13 and now shoots for publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Monocle. This month, he photographed South Korean media mogul Miky Lee inside the soon-to-open Academy Museum of Motion Pictures DECLAN CHAN Stylist, art director and creative consultant Declan Chan is based in Hong Kong and works with publications around the world, as well as on campaigns for brands such as Cartier, Estée Lauder and Calvin Klein. In this issue, he styled the fashion shoot TAMARA REYNOLDS Documentary photographer Tamara Reynolds recently won a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship—a grant given to leaders in the creative industries—and next year will publish The Drake, a photo book featuring her award-winning images of marginalised people in Nashville, Tennessee.…

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in good company

“With everything that I do, funny is the most important thing” —NIGEL NG NIGEL NG ‘Right place, right time’ just about sums up the springboard of which Malaysian stand-up comedian and content creator Nigel Ng’s international fame trajectory was set. In 2020, just as pockets of the world slid into the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ng doubled down and found his niche for his YouTube content. His portrayal of Uncle Roger, an orange polo tee-donning, middle-aged Asian man roasting BBC Food host Hersha Patel’s questionable egg fried rice video instantly went viral. Maybe it was his over-exaggerated portrayal of the typical Chinese uncle or maybe it was his usage of familiar Manglish (Malaysian English) expressions such as “Haiyaa” or “Fuiyoh”—either way, it clicked, and Uncle Roger became larger than life. “I came up…

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making all the right calls

If you were to ask anyone in the Malaysian startup scene there is a good chance the name Ganesh Kumar Bangah rings a bell. The serial entrepreneur started his first tech business, MOL Global, in 2000, at the tender age of 20, with a backing of RM2 million from Berjaya Corporation’s Tan Sri Vincent Tan. Three years later, MOL was listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, making him the youngest chief executive officer of a public listed company in Malaysia. His accolades don’t stop there. Ganesh, who is referred to as ‘The Bill Gates of Malaysia’, was also named the Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. He also served as the chairman of PIKOM, the National Tech Association of Malaysia from 2017 to 2019. Ganesh prides himself as…

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a lifetime’s pursuit

KENJI CHAI The neighbourhood I grew up in had this concrete wall that remained, against all odds, untouched; an empty expanse of gray so clean that it almost seemed to taunt wayward folk in crudely lining the walls with spray paint, something you’d normally see in the city’s grimy alleyways or mischievously tagged onto the occasional pillar. Then one day, I see it: this bright, mint-green-and-turquoise dog with its tongue lolling out in a cheeky grin. I was twelve at the time, I think, but I remembered being awestruck by just how vivid it was. That was when I was introduced to ‘Chaigo’, and by extension, the man behind the smiling canine, Kenji Chai Vui Yung. “I was 28 when I dipped my toe into the world of street art—nothing serious as I…