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Hunting & Fishing
Man Magnum

Man Magnum

March 2020

The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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12 Issues

In this issue

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man magnum za

Editor Phillip Hayes mail@manmagnum.co.za Field Editor André Grobler Contributing Editor Gregor Woods Contributing Editor Malcolm Cobb Contributing Editor Francois van Emmenes francois@manmagnum.co.za Senior Subeditor Gail Osborne gosborne@manmagnum.co.za Design and Production Talita Meyer talita.meyer@media24.com ONLINE READERS MARKET Gina Mostert classifieds@manmagnum.co.za NATIONAL ADVERTISING SALES advertising@manmagnum.co.za Head Dirk Lamprecht 012-485-9356 dirk.lamprecht@media24.com Account Manager Jacques Boshoff 079-528-8793 jacques.boshoff@media24.com Western Cape Alan Walker 021-797-6449 or 072-148-5316 fairchase@axxess.co.za Publisher Theuns Venter Category Manager Armand Kasselman Debtors’ Accounts Soraya Essop 021-408-3521 Proprietor SA Hunt Publishing (Pty) Ltd Printed by Novus Print Distribution In the event of retail supply problems contact Armand Kasselman, 021-503-7164 Hand Delivery Network (for SAHGCA Members) Michel Schoeman – michel@sahunt.co.za Tel: 012-808-9300…

4 min.
seeing the whole picture

RECENTLY, WHILE TRYING to sharpen my handgun shooting skills, I discovered that time has caught up with me. We at Magnum spend several hours every month on shooting ranges, mostly testing new firearms and scopes while the clock is ticking toward yet another looming publishing deadline. Finding the time to improve my handgun shooting is almost impossible, but I finally got an opening early on a weekend morning. Before rushing off with my CZ pistol and a bag of ammunition, I tried on my old shooting belt, which I’ve not used in years, and it no longer fitted around my middle… it was too short by several inches. Alarmed, I immediately inspected my motorcycle gear, which I often used to wear for track days and long trips. To my dismay, like…

6 min.

Units of Weight It was with great interest that I read the Gallery piece by David Bertram concerning the 8-bore black powder breech-loading double rifle (January 2020). What especially caught my attention was his closing sentence mentioning the legend “Charge 10 drms”. I recalled reading in A Hunter’s Wanderings in Africa by FC Selous, about black powder charges expressed in drams. I suspected, and this was confirmed when I read up about it, that the dram unit of weight is derived from the Greek drachma, which of course is also a coin denomination. As the term drachma is believed to originally mean the amount a person can hold in the hand, I laughingly compared it with the practice of olden-day pioneers who used the hand-eye method to measure a quantity of…

4 min.
fear in the night

WE ALL EXPERIENCE moments of fear in our lives. At the top of the scale is the really scary ff when your heart is trying to beat it out of your chest and you realise it’s because you have stopped breathing. Hunters who go after dangerous game meet it and learn to control it. In Horn of the Hunter, Robert Ruark’s description of his fear of buffalo is the best I have ever read. During the 1960s, when I was in Rhodesia’s BSA Police, I was patrolling European-owned farms in the Fort Rixon district – mostly beautiful open savanna bordering an area of wild, mountainous land seldom entered. A small, winding river divided my camp from the rugged terrain with its many small, conical koppies named ingwe khaya by the locals…

5 min.
taurus g3 9mmp

THE FIRM OF Taurus Forjas of Porto Alegre, Brazil, is the largest handgun manufacturer in Latin America. Taurus began making handguns in 1941 and, in 1968, entered the world firearms market where, thanks to their quality and reasonable prices, the company became a major player. In the past, Taurus have operated in co-operation with Smith & Wesson and Beretta, and their metal-framed revolvers and semi-auto pistols have, and still do, display significant similarities to these two companies’ products. In 2004 Taurus joined the plastic revolution with their P24/7 pistol based on an injection-moulded polymer frame, following the burgeoning trend to employ a striker-fired design with a high-capacity magazine. It differed from most of its contemporaries by having a dual-action trigger – the initial pull was single-action with the double-action coming into play…

7 min.
the gift

I WAS A trapper before I became a hunter. My tutor was our full-time domestic gardener, Victor – I could never get my tongue around his Xhosa name. As an eight-year-old boy, I regarded Victor as the cleverest chap in the world because he could make ingenious bird traps out of odds and ends. He passed this skill on to me and it wasn’t long before I kept a variety of garden birds in a small aviary. On my tenth birthday Uncle Phil gave me the wonderful gift of a Daisy Red Ryder BB rifle and taught me how to hold, aim and shoot it Victor also taught me how to make a catapult. Not just an ordinary catty – this was a custom-built precision hunting instrument. The two strips of motorcar…