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Marie Claire Australia

February 2021

Marie claire’s unique editorial mix delivers you an entertaining, exciting and intelligent read every month with the perfect balance of substance and style. From the latest fashion and beauty to lifestyle and food, be informed and inspired each month by Australia’s No. 1 fashion magazine.

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shine on

Freja Beha Erichsen didn’t dress up much in 2020. Like the rest of us, the Danish model spent a large chunk of the year confined to her couch in trackpants. But she never skimped on accessories, always decked out in layers of mixed-metal rings and bracelets. “I wear my jewellery all the time,” she says. “In the shower, to bed at night… everywhere.” Right now, those everyday pieces comes from the Tiffany T1 collection. It’s an extension of Tiffany & Co.’s iconic Tiffany T line, which launched in 2014 and stole hearts with its graphic yet wearable designs. The new range features a similar ‘T’ motif but with a bevelled edge rendered in 18-karat rose, yellow or white gold. There are sleek statement rings and striking stackable bangles – some set…

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jules sebastian

MOOOI RUG “This Moooi rug captured our attention when my husband [Guy Sebastian] and I were selecting pieces for our home. When I first saw it, I said, ‘This is a piece of art!’ We liked the idea of putting it on the wall instead of the floor – it’s too beautiful to put your stinky feet on.” THE CANDLE: “One of our dearest longtime friends, Ange Ceberano, started this company and I just love the mood of a candle and the vibe that it sets for the house. This one is world class.” THE NECKLACE: “Guy and I are involved in this company because not only do they make amazing pieces of jewellery, but the diamonds are cultured, meaning they’re lab grown and ethically sound. It’s a real diamond, but more affordable, and still…

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the edit

NEW BOHEMIA Resort and beachwear brand Boteh, named after the Persian word for paisley, unveils a colourful and covetable new collection for high summer. CO-ED COOL Hand-loomed in a Marrakech atelier, Lucy Folk’s new line of unisex fashion hints at bowling and boxing attire – with a very chic twist. IN FULL BLOOM These dainty Pandora jewels bring sparkly new meaning to the term ‘daisy chain’ HOOKED ON YOU Crochet gets a contemporary update via Maje’s latest offering, a medley of slinky dresses, lace-like tops and artful accessories. Step to it Meet St Sana, younger sister of much-loved shoe label Sol Sana. She’s carefree and vibrant, consciously crafted, and equally at home on the beach or the dance floor.…

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it’s (still) time

AUSTRALIA SPECIAL Singer Jessica Mauboy can still remember the anticipation and emotion in the air on the day of marie claire’s February 2020 cover shoot. “Sharing the conversation on Indigenous rights with these two smart, fun and gorgeous women was such a beautiful moment,” she recalls. “We were three very different individuals coming together with the same passion to help raise awareness about our Aboriginal elders and people; it’s what we stem from, and it’s in our blood.” Actor Miranda Tapsell recalls a strong sense of camaraderie: “I’m in my element when I’m playing a character, but I’ve got nothing to hide behind when I’m at a photo shoot as Miranda, so I felt a lot more comfortable having these Aboriginal women with me. Also, knowing that Professor Megan Davis [a human…

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sexual liberation

“WHY IS SAYING ‘I MASTURBATE’ OUT LOUD SO WEIRD?” As a teenager in the latenineties, no-one spoke to me about masturbation. Sex education at school was putting a condom on a banana. I lost my virginity to a guy called Fernando. I met him in Brazil on holiday with my dad and brother when I was 14. Fernando was 20, and I was flattered that he fancied me, so off I went, trailing after him when he suggested going back to his hotel room after meeting at the teen bar. I can’t remember the sex. Mostly, I remember waking up late the next morning in Fernando’s room and feeling panicked. “Shit,” I thought, “Dad is going to wonder where I am.” I didn’t masturbate when I was young or in my teens…

17 min.
it’s time to make it a crime

SUE CLARKE MOTHER OF HANNAH CLARKE My daughter, Hannah, was a beautiful girl, and her three kids, Aaliyah (six), Laianah (four) and Trey (three), were the loves of her life. She tried to put on a positive front for them, but she was dealing with a hidden darkness. In the beginning, it was only little things, but then gradually [her husband] Rowan’s controlling behaviour really started to escalate. Hannah was ready to leave him after Laianah was born, but then she fell pregnant with Trey, and Rowan convinced her she would be a bad mother if she left. He would constantly go through her phone, tracking where she was going, controlling everything. She wasn’t allowed to have a Facebook page or wear shorts to the gym. He would threaten to kill himself,…