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Marie Claire May 2019

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what we love about may

1. VIVA ITALIA If you’re in the market for some summer travel ideas, Texas-born photographer Gray Malin has your back with his utterly transporting photographic ode to the Italian Riviera, Gray Malin: Italy (Abrams, May 14). Inspired by his best-selling photo series “La Dolce Vita,” the images capture the coast’s mesmerizing glamour and dramatic seaside scenery. Dive in. 2. CENTRAL PARK FIVE It’s been three decades since the Central Park jogger attacks ignited a national firestorm and left five black and Latinx teenagers, the Central Park Five, wrongfully convicted of attempted murder and other charges. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay takes on their stories for a four-part Netflix drama, When They See Us, which hits the site May 31. Everyone will be talking about it. 3. THOROUGHLY MODERN It’s always big news when two women curate a…

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take the leap

Have you ever had a this-will-make-me-millions idea? A passing thought you’ve had in the shower or on your way to work, only to be distracted by the obligations of the day? Most of us probably wouldn’t up and quit our day job at the first flick of an idea. But a genius one that has stuck with you, that you can’t quite shake because you know it’s just that good, is worth the leap—even if, at first, it’s only your after-hours side hustle. Our guide to launching a business (“Everything You Need to Know to Strike Out on Your Own,” p. 68) will help you transform your budding idea into a full-fledged venture. We tapped 20 successful women entrepreneurs for advice on everything from raising funds to changing course to…

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SWEAT IT OUT Whether you want to go with the flow or need to throw some punches (ahem, at a bag), try our favorite BPM-raising workouts. marieclaire.com/best-workouts-2019 Sneak Peak This spring, step into one of our top sneaker picks, from dad-inspired gym shoes to studded high tops to athlete-appropriate trainers. marieclaire.com/spring-sneakers SNEAKERS $120, Vionic; vionicshoes.com. INSTA-BEAT Our photo-happy editors hash(tag) it out Dream in Color Story, the Manhattan concept shop that changes themes every two months, is taking its “Color Story” pop-up nationwide. Macy’s shoppers can now discover curated rainbow products and interactive workshops in 36 stores across the country. marieclaire.com/macys-story-launch “People are always sharing fun finds, those things you weren’t looking for and the second you see them, you need them. We aspire to create that feeling with the launch of Story at Macy’s.”—Rachel Shechtman, Macy’s brand experience officer…

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In her debut novel, The Farm (Random House, May 7), Filipino-born Joanne Ramos explores just who gets left out of the American dream. The book follows Jane, a struggling single mom and Filipino immigrant who is offered the lucrative opportunity to act as a surrogate for an anonymous rich person. The catch? For her entire pregnancy, she has to stay in a facility where everything she does is closely monitored. Ramos spoke to Marie Claire about dystopia, luck, and family. Marie Claire: I expected The Farm to be a dystopian thriller, but it feels like this could be happening now. Joanne Ramos: I wasn’t trying to make it sci-fi, but it almost is fundamentally. I was hoping that people would wonder if this was already happening now. If the book makes you…

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what you said

A Cut Above Sandra Beltracchi Applegate: I was delighted to see that you featured an older woman in your February issue. Older women still care about beauty, fashion, and expressing ourselves. Thank you for being inclusive. @ellyzuluaga: Mood-boarding while getting ready this morning. (Oh and yes, I did place these things strategically. It just looks prettier to me. I’m not sorry.) Cruz in Control @joysbyjo: Isn’t Penelope Cruz so gorgeous? @marieclairemag How to Survive Losing Your Job @AboutK: Great feature on the inimitable @bethcomstock who is so much more than a brilliant marketer. In my earliest days at GE, she invested in folks like me in so many small ways (she probably didn’t even know it, which makes it all the more meaningful). @acidphreak: I had the fortune of meeting @bethcomstock once. Her journey of self-realization and…

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the things they carried

THANDIE NEWTON BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: “Whenever I fly, I have to have Jurlique Rose Hand Cream and Optrex Eye Gel Drops.” IN-FLIGHT COMPANIONS: “A good book that I can get lost in is a must. I’m currently reading James Baldwin: A Biography, by David Leeming. I also always carry my Andraab pashmina, a gift my husband got me when he was shooting in Rajasthan, India.” TRAVEL TIP: “You shouldn’t drink or brush your teeth with the tap water on planes. The water tanks aren’t flushed or tested as often as you’d hope.” DREAM GETAWAY: “Ibiza for sure. There’s an abundance of quartz—which has an incredibly powerful, cleansing energy—in the ground. Es Vedrà, a tiny rocky island off the west coast, is known to be the third most magnetic place in the world.” ON-THE-GO WORKOUT:…