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Marie Claire July 2019

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Perfect Pairings Wine and cheese is a no-brainer, but what adult beverages go best with summer foods, like a grilled burger or fried clams? We consulted an expert to find out what drinks—from a crisp rosé to a hoppy IPA—complement the season’s dishes, whether you’re at a 4th of July barbecue, on the boardwalk, or in your own backyard. marieclaire.com/best-summer-food-pairings SHADE REPORT Our favorite sunglasses include retro cat-eye frames, mirrored lenses, and, of course, classic Wayfarers that never go out of style. Find the best way to go incognito at marieclaire.com/best-sunglasses-2019. Beauty Breakthroughs We’re all about gadgets that claim to usher us into a life of invisible pores, and the best beauty tech is more futuristic than ever. Take Dermaflash’s newest tool, Dermapore: Glide the metal blade against wet skin to release any gunk trapped…

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editor’s note well and good

As editor of Marie Claire for the last seven years, I have become obsessed with the new generation of female founders who are overturning industries. I sincerely believe people like Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler of SoulCycle, Jenn Hyman of Rent the Runway, Jean Brownhill of Sweeten, and Jen Rubio of Away represent a new kind of role model for our readers. And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m passionate about covering their successes every month, with the hope that we’re showing what’s possible for women right now, especially at a time when so many institutions in this country seem to be working against us. But it’s come to my attention—in part by chatting with Sadie Lincoln, founder of Barre3 fitness studios (“Being a Female CEO Is Not My Identity,” p.…

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what you said

The Change Makers @kaytaylorrea: Loving the badass witchy energy of this Marie Claire shoot of Ava DuVernay, Constance Wu, and Jessica Chastain. @milicamagazine: The April issue of Marie Claire is dedicated to the @timesupnow mission. The comprehensive editorial celebrates the women on screen and behind the screen who are creating Hollywood’s future, who make a difference in terms of equality, diversity, representation, inclusion, and security The Doctor Is In @aravellasimotas: Repeat after @DrLeanaWen: “At the same time that we fight to provide access to care, we also have to be fighting against very bad policy that is keeping us unhealthy.” #ThisIsHealthCare One of These Women Could Be Our Next President @sengillibrand: Why should more women run for office? Our life experiences are different. We see things in our communities, our states, our country that people in…

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what we love about july

1. SOLSTICE SCARE Vacation all you ever wanted? Not the one Florence Pugh takes this summer. In Ari Aster’s latest horror flick, Midsommar (you may recall his 2018 hit, Hereditary), a young woman (Pugh) joins her boyfriend (Jack Reynor) on a trip to a midsummer festival in a remote, seemingly idyllic Swedish village. The fairy-tale getaway turns sinister as the cultish townspeople grow increasingly creepy. Cue the screams when it hits theaters on July 3. 2. PEACE, LOVE, MUSIC Channel your inner hippie with Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music (July 23; Reel Art Press), curated by Woodstock cofounder Michael Lang. The book celebrates the 50th anniversary of the legendary 1969 music festival with behind-the-stage photographs, original set lists, and Lang’s personal memories of the countercultural weekend. 3. LIFE IS A CABARET Opening July…

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q&a: lisa taddeo

Lisa Taddeo’s debut nonfiction, Three Women (July 9; Avid Reader Press), follows homemaker Lina, high schooler Maggie, and restaurateur Sloane as they embark on clandestine love affairs. We talked with Taddeo about driving cross-country, writing while breastfeeding, and the unblinking empathetic rigor with which she portrays women’s sexual lives. Marie Claire: How did the idea for Three Women come about? Lisa Taddeo: I’d written a cover story for New York in 2010 called “The Half-Hooker Economy” about bottle girls in the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal. My editor pointed me in the direction of Gay Talese’s Thy Neighbor’s Wife, and Gay somewhat mentored me. He suggested I immerse myself. So I moved to Indiana in 2012 because the Kinsey Institute [which researches sex and gender] is based there. MC: How did you…

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serve a look

THE NEW SCHOOL BOXY SWEATERS Playing doubles, or seeing double? Lacoste’s deconstructed versions of its traditional V-neck are edgier than ever—and look even bolder when you’re twinning with your partner. THE STATEMENT BRIGHT TRAINERS Lace up some vintage-inspired kicks for a boost of courtside attitude Style Hack Team with a pleated mini to take your look to the streets. THE PAIRING SPORTY & STRUCTURED Toe the fashion line: A nylon grab-and-go tophandle is the durable yet elegant bag you never knew you needed until now THE TWIST RUGBY-SHIRT DRESS A tea-length hemline, asymmetrical cut, and mishmash patchwork pattern make this jersey-inspired dress feel just as relaxed as your trusted ’80s polo THE FINISHING TOUCH TENNIS BRACELET U.S. tennis legend Chris Evert was renowned for her on-court style, especially the pavé-diamond bauble she popularized, now known as a tennis bracelet. Everyone’s a winner when there are diamonds…