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Marie Claire September 2019

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what we love about september

MUSIC MATERIAL GIRL For her 14th studio album, the Latin-influenced Madame X, Madonna blesses fans with an all-theater tour (read: no nosebleed seats), her first nonstadium or arena concert circuit since 1985’s the Virgin Tour. The intimate performances kick off September 12 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. ART LIFE IMITATES ART To inaugurate a contemporary commission series, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art tapped Kenyan-born artist Wangechi Mutu (above), known for her politically charged work. Her installation—four sculptures that portray female power—debuts September 9. BOOKS WHAT WE’RE READING The top titles on our bookshelf this month The Testaments (September 10, Nan A. Talese) Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale just wrapped its gut-punching third season, but the ambiguous ending of Margaret Atwood’s source material has tormented readers since 1985. Her sequel finally reveals June’s fate, as narrated by three Gilead women. The World…

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It’s hard to believe I’ve never thought to devote an issue to obsessions before, considering I’ve been obsessed with September fashion magazines for as long as I can remember. Never mind that it would be sweltering in the middle of August when my stack would arrive. Whether at un-air-conditioned summer camp or on a breezeless beach with Sun-In in my hair, I’d pore over the new season’s wool sweaters, leather boots, plaid pants, and autumn-colored swag, anticipating the moment I could wear them. I hope the fashion on our pages—knee-high boots, chunky gold rings, and, yes, plaid pants!—stirs up the same feelings in you. We also love glorious capes, which we shot in the souks of Marrakech (“Lost in Morocco,” p. 158), and the season’s luxurious work wear, straight from…

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Under Wraps With fall weekend visits to the pumpkin patch and leaf-peeping tours in your future, a midweight coat for crisp days (and nights) is a worthy investment. Shop the pieces we’re pining for at marieclaire.com/best-fall-coats. LISTEN UP We’ve curated 15 podcasts hosted by women for your next commute: Feel like playing detective? Try Criminal, juicy true-crime investigations by journalist Phoebe Judge. Need free couples therapy? Tune in to Esther Perel’s cathartic Where Should We Begin? Tired of mansplaining? The duo behind Unladylike, Christen Conger and Caroline Ervin, debunk patriarchy BS one download at a time. Check these out and more at marieclaire.com/best-podcasts-by-women. INSTA-BEAT OUR PHOTO-HAPPY EDITORS HASH(TAG) IT OUT Susanna Hayward designer @susannahayward Exploring the mind of #Noguchi Taylore Glynn associate beauty editor @tayloreglynn Coif by @davidmallett, I assume. Hana Hong assistant beauty editor @hanahong42 Nightlife Alyssa Haak assistant…

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worth it: buffalo plaid

THE EXPERT: Andrea Cane, creative director at Woolrich MARIE CLAIRE: When did the term “buffalo plaid” originate? ANDREA CANE: We believe that the name originated in 1850 when a Woolrich Woolen Mills designer created the checked shirt and named the pattern after his herd of pet buffalo. MC: How has buffalo plaid evolved? AC: From authentic Americana to the punk movement, every fashion era has found a home for the pattern, which ensures its long-lasting legacy. Ralph Lauren circa the ’80s and ’90s is a good example of a modern interpretation, but the Dior Fall 2019 show also offered a fresh perspective on how to incorporate buffalo plaid without it feeling overwhelming. It refuses to be pigeonholed in any fashion family. MC: Why is it having a moment now? AC: Buffalo…

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worth it: knit dresses

THE EXPERT: Elizabeth von der Goltz, global buying director at Net-a-Porter MARIE CLAIRE: What is the origin of knit used in fashion? ELIZABETH VON DER GOLTZ: Knitting was one of the earliest ways to make clothes. The earliest known knitted items date back to the 11th century in regions of Egypt. MC: Have you seen an uptick in the purchases of knit dresses? EV: We’re experiencing a resurgence. Nanushka’s Cruise 2019 knitted knot dress sold out within three weeks. MC: What makes this an enduring style? EV: Knit dresses are easy to wear and comfortable. It is the best way to look chic and pulled together in an effortless way. MC: How do you style one for the fall? EV: I like pairing a knit dress with a great slouch or…

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worth it: pearl drop earrings

THE EXPERT: Elizabeth Doyle, owner of Doyle & Doyle Antique Jewelry MARIE CLAIRE: Why do pearls hold such an important place in history—in fashion and otherwise? ELIZABETH DOYLE: Throughout time, pearls have been a consistent fashion statement, from Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring to Princess Diana’s iconic multistrand dog-collar necklace. Seemingly delicate, pearls hold stories of politics, power, and romance. MC: How are you seeing the classic reworked? ED: Pearl drop earrings have long been thought of as the demure choice, but now we’re seeing bold designs featuring huge baroque pearls that give a modern edginess we don’t always see in perfectly round pearls. MC: Why are pearls so versatile? ED: Nothing is safer than pearl studs and a simple pearl strand. Add in varying lengths and sizes (think Coco…