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Marie Claire Winter 2020

Marie Claire is today's magazine for the fashion minded woman. It reflects all areas of the reader's life, providing the time-pressed woman with a mix of information. Marie Claire remains unsurpassed as the best source for beauty advice.

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come together

Editor in Chief “Mentorship is all around you if you just open up your eyes and are willing to receive it,” Chase Consumer Banking CEO Thasunda Brown Duckett said on a panel I moderated about empowerment a few weeks ago. It stuck with me. The idea that mentors are everywhere—to our left, to our right, below us, in addition to above us—is something that I’ve found to be true and so valuable in my own career. Just days later, the news that I would be taking on the role of editor in chief at Marie Claire, succeeding Aya Kanai—a woman who became a mentor, friend, and confidante in the months we worked together—would be announced, signaling a new chapter in my own life as well as in this magazine’s. I was…

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for your consideration

BOOKS Winter Reading Cheat Sheet IF YOU LIKE Starz’s Vida, the 2002 film Frida starring Salma Hayek, bold beauty statements In this book—part biography, part self-help—Arianna Davis dives into the culture-shifting, vibrant world of Frida Kahlo and the lessons on resilience we can adopt from the Mexican artist. WHAT WOULD FRIDA DO? A GUIDE TO LIVING BOLDLY by Arianna Davis (Seal Press, October 20) IF YOU LIKE Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming, or her thought-provoking podcast In the first of two volumes, POTUS 44 provides an honest account of the lows and highs during his years in office, from inheriting the presidency during a global financial crisis to securing the passage of the Affordable Care Act, all while emphasizing the importance of preserving our democracy amid challenging times. A PROMISED LAND by Barack Obama (PRH, November 17) IF YOU LIKE Netflix’s The Crown, @kensingtonroyal…

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the state of gabrielle union

Uncertainty appears to be the only certainty in 2020, yet nothing has slowed down Gabrielle Union, an indefatigable one-woman cottage industry with ambition and moxie to burn. Here, the actress talks about emptying out her “basket of fucks” and choosing to speak truth to power.—Lola Ogunnaike On dealing with racism on set: “I should be able to exist however the fuck I want to exist, because if you’re hiring Gabrielle Union for my talent, then my talent is going to come out of my body in every way, shape, and incarnation that I can imagine.” On people who have dismissed her trauma: “That very sentiment is how all of this has been allowed to go on for centuries; that kind of gaslighting, I categorically reject.” On turning 40 and choosing to…

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puffer jackets

The Expert: Libby Page, senior fashion market editor at Net-a-Porter MARIE CLAIRE: How have you seen puffers transition from strictly functional to fashionable? LIBBY PAGE: Brands are adding their own twists to the wardrobe hero: logos, belting, and, in some cases, the puffier the better. Details like cinched-waist belts create a more figure-flattering shape. MC: How can a puffer elevate a woman’s outfit? LP: A coat can add instant gravitas to any outfit. Brands noticed the appetite for puffers as more than just outerwear, and bold colors like neons and metallics have become popular. Modern takes include cropped or hip-length styles. MC: Why is a quality puffer a great investment piece? LP: Puffers are versatile and have a lot of resilience. PRO TIP: To ensure a puffer’s longevity, try a waterproof…

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diamond staples

The Expert: Kristina Buckley Kayel, managing director of the Natural Diamond Council MARIE CLAIRE: How have you seen diamonds make the shift from a special-occasion stone to an everyday accessory? KRISTINA BUCKLEY KAYEL: Designers are using diamonds in unconventional ways, which has naturally encouraged more wear. With so many of us operating through Zoom, a great diamond earring or necklace is also the perfect way to express a sense of individual style. MC: Have you seen an uptick in women treating themselves to diamond jewelry? KBK: Yes! They’re a timeless symbol of personal accomplishment and self-love. MC: What makes diamond jewelry such a great investment? KBK: People can take diamonds with them wherever they go, and they can be passed down for generations. MC: How should people care for their diamond…

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body bliss

The Expert: Susanne Kaufmann, skincare creator and spa pro MARIE CLAIRE: What makes a body product a worthwhile expense? SUSANNE KAUFMANN: The right body product can bring the experience of a spa into your own home. Personally, I’m keen on formulating our body products with a blend of seven [homeopathic] minerals that help deeply detoxify muscle tissue, increase cell energy, and stimulate lymphatic flow. MC: How are body products used most effectively? SK: The order in which products are layered onto the skin will impact how well the ingredients work together. I recommend first detoxing the skin [with exfoliation], then following with targeted treatment products [such as serums or creams, lotions, and oils]. MC: Any tips for proper exfoliation? SK: Always apply in circular motions when working a scrub into the…