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Marie Claire Summer 2021

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queen of camp

Grief has never been so spectacularly unhinged as in HBO’s limited series The White Lotus. Funnywoman Jennifer Coolidge stars as Tanya MacQuoid, a woman coping with the loss of her mother at a Hawaiian resort. The actress infuses her character with both heartbreaking sensitivity and oblivious buffoonery, which will have you laughing through the tears. The social satire brilliantly juxtaposes the island’s entitled guests with the skittish hotel staff, showing that paradise doesn’t solve all your problems. In fact, it might just drown you in them. In advance of the July 11 premiere, Coolidge chats about terrible vacations, how Ariana Grande reinvigorated her career, and the lasting legacy of Legally Blonde.—N.P. Marie Claire: Your character sets the show’s dark, eccentric tone. What drew you to the role? Jennifer Coolidge: I was in…

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uzo aduba

Consider it the summer of Uzo. First up, the actress stars in the Amazon Studios anthology series Solos (May 21), exploring the intersection of technology and human connection. Her thrilling performance is deserving of a theater stage—but perhaps it’s best on a streamer, so you can watch your worst pandemic nightmares play out again and again. Then, catch Aduba in HBO’s reimagining of In Treatment (May 23); she’ll keep you in your feels as the empathetic but troubled therapist Brooke Taylor. Here, what she’s watching, reading, and listening to. The last thing I binge-watched was Search Party. I know, so late. The next thing I plan on binge-watching is Schitt’s Creek. I know, again, sooooo late. The book I can read over and over again is The Alchemist. I’ve read it three times…

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eau yes!

The Expert: David Moltz, cofounder and nose of D.S. & Durga MARIE CLAIRE: Why should someone invest in an expensive perfume? DAVID MOLTZ: Fragrance is an art form. It’s this whole world you can explore and get into. And it’s a nice way of spreading joy. I feel like it’s a pretty small investment for this artistic thing that lasts so long. MC: Does hot or humid weather affect certain perfume notes? DM: In general, perfume will tend to evaporate more [in summer]. I cannot stand the obsession with how long a perfume lasts. I’m not saying you want it to dissipate, but everyone’s skin is different and is going to take it a different way. MC: What kinds of scents do you like for this season? DM: I’m definitely not too…

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hair help

The Expert: Harry Josh, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Harry Josh Pro Tools MARIE CLAIRE: What are the benefits of luxury hair tools? HARRY JOSH: Everything works to a certain degree. The components in the tool itself create performance. Anything mass-manufactured in giant factories with robots putting them together will never have the craftsmanship quality of something that is artisan. MC: How can you avoid damage when using hot tools? HJ: High-end products are generally designed for high performance and protection. Expensive [tools], like mine, which are made in Korea, have custom heaters inside. That gives you more equal heat distribution, which means it works faster and more efficiently; there’s less damage simply because they pass through the hair less. MC: How do products improve styling results? HJ: High-quality tools used…

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netted bags

The Expert: Deborah Reyner Sebag, fashion consultant, @thedailydeb MARIE CLAIRE: Why is the netted-bag style having a resurgence right now? DEBORAH REYNER SEBAG: Fashion is really inspired by le quotidien—our daily life. Netted bags first appeared at the grocery store, then they appeared on the runways and as the best of street style. MC: How have they evolved over the years? DRS: Modernity comes from new materials like natural straw and leather and also with linings that are added so you can carry your belongings around without losing them. MC: What kinds of outfits would you pair with a netted bag? DRS: They can look really amazing with a boho-chic outfit or a classic suit. I also like the idea of wearing one as an unexpected evening bag!…

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brighter days ahead

With the days lengthening and more and more loved ones getting the COVID-19 vaccine, I’m starting to feel decidedly optimistic. After a year of being a hermit, I’m determined to live my best life this summer, which, for me, means rosé outdoors with friends, limited screen time, and embracing clothes that don’t contain the word sweat. My hope is that with a year of intense challenges behind us, the months ahead can be about finding joy. Who better to usher in a season of happiness than Tracee Ellis Ross, the actress, CEO, and comedic queen, who writer Lola Ogunnaike describes as the “living embodiment of the phrase ‘Go big or go home’” in our cover story (p. 66)? Ross is already living her best life—“I feel the sexiest I’ve ever felt;…