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Marie Claire July 2018

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time to chill

The minute the temperature rises above 65 degrees, I begin to dream of summer… lazy days, beach sunsets, barefoot-worthy pedicures, Aperol spritzes. In my mind, the season slows down time and, if vacation is involved, can be a sunny respite from stress and a restorative balm for everyday chaos. Did you know that post-vacation bliss is scientifically founded? Research finds that vacations reduce stress, prevent heart disease, and improve productivity. So travel is officially a form of wellness, recharging your mind, body, and soul. This was our guiding principle as we put together our “Fantastic Voyages” package (p. 114), full of unexpected itineraries, whether you want to trek cross-country in a station wagon or jet off to uncharted territories. If you’re looking for an adventure, the travel company Docastaway will drop…

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what you said

Under the Influence @sarahbmalik: @Sabalmtiaz killing it as usual with her on-point piece [“Meet the Kardashians of the Middle East”] on social media influencers whose presence gains a political edge by virtue of being expressed within authoritarian regimes Fresh Takes thestylistx21: Being a #woman of color, it’s always nice to see other #womenofcolor on magazines. #Kudos to you #marieclairemagazine for doing so! #melaninmagic toujours.katie: Officially putting opaque icy blue lids on the summer beauty checklist. This look is poppin’. Never change @marieclairemag All-Star Power @antoinettevaugh: Amazing final 5! Congrats, Anthony Williams, whose talent, humor & personality will make him an asset to Marie Claire! See Jane Run Love your coverage of Krishanti Vignarajah [“Politics as (Un)usual”], but she is not the first woman to run for governor of Maryland. Heather Mizeur was the Democratic nominee in 2014 and…

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INSTA-BEAT OUR PHOTO-HAPPY EDITORS HASH(TAG) IT OUT Riza Cruz executive editor @rizagcruz #earthday Wanyi Jiang design director @wanyizee The doctor said the swelling will go down, but most likely, this will be my face. Jennifer Goldstein beauty director/features editor @jenn_edit Obligatory photo of the huge #welovecoco promo compact. Turn on the Dark We’ve got summer sunnies for every face shape and style preference, from futuristic shields to retro cat-eye frames. marieclaire.com/summer-sunnies SWEET GREEN DITCHING YOUR WATER BOTTLE, EATING LESS MEAT, AND GETTING RECEIPTS E-MAILED TO YOU AREN’T JUST GOOD FOR THE PLANET, THEY’RE WALLET-FRIENDLY TOO. FIND MORE WAYS TO BE ECO AND BOOST YOUR BOTTOM LINE. marieclaire.com/green-wallet SOLE CYCLE Tracking apps like this one record cravings during that time of the month, calculate your risk of pregnancy at any given time, and will remind you to take your birth control…

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what we love about july

1. Power Couple Bow down: Her Royal Highness Queen Bey is coming through your hometown. Her husband too. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are hitting the road for the On the Run II tour. The duo kicks off the North American leg on July 25 in Cleveland. 2. Play With Fire United we stand in our plans to take a break from office e-mails, breaking-news tweets, and relentless to-do lists for some beers, burgers, and basking in the sun. And fireworks, of course. Happy Fourth of July! 3. In Focus Artist Susan Meiselas’s photographs show us the grit, color, and eccentricity of real life. In the retrospective exhibit “Susan Meiselas: Mediations,” which opens at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on July 21, see her work from the ’70s through today. 4. Tell No Lies Up your beach…

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amy adams

“AMY IS A TRUE CHAMELEON, BOTH ON-SCREEN AND IN THE MAKEUP CHAIR. SHE CAN GO FROM FULL-ON GLAMOUR TO A BARELY THERE, GIRL-NEXTDOOR VIBE.”—MAKEUP ARTIST STEPHEN SOLLITTO BIRTHPLACE: Vicenza, Italy. CURRENT RESIDENCE: Los Angeles. EASY BREEZY: The actress arrived wearing a Rachel Pally sundress, Linda Farrow sunglasses, a custom Sarah Chloe necklace, and Tory Burch sandals. NEW WAVE: Adams, who began her career as a professional dancer, selected an ’80s-hits playlist on set, including Blondie, Flock of Seagulls, and Romeo Void. VISITING HOURS: Adams’s 7-year-old daughter, Aviana, popped by the studio to say hello. BEAUTY ROUTINE: To showcase the actress’s skin, makeup artist Stephen Sollitto applied foundation blended with rose oil for a thin veil of coverage. Then he complemented her famous blue eyes with bronze eyeshadow, copper liner, and concealer…

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school of thought

Long before entrepreneur Vicky Tsai had the idea for her cult beauty line, Tatcha, she knew that when she started a company, giving would have to be part of its DNA. That spirit of generosity only grew when she read John Wood’s 2006 book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, which describes the executive’s impetus to educate children through the organization Room to Read. “It really inspired me,” remembers Tsai, who was working as a Starbucks brand manager at the time. “I was always passionate about girls’ education, but even more enthused when I saw studies about how educating girls has a positive effect on economies and on the sustainability of communities.” In 2009, when Tsai launched Tatcha, a brand based on geishas’ beauty rituals, she made it her mission to…