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Marie Claire October 2018

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what we love about october

1. JETT FUEL Rock-history buffs, take note: Bad Reputation, a new documentary on the legendary Joan Jett, has just hit theaters. Come for the awesome archival footage; stay for the interviews with everyone from Debbie Harry to Iggy Pop. 2. TALENT SHOW If you’re into artists like Mondrian and Kandinsky, get to the Guggenheim in NYC on October 12 for the opening of Hilma af Klint’s first major U.S. solo exhibition. A Swedish painter inspired by mysticism and the occult, Klint started making bold, colorful abstract art well before the men credited with the genre’s creation did, but she stipulated that her work not be shown until at least 20 years after her death. 3. RIOT GIRLS In this era when women aren’t afraid to get loud, author Rebecca Traister brings us Good and Mad:…

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MAKE ROOM DRESS UP YOUR SPACE WITH THE SEASON’S TOP DECOR PICKS, FROM ACCENT PIECES, LIKE A CHUNKY WOVEN BLANKET TO JEWEL-TONE UPHOLSTERY THAT WILL GIVE YOUR PLACE AN ENTIRELY NEW VIBE. marieclaire.com/apartment-decor-ideas BEST FACE FORWARD RICHLY HUED NAIL POLISH, GLOWY BLUSH COMPACTS, AND LONG-WEAR LIP STAINS HAVE FALL LOOKS TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF. marieclaire.com/fall-must-have-makeup-products INSTA-BEAT OUR PHOTO-HAPPY EDITORS HASH(TAG) IT OUT Alix Campbell chief photography director @alixbcampbell Monday morning after a long weekend Jennifer Goldstein beauty director/features editor @jenn_edit Casual. (@terrymatlin) Ki Williams entertainment manager @kiwynell i call this my ariana grande filter. Colleen McKeegan senior editor @clmckeegan Vacation mode STAY IN TOUCH SHARE YOUR LATEST STREET STYLE, BEAUTY PICKS, AND MORE! CLOCKWISE FROM CENTER TOP: ALEKSANDAR NOVOSELSKI/STOCKSY; JEFFREY WESTBROOK/STUDIO D; COURTESY OF THE COMPANY (2); COURTESY OF THE SUBJECTS (4)…

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squad goals

In 1999, creator Dick Wolf’s procedural crime franchise Law & Order debuted a spin-off centered on a squad of NYPD officers who investigate sex crimes. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, or SVU as it became known, featuring topical story lines, shone a light on violence against women—and often saw justice served. It was a runaway hit and remains one of NBC’s most watched shows, with as many as 10 million viewers tuning in weekly. Now, as the series enters its 20th season—tying with Gunsmoke and the original Law & Order for longest-running drama series in TV history—we spoke to SVU star and executive producer Mariska Hargitay about her incredible run as Olivia Benson and her work to help survivors on and off screen. This is her story. DUN DUN. MARIE…

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what’s next

When The Jetsons first aired on prime time in 1962, the family’s flying car was pure fantasy; in 2020, Uber will test an airborne taxi service. The 1999 Disney Channel flick Smart House featured a tricked-out home that did household chores via computer; you can now get an app-controlled dishwasher to clean plates in 10 minutes flat or a machine that folds laundry for you. When Black Mirror arrived on Netflix in 2014, viewers were unsettled by an episode in which a humanoid robot captured the personality of a woman’s departed ex-boyfriend, based on his tweets. That robot actually exists: Bina48 uses social-media posts to channel the traits of a real person. What was once TV magic has become reality. Advances in technology are stretching nearly unfathomable boundaries. For our annual…

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what you said

Moving Forward @BarbaraLeeSays: “We’ve got to get to a point where it doesn’t raise eyebrows to have someone give birth in office. Just like it shouldn’t raise eyebrows to have a woman be a senator.” —@SenDuckworth Great piece from @kaylawebley via @marieclaire! Wellness Wishes I’ve been itching to take a solo trip for a while now, but I’ve felt too afraid. The women describing their own experiences in “Fantastic Voyages” make solo travel actually feel doable. I particularly love that there are organizations like G Adventures that provide a local taste of the town and give back to the community. Even SuperShe Island sounds up my alley. How awesome would it be to kick back with a bunch of other boss ladies!? Safe to say, this article left me inspired to book a…

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nicole kidman

“NICOLE HERSELF WAS MY MUSE. SHE’S MYSTERIOUS, PLAYFUL, ELEGANT… SHE BECOMES YOUR VISION.”—Makeup artist ANGELA LEVIN HOMETOWN: Sydney, Australia. CURRENT HOMETOWN: Nashville. SOUTHERN COMFORT: The actress arrived in a button-down flannel top and mid-wash skinny jeans. ECO EATS: Craft service was plastic-straw-free, with Magic Markers for writing names on mason jars for drinks. GEN X: Kidman danced and sang along to the poppy lyrics of the Spice Girls’ ’90s hit “Wannabe.” LIGHT THIS WAY: “The rich-hued wardrobe selected for the shoot—filled with bold reds, golds, and browns—mixed with photographer Thomas Whiteside’s genius lighting techniques gave the shoot a warm glow,” says stylist and MC fashion director J. Errico, “almost like a play on a late-autumn sunset.” ALONG FOR THE RIDE: As the shoot wound down, the actress’s husband, country singer Keith…