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Marie Claire September 2018

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united we stand

Did you know that Madeleine Albright, Liz Claiborne, Oscar de la Renta, Albert Einstein, and Joseph Pulitzer were all immigrants to the United States? So are cofounders of YouTube, Yahoo, and Google. Starting in elementary school, children learn about the legions of people who have come here to forge a better life; that dream is part of our national identity. When Claudia Romo Edelman, founder of the We Are All Human Foundation, came to see me in May, we hatched a plan to devote an issue of Marie Claire to immigration. We had no idea that President Donald Trump would force the issue into headlines just four weeks later, and we were astounded to learn the U.S. government was separating nearly 3,000 minors from their families at the Texas–Mexico border, detaining…

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we are the world

The definition of a long-term migrant is someone who has moved and lived outside of his or her country of birth or nationality for at least one year. Today, there are an estimated 258 million migrants worldwide. Close to 3.5 percent of the world’s population are international migrants, contributing more than 9 percent—or roughly $6.7 trillion—of global GDP in 2015. Approximately 85 percent of the income made by migrants stays in the country where they live. Migrants are an economic powerhouse. Migration is ancient, unstoppable, and positive. You will find traces of it in history books from all nations and all times, including the Bible. People will continue moving. But today, the backlash against migrants has exploded into crisis, with divisive language and silos that create the sense of the “other.”…

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write on

On publishers’ initial reactions to main character Camille: There was a lot of concern that Camille wasn’t likable enough. It was a lot of “[She’s] a little too dark for our audiences,” “She’s hard to root for,” “She’s not heroic enough.” On female power: It was a very normal thing for so long that if you reach down and help a woman up, that means automatically there is less room for you as a woman. [Wind Gap, Missouri, where Sharp Objects is set] was very much the mean girl’s society in a hot house. On the story line’s relevance: Sharp Objects has so much to do with the dark side of the female psyche—both about what the female race looks like and what it looks like when it’s suppressed and swept under.…

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what we love about september

1. SHOWTIME Pop icon Christina Aguilera kicks off the Liberation Tour—her first time on the road in North America in more than a decade—on September 25 in Hollywood, Florida. Expect to dance, cry, lose your mind. No, really, have you ever heard Aguilera perform live? 2. LABEL MAKER Don’t miss the debut fall collection from the buzzy new brand Tre by Natalie Ratabesi. Ratabesi—whose crazy impressive résumé includes gigs at Dior, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Gucci, Valentino, and Yeezy—has made the line a comprehensive selection of what women really want in their wardrobes, with offerings that range from gowns to hoodies and are meticulously made in both Italy and Los Angeles. 3. THAT ’70S SHOW The Deuce, the gritty Maggie Gyllenhaal–fronted drama series centered on the sex industry and early days of porn…

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what you said

Breaking Free “Crossing to Safety” was just outstanding. I’m a professional woman raising an empowered daughter. Years ago, we were homeschooling and immersed in conservative fundamentalist culture—though we are not. The world you described was lurking behind me, and I am grateful that I didn’t turn around. When I finished grad school, we stopped homeschooling and I returned to work. The families that had been our closest friends all stopped talking to us. It was an extremely difficult time for my daughter, who suddenly lost her best friends. Thank you for sharing and shedding light on the context of this experience. —Jennifer Lautzenheiser, Georgia Pauline Adamek: This is horrifying! So eye-opening. Really well-written piece. I love that Marie Claire publishes these insightful, important, and well-researched articles. Brava! Marla Cantrell: What an amazing piece.…