MAXIM New Zealand November 2021

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lily aspen

Tell us a bit about your shoot – where, when, the idea behind it, etc… Mila Zvereva who is a producer and a photographer of this shoot is my best friend so we came up with this idea together. I bought my Lamborghini Urus a couple months ago so we were playing around with this fact and decided that it could be cool to shoot the car wash with the exotic luxury cars. Also back in the days in Russia I used to work in a car dealership as a brand manager so I was obsessed with the cars for the last 10 years. Are there any other funny anecdotes you can share about this shoot? “I bought my Lamborghini Urus a couple months ago so we were playing around with this.” It’s always…

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perfect vision

UNLIKE COMMERCIAL JETS, THE SF50 CAN LAND SAFELY WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION, IN AN EMERGENCY The result of that decade's effort? A revolutionary model in personal jetting, one that narrows the gap between light jets and higher performance piston single flyers. Cirrus engineers designed the Vision for owners who also like to pilot, therefore pilot and passengers share the same luxury cabin space (max seven persons) — complete with complimentary Bose noise-cancelling headsets to drown out any interior noise. The windows are larger than on most jets because the body is made of a stronger carbon fibre — like the 787. Unlike other recreational planes like the Icon A5, the Vision is for built for distance. It will fly over 1,600 km and cruise at 31,000 feet; Brisbane to Melbourne? No probs. Powering the…

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vertical challenge

The Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ) is more jet than overgrown drone. It is designed to operate in two modes: As a business jet from a conventional runway, or as a vertical takeoff & landing (VTOL) aircraft that can hover and land in a confined port. The advantages, are higher speeds and greater range. The mode of choice, is beast. Developed by South African Pegasus Universal Aerospace, the VBJ is the typical small-size private jet you'd find in any airport business terminal. None are rocking wings like these though. The airplane uses fans in those wings to provide vertical lift which can then transition to forward flight — something a fixed wing would struggle with. Four fans in the wings provide downward thrust, and once airborne, the power switches to the rear…

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hover jet

TRAVELLING TO 500 KM WITH CARGO OR PASSENGERS — OR 1000 KM WITHOUT The Cavorite X5 was never intended to be an EVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) concept. It was originally imagined as an electric amphibious vehicle, like the RC-3 Seabee from the 1940s. But after realising the long range vertical lift system belonged somewhere more useful/marketable, Canadian startup Horizon Aircraft went the hybrid plane/copter route. The X5 was named after a cool gravity-defying metal from the HG Wells’1901 novel, The First Men In The Moon, which could cancel out the effects of gravity. The plane shares similar characteristics — able to hover vertically before taking flight like a ‘normal’ plane. That hover/flight is courtesy of a hybrid-electric powertrain with the bulk of the power coming from an LS V8 engine. It…

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miss invincible

Horse races are ranked according to an international system, with Group 1 races being the most prestigious. Several classic races link the careers of the Immortals, with the Melbourne Cup (3,200m) being probably the most well-known race although not every Cup winner is a champion and plenty of great horses could not win the Cup. The WS Cox Plate (2,040m) is run on the turning Mooney Valley track under the weight for age (WFA) scale in which horses of the same age and gender carry an equal weight. This one race has been the making and breaking of many champions over the years. There are sprinters (1,000m to 1,400m), middle distance horses (1,600m to 2,000m) and dyed-in-the wool stayers (2,400m to 3,200m) in the list of Immortals covered in my latest…

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the bc stats

Name BLACK CAVIAR Bay mare foaled in 2006 Sire/dam Bel Esprit/Helsinge by Desert Sun (GB) Breeder Rob Jamieson Owners Werrett Bloodstock Pty Ltd (manager Neil Werrett), G.J. Wilkie, K.J. Wilkie, C.H. Madden, J. Madden, P.A. Hawkes, D.M. Taylor and J. Taylor Trainer Peter Moody Years active 2009-13 Record 25 starts, 25-0-0 Prize money $7,953,936 Awards/honours Australian Champion Racehorse of the Year 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13; European Champion Sprinter 2012; World Champion Sprinter 2011, 2012 and 2013; Longines WTRR World Champion Racehorse 2013 (tied with Treve, FR); Australian Racing Hall of Fame 2013; G1 Black Caviar Lightning (1,000 m) at Flemington…