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MEGA March 2021

Priding itself as the Philippines' best fashion magazine, MEGA is the thinking woman's cross-section of the what's what of style, beauty and lifestyle. With well-curated sections of tailor-made stories from trends to try out now, comprehensive style guides, beauty hacks to learn from and in-depth features, MEGA guarantees to elevate and bring out the very best in you. Allow us to whisk you away in worlds of fantasy through well-produced fashion and beauty editorials that aim to inspire and aspire to as well.

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in pursuit of passions

It’s been exactly a year since the pandemic hit—altering our lives completely. I won’t sugarcoat it: it’s been mostly terrible and I feel for those whose lives were were completely upended. But despite everything, I am still hopeful that some good came out of it. I would like to think that some people have had meaningful realizations and perhaps used this time to better themselves both physically and mentally. Some learned a new skill or turned a hobby into something more serious. Some pivoted their businesses, changed their strategies and went on unchartered territory, completely abandoning the old ways. Others relentlessly pursued their passions, finding creative and resourceful ways to continue on with something they love despite the limitations. As they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way. This issue is all about…

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the great escape

The overcast skies were just as heavy in Manila as they were in Bali, Indonesia. We received a message from Maggie Wilson-Consunji, asking if we were going to push through with a supposedly sun-drenched cover shoot. We have to, we message her back, let’s make the best of it? And just like she’s done, time and time again, our cover star went for it, diving deep into chilly waters, posing in an itty-bitty little red bikini that would make most people blush, grabbing a gigantic hat and heading straight into the wildly crashing surf. Maggie Wilson-Consunji loves a good challenge, and if there’s anyone who can make things work when the clock’s ticking, it’s her. From Manila, we followed her shoot, the gloomy skies mirroring on our screens. But while we were…

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I’s been a year since the pandemic. Unfortunately, we’ve spent most of our year in isolation, that 2020 feels like a glitch. One way or another, the sudden reset was waiting to happen and evidently, the world needed a little shake up. With everything else being taken away in the blink of an eye, ask yourself—what’s worth keeping? This month, we celebrate passion. The March issue is about reclaiming control over yourself, shifting the narrative to the future, and what lies ahead of us. Less excess and more empathy, more hope and less gloom. The pace may be slower this time around, but being mindful and certain about the world is the only way to trust it.This is no longer the new normal, but it is the new future.…

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best foot forward

There is no doubt that the Philippines is a cradle for design creatives. Fashion designers such as Josie Natori, Bea Valdes and shoe designer Kermit Tesoro are just some of the names that have made waves in the global market, proving that the Filipino is indeed world class. The Department of Trade and Industry validates their talent, as well as acknowledging the need to discover new ones, by investing in the ever-growing shoe and leather industries, through the Shared Services Facilities and its new technologies for prototyping and feasibility studies. At the forefront of this movement are the Philippine Footwear Organizers who partnered with DTI to create the Filipino Footwear Design Competition, a national competition that is often the precursor to the most awaited International Footwear Design Competition. On their 7th…

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wide awake

Opera and its grandeur is one of the highest forms of art. As elevated musical theatre, opera is all about lavish sets and costumes, but most importantly, music that can reach the highest and lowest points of human emotion. It is an artistic event meant for kings, queens and the high court. This same love for high fashion, luxurious intricacies and music is where Banggo Niu draws his inspirations. “My fascination with the evening gown competition segment in Ms Universe started back when I was in still grade school. But I grew up in a household full of women so I was exposed to beauty and fashion at a very young age,” Niu shares. As he grew older it was the beautiful sets, wings and costumes of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion…

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three snapshots of paris

As you await for a ticket to the widely-considered epicenter of fashion, Longchamp brings delightful experiences from Paris closer to you through its Très Paris collection, allowing you to feel and carry three key snapshots of Parisian life first-hand. For its Spring-Summer 2021 collection, Longchamp captures the break of dawn in the Brioche. Just as irresistible as the sweet pastry from which it takes its name, the Brioche is infinitely soft and cozy. Its soft leather and puffy contours gives a structured and contemporary character. With a design free of superfluous details, the Brioche becomes a versatile piece for the multifaceted, chic, energic, and authentic woman. Revisiting the sense of travel memories, Longchamp delivers the Mailbox line, an ode to the modern and poetic globetrotting woman. Its overall structure is sleek and expertly…