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MEGA July 2021

Priding itself as the Philippines' best fashion magazine, MEGA is the thinking woman's cross-section of the what's what of style, beauty and lifestyle. With well-curated sections of tailor-made stories from trends to try out now, comprehensive style guides, beauty hacks to learn from and in-depth features, MEGA guarantees to elevate and bring out the very best in you. Allow us to whisk you away in worlds of fantasy through well-produced fashion and beauty editorials that aim to inspire and aspire to as well.

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chaos theory

Part of the beauty of working for the publishing industry is the sheer chaos that surrounds it. It is creation after all, so we can only expect the kind of frenzied activity associated with the Big Bang. No matter if MEGA’s been in existence for 29 years now (can you believe?) and we’ve been doing these shoots on a regular basis—we’re always keenly aware of Murphy’s Law. With so many moving parts involved in a shoot, there’s always something bound to go awry. Which is how we ended up on our hands and knees, cutting up paper backdrops to create the technicolor dreamland you’re seeing right now. Our production design plans fell through so we took matters in our hands. Utility knives were out, shoes were off (to keep the paper…

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glow up

Have you ever met individuals who seem to radiate? And I don’t mean the obvious—they are already physically attractive, but apart from that they emanate a glow that makes people drawn to them. Whether it’s a beauty ritual, diet, mindfulness or just a happy disposition in life—it’s something I know many of us aim for. While we can go on an endless pursuit for the “secret stuff” that will make us better versions of ourselves, I realize that people who glow naturally are the ones that live their truth. These are the ones who are confident, happy with themselves, and have purpose. Every time I come across one of them I cant help but observe and try to pick up a lesson or two that hopefully I can apply in…

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mega 07/21

Has beauty been truly subjective in 2021? Or are we still conforming and scratching the surface? Beneath the words “body positivity,” “diversity” and “inclusivity,” there’s still an obvious struggle in the beauty industry to normalize what is indeed normal. For MEGA’s July issue, we’re talking beauty in all forms, starting with empowered cover stars Bella Ysmael and Milka Romero. There’s also designer Cheetah Rivera, who is continually breaking boundaries, young designer Pam Madlangbayan who pays homage to modern Filipino heroes, balikbayans, with her latest collection, Kim Cruz on the female body as an art form and PIOPIO on preserving Filipino textiles. More than the buzzwords thrown at us, beauty is ever-evolving, and so have the times. At this point, we’re all just trying to break the mold.…

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let it shine

www.mazee.co MAZEE Entrepreneur Maikkie See started Mazee because of her love for arts, crafts and jewelry. What started out as admiration became a full-on business that aims to be a worldwide brand. “The vision has always been to go Global and even though we’re not yet entirely there, we have already reached other parts of the world through our clientele from Europe, USA, Japan and Singapore. The brand is is sticking to that goal with the hopes to reach more countries in the coming months,” See shares. With pieces that range from of-the-moment gold chain jewelry to statement signet rings and initial namesake pendants, her pieces have been seen on many stylish influencers on social media. The brand aims to have physical locations soon but for now their cool pieces are available on…

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pio pio

A passion project turned fully-fledged business, PIOPIO is a key player in the movement to make traditional Philippine textiles more relatable and fun. Weaving has a long history in the Philippines, but for generations it was deemed stodgy and donned only during Independence Day celebrations. Paloma Urquijo-Zobel and her team saw the richness of these traditions and the a way to make them more appealing to a modern market. They collaborated with over 20 artisan communities around the country to make these textiles less intimidating, beginning in 2015. “Back then, weaving was a dying art and was no longer relevant to younger generations,” says the PIOPIO team. They wanted to get things right and consulted with a historian to avoid any cultural appropriation as she personally respected the stories and the…

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kim cruz

Alot of things have been keeping Kim Cruz on the grind. People think she’s just cruising around, taking pictures for the ‘Gram and going on beach trips, but she keeps on surprising us. The TV host, painter and content creator for lifestyle was the busiest in quarantine. Mentored by no less than the national artist Ben Cabrera and having taken up multiple art courses in notable institutions, Cruz was well prepared for her first solo show. But Cruz doesn’t just do this for herself—she’s participated in auctions for the benefit of local artists. She’s also a volunteer for Pawssion Project, an organization dedicated to providing a safe sanctuary for rescued cats and dogs. Being independent for most of her life, Cruz understands well how fortunate it is that she’s able to…