MEGA November 2021

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shop smart

Our annual shopping issue encourages you to shop with mindfulness as the times call for meaningful and discerning choices. We are in a point of time to make important decisions that matter; I hope you would be able to apply this principle on how you purchase, invest, or buy things as well. Don’t get me wrong—while our situation is far from the ideal, it is also important to reward yourself—because ultimately these “things” we spend on become part of our identity and somehow become an extension of ourselves. It is more than just about buying a bag, jewelry or piece of clothing. It is the connection you feel about a certain piece, the whole experience of buying into an idea of that design, or what that brand or label stands…

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watch her throne

When we talk about queens we do not mean a side character to the king. When we talk about queens we talk about independence from outside influences. We talk about power that comes from within. Most of the time it revolves around the grandeur of style but in the case of Beatrice Luigi Gomez we see the queen in the quiet assurance in her gait, the sparkling radiance every time she smiles, and the unmatched confidence in her presence. That is what the judges saw as she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021. At the early hours of the morning we find an excited Beatrice in our studio. As a professional model before becoming a beauty queen, she mentions how it has always been a dream to appear inside the pages…

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standing at the frontlines of fashion

With the amount of fashion styles that we see on different media platforms and even in real life, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what ours really is, especially when we’re at the age of self-discovery. We tend to mix it up and see which ones match with our personality as we grow older, but despite multiple trials, there are still moments where we think that we just didn’t get it right. Experiencing that usually leads to a decrease in our confidence level that can also cause us to hide behind the cameras. This should never be the case, which is why the new Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is encouraging us to wholeheartedly own our style, whatever it may be, from this day forward. A PROUD TRENDSETTER Thanks to the power…

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SUCCESSION Nothing looks quite as good as success. This month, we celebrate all sorts of success—the monumental ones, the everyday joys and surprises, and even those that haven’t happened yet. We’re big believers in manifesting one’s hopes and dreams, a belief that many of the creatives and entrepreneurs featured in this issue seem to share. In Designer Profile, we have the astonishing Michael Leyva presenting an ultra glamorous bridal collection, the kind that demands large gatherings and over-the-top celebrations. Far from flouting the pandemic and the safety precautions, it is in fact, his ardent hope for a better time, when such gatherings are finally made safe, rendered in beadwork, crystals and feathers. This sentiment is shared by the local sneaker brands featured in Best Buys, of the graduating fashion students of…

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beauty in chaos

Living in the so-called new norm for almost two years now, using the term new already seems unnecessary. Because changes have been made, adjustments have been implemented, and adapting has been effectuated. We had no other choice but to ride along the constant shifting sands. And much like how life just keeps going and moving, love also never stops. While some weddings may have been postponed, many still pushed through. In fact, we’ve already seen quite a handful of successful ones in the midst of the pandemic. Because as cliché and cheesy as it may sound, love still do prevail. No matter the trials, hardships, and sacrifices, the joy of celebrating love is so profound it can never be overshadowed. So when Michael Leyva was contemplating what should be his overall theme…

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state of luxe

When we think of the highest echelon of luxury fashion we think of couture where each made-to-measure piece is worth a minimum of $100,000. On the next level we see luxury ready-to-wear pieces where exotic leather bags get the ticket of most expensive items. But as the pandemic arrived worldwide, luxury purchases plummeted down to red alert proportions. Shifting to just the essentials, consumers traded their luxury purchases for hygiene products and tech items that help purify their homes. Luxury bags were traded for durable work-from-home furniture and comfortable sweats for movement. BACK TO SQUARE ONE In 2021 the world is slowly opening and new consumer trends have risen allowing the fashion world a bigger perspective to the forever changed psyche of the shopper. One of these trends is the rise of…