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March - April 2020

Metro is the authority on Auckland. Whether it’s where to find the best yum cha, or a must-read profile of a developer changing the cityscape, Metro’s team of writers exhaustively research any subject they tackle. The magazine has an unmatched journalistic pedigree and an honour roll of awards for stories about everything from real estate to sport. Like Auckland, Metro is bold; it is feisty, independent, and irreverent.

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What’ve we been up to at metromag.co.nz? Wouldn’t you like to know. Alright, alright, here’s a sneak peek: NEW OPENINGS 2020 has kicked off with a spate of new openings around Auckland, and we’ve been there to see them all, from new Italian joint Romulus and Remus in WestLynn, to the addition of cafe Percy out by the airport in Mangere, to the Instagram-favourite the Hyderabad Hotel on the Grey Lynn/ Ponsonby cusp. Check out our first looks and sweet pics in the food section of our website. BEST OF THE BEST Metro’s Top 50s are arguably what we’re most readily known for, but sometimes you just don’t feel like scrolling endlessly through 50 options to figure out what to eat tonight. So, we’ve started putting more curated lists of our Cheap Eats, Top…

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If you haven’t noticed, Metro loves lists. And we’re known for them — Top 50 Restaurants, Auckland’s Best Schools, Cheap Eats, Top 50 Cafes. But to begin the year, we wanted to celebrate Auckland in a way Metro hasn’t for a few years: by making a list of the people shaping Auckland and making it the city we love, ranking them among their peers, and crowning an Aucklander of the Year. Choosing 100 people from 1.7 million or so (50, we quickly realised, wasn’t going to be enough) and, from them, championing a single person as somehow representing something special about this city was a difficult, some might say impossible, task. But choosing is what we do. Whether it’s the best story to run, or the best restaurant in the city,…

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dear metro

Got issues with work, love, sex, family, friendships, money or the crushing existential angst of modern life? Each week on metromag.co.nz, our Metro advice columnist answers a reader’s query and solves all their problems. Dear Metro, My downstairs neighbour smokes incessantly and the smoke wafts into my apartment, upsetting me. So far I’ve tried such passive aggressive tactics as sighing loudly, saying “omg, smoking again” while on my balcony, “watering” my plants, ie pouring water on my deck in the hope it trickles down below and gets him, and stomping about loudly in a bid to ruin his life. It hasn’t worked. What else could I do? From, Smoking, Not Our Future Dear Smoking, This is a tricky one because I both hate the smell of ciggies and detest being told what to do in…

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20 questions

01-What’s riskier, Covid-19, or sneezing in public while Asian? 02-Remember how we were all going to “Give nothing to racism”? 03-“Cruise ships a nightmare of discomfort, claustrophobia and potential infection” - so, no change there, then? 04-Some of us have been self-isolating for years, haven’t we? 05-Was pneumonia a natural consequence of Elton leaving his candle out in the wind? 06-Helping with the drought by nobly forgoing shaving your legs for the rest of the summer? 07-Anyone suggested to Duncan Garner he could do his bit by decreasing the amount of hot air he’s emitting? 08-How long until someone uses one of Air New Zealand’s “Economy Skynests” to join the mile high club?? 09-Will the government ask to use them for emergency housing? 10-Started calling your rumpty old sleepout a “tiny house” yet? 11-Are your kids bouncing on that trampoline,…

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objectifying history

This elaborate artificial flower arrangement is thought to have been made by sisters Mary Jane and Charlotte Milne, who started a drapery shop in central Auckland in 1867. Milne & Choyce went on to become one of the largest and most successful department stores in 20th century Auckland. Making ornaments by hand was popular among young women in the mid-1800s, using materials like feathers, shells, wool, beads and wax. The flowers and foliage in this arrangement were made by wrapping colourful woollen yarn around wire shapes. AUCKLAND MUSEUM COLLECTION: COL.0737…

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