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Miss FQ October 2017

Miss FQ is perfect for shoppers seeking wallet-friendly ways to pull off the latest looks. It's packed with beauty news, fitspo trends, travel inspiration, career advice and much more.

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sphere of influence

At Miss FQ, we’re never not crushing on cool girls. Girls with brains, brawn and beauty — both inner and outer. Brave girls with big contributions to make to the world. Girls we know from the ’gram, girls we know IRL, and girls we’ve never met but know we’d be BFFs with (hey, Chrissy Teigen, I’m looking at you). This issue we celebrate our cool-girl crushes, a number of whom fall into that coolest-of-cool-girl category — ‘influencer’. It’s no longer just the silver screen, or even the small screen you turn to for fashion, beauty and lifespo, after all. It’s the smallest screen — the one you hold in your hand. From bloggers, to vloggers, to ’grammers, you look up to social media stars as much, if not more, than you look…

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APELA BELL Photographer Age: 22. Provenance: I was born in Samoa, but now live in Auckland. Contribution to this issue: I shot the Puberty Blues editorial [page 38]. Main hustle: Photography. Side hustle: I work in retail at [thrift store] Paper Bag Princess. Most famous person I’ve met: Dinah Jane from Fifth Harmony. Latest fashion discovery: I used to be opposed to thrift shopping, but now I’m all for it. TV show I’m bingewatching: I recently bingewatched Life of Kylie and have no regrets. Books on my bedside table: Bright Dead Things by Ida Limón and Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Go-to karaoke song: ‘Lucky’ by Britney Spears. Last meal on Earth: I don’t even have to think about it — it would 100% be chicken and prawn pad Thai.…

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flat lay bay bay

ISABELLA “Who else has been loving the latest issue of @missfqnz? I loved the launch issue so much, I ran down to the bookstore on my break when the second issue launched so I could grab it ASAP — and I wasn’t disappointed! Such a fun magazine filled with fashion, beauty, lifestyle and all the other good stuff. Will definitely be picking up every issue.” NICKI "I’ve loved reading magazines since I was a little girl and Miss FQ is my new favourite. If you see it at your local supermarket or bookstore, I’d highly recommend picking yourself up a copy.” “Fell in love with this page from the latest @missfqnz magazine and couldn’t help but have a play on those colours.” “Love this cover!”…

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the scrub club

According to approximately a billion Instagram quotes, life begins after coffee. For Melbournians Bree Johnson (pictured far left, a strong three-quarter latte) and Jess Hatzis (a double espresso girl), the hyperbole rings truer than for most. “Like all good stories, ours starts in a café,” says Bree (31), who with Jess (30) and friends Alex Boffa and Steve Rowley founded beauty brand Frank Body in 2013. The café in question belonged to Steve — now Bree’s fiancé and then fielder of requests for used coffee grinds. “His customers told him it was an amazing exfoliator,” says Bree. At the time, she and Jess were running digital communications company Willow & Blake, which they’d launched after working together while they were at university. Quick to pick up the scent of a potential new…

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everybody rates chrissy

Chrissy Teigen belongs to many an exclusive club. There’s the Sports Illustrated model club, which she joined in 2010 — the year she was named Rookie of the Year in the magazine’s annual swimsuit issue. A Sports Illustrated favourite for the next four years, her membership status went up a level in 2014, when she appeared on the cover of its 50th anniversary swimsuit issue alongside models Lily Aldridge and Nina Agdal. Since then, the host of Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle has appeared on the cover of countless magazines, including Glamour, Marie Claire, Elle Australia, Vogue Thailand and Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Married to award-winning singer-songwriter John Legend, she’s also half of one of the entertainment industry’s hottest power couples, a mainstay on the Grammy, Academy Awards and Met Gala red…

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