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Model Rail August 2020

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Model Rail magazine is the UK's biggest-selling magazine dedicated to railway modelling. Every issue is packed with the country’s finest home and club layouts, stunning photography, unbiased and in-depth product reviews, expert tips, layout plans and step-by-step articles that really show you how. In our unique ‘Workbench’ section, we tackle a wide range of modeling skills and projects. Our expert writers and model-makers will help you to get the most from your hobby and build the layout of your dreams. Model Rail is published 13 times a year, every four weeks.

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Welcome to a slightly unorthodox issue of Model Rail. Yes, it’s a ‘first world’ problem but deciding what content we could – or would be able to – produce during the lockdown was challenging. Would we be able to buy modelling products? Would we receive new models to review? Everyone likes a ‘top ten’ list – mainly to disagree with! So, inspired by a recent issue of sister title Country Walking , we devised a series of ‘top tens’ designed to entertain, spark debate and, ultimately, prompt some ideas for layouts. At the time of writing, lockdown restrictions were being eased but there’s still so much affecting our hobby – and Model Rail – that’s still in doubt. For example, it seems as though it’ll be a while before Chris Nevard will…

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Richard Foster What do my pond liner and Brunel’s atmospheric system have in common? They’ve both been eaten by rats… George Dent Regaining access to my workshop has been great – but I hadn’t realised how messy I’d left it back in March! Chris Leigh Wondered how to get a look at a pub I want to model without breaking lockdown. Answer: Google Earth. Chris Gadsby After a long wait, sport is back! Time for me to say goodbye to my weekends, whatever they are. Chris Nevard Our ace snapper is building a name for himself on the folk music circuit. Is there no end to his talents? Peter Marriott Peter is our jet-setting scenic guru. Knows what products are available and how to get the very best from them. Dave Lowery Professional model-maker Dave works on top secret projects for train builders…

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model rail essential information

Q: Looking for an old feature but can’t remember which issue it was in? A: Check out the online index, kindly provided by UK Model Shops, at www.ukmodelshops. co.uk/ModelRail Q: Want to order one of our exclusive models? A: Go to www.modelrailoffers.co.uk or call 01209 705459. Q: Want to order one of our bookazines? A: Go to www.greatmagazines.co.uk or call 01858 438884. Q: Have a problem or query about our digital magazines? A: Visit www.great magazines.co.uk/faq Q: Subscription issue not arrived? A: Call our Subscriptions Department on 01858 438884.…

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‘16xxs’–now in colour!

Model Rail’s exclusive WR ‘16XX’ has reached another milestone: here are decorated samples! Rapido Trains’ factory supplied five samples – No. 1664 with early emblem (MR-301E), No. 1655 with late emblem (MR-304B), GWR green No. 1638 (MR-306), No. 1661 with Busby chimney and unofficial ‘Vinegar Castle’ name (MR-308) and NCB green No. 1607 (MR-309B). These samples have been assessed and work to correct minor issues was under way as this issue closed for press. These samples have also been thoroughly tested and you can see a video of one in action at https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=XCx6mqW_CrY&feature=youtu.be George Dent has weathered No. 1661 (below) and this finish is to be matched by Rapido’s factory. Production was to have started by the time this issue hits the newsstands. ◆ Order your ‘16XX’ today – turn to page…

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009 GAUGE HELJAN L&B 2-4-2T LYN What’s planned? Six versions planned including as-delivered, Lynton & Barnstaple and Southern liveries, plus freelance black. Price? £239.95 What stage is it at? Decorated samples When’s it due? Late 2020 When was it first announced? January 2019 00 GAUGE IRISH RAILWAY MODELS CIÉ A Co-Co What’s planned? Eight liveries available from original silver to CIÉ ‘Supertrain’ orange/black. Price? From €189.95 (£171.00) What stage is it at? Decorated sample When’s it due? October 2020 When was it first announced? December 2018 00 GAUGE ACCURASCALE CLASS 92 Co-Co What’s planned? To be produced in liveries from BR grey to Caledonian Sleeper teal. Price? From £160.00 What stage is it at? Engineering prototype When’s it due? Q1 2021 When was it first announced? March 2019 00 GAUGE IRISH RAILWAY MODELS CIÉ 42ft KEG CARRIER What’s…

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new corridors of power from heljan

Heljan has added the First Corridor to its range of ‘O’ gauge Mk 2 coaches (MR269). The new FK will be offered in BR blue/grey, Southern Region green, Network SouthEast, Provincial Trans-Pennine and ScotRail liveries and in Railway Technical Centre red/ blue as Test Car 6. The Mk 2s are due in stock next year, priced £279.00. The Mk 2s are to come with removable roofs (secured with magnets) to enable an LED lighting bar to be installed. Powered by coin batteries, these light bars have been designed to be easy to install and retail for just £29.99 per pack.…