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 / Hunting & Fishing
Modern Fishing

Modern Fishing September 2018

For over 55 years Modern Fishing has been the cutting-edge voice of the Australian recreational fishermen. Packed full of informative feature articles, techniques, new gear reviews, species spotlights and inspiring travel destinations.

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5 min.
tassie treats

Not too long ago I went for a boy’s trip to Tassie for a week for a mate’s birthday. The week was jampacked with activities to keep 11 guys interested but unfortunately there was no fishing planned. The weather was forecast to be wild and therefore a bottom bashing charter was out of the question with no boats even wanting to take a deposit; I guess they have to know their weather down there. I didn’t want to take 11 guys trout fishing (for obvious reasons) but myself and two of the boys that love fishing were still keen to get a fishing fix while we were there, particularly on the trout. I’d heard the trout fishing can be similar to New Zealand in that there are some great spots…

1 min.
through the lens

Mako Shadow HOW TO ENTER It’s pretty simple. Each month, we’ll be posting the competition on the Modern Fishing Facebook page and all you need to do is drop your best pics in the comments section and tag a fishing buddy. It’s that easy so get snapping!! We know that fishos around the country love a good fishy image and we want to showcase those epic shots of yours and give you the chance to WIN BIG!…

12 min.
snapper on the fang!

Snapper of the Pagrus auratus variety would surely have to rank in the top few favourite fish in the country, given their relatively wide distribution, a penchant for eating a range of lures and baits, and of course their sublime table qualities. As an all-round fish they tick a lot of boxes, and throw in hard fighting antics, and those glistening metallic red and pink flanks with fluorescent blue dots and fin tips, and you have a winner from every angle. While catching genuine big reds is what a lot of fishos yearn for, and is a milestone moment for many in their fishing journey, truth be told more anglers put in the bulk hours searching out the smaller to midsized fish for a feed to take home. This makes sense…

13 min.
bare bones breamin’ part 2

Now if you read part 1 of this series you’ll remember that I rubbished the notion that you need to spend lots of money to get stuck into bream on lures, in particular the idea that a $100k American bass boat is an logical choice of vessel for chasing bream. Now if we try and trace it back to where bream fishing started to become a little ‘wanky’ my guess is here. The whole bream thing morphed into seeming to require an $80k bass boat or a $7k kayak at some point and the whole thing got a keeping up with the Jones’ vibe. That old joke, what does BOAT stand for? Bust Out Another Thousand, is an idiom that rings true. As mentioned before I went down the sparkly…

6 min.
thug life!

If you’re looking to spice up your fishing experiences then there’s no better way to be doing it than putting the crosshairs on some of our more brutal angling targets. This group of fish straddle the line between being viable on conventional tackle, and basically being untameable, which is why they have so much angling appeal! Picking out a few thugs to take a look at wasn’t a brain strain, with dogtooth, kings, GT’s and samsons instantly spring to mind as a bunch of likely gangsters that are capable of handing out a good old school ass whoopin’, and are far from a certainty to be landed when they start to reach the upper end of their size range, or even when much smaller! All four species are mostly a ‘big…

12 min.
tailor made fun!

It’s the same every year. As autumn begins to strengthen its grip and the first sign of cold weather filters through the reports, a remarkable change begins to take place in angling communities on the east and west coast of Australia. To the uninformed or “non fisho” (strange breed those ones) the change can happen overnight. An afternoon stroll along the beach without another soul to be seen can transform in 24 hours to a beach littered with scores of anglers, standing shoulder to shoulder, flexing big long rods to their limits as they fling piscatorial offerings into the suds. It’s tailor time. The older blokes, seasoned by decades of crisp winter mornings and wet sandy feet, will tell you “they just know” when the tailor are about to turn…