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 / Hunting & Fishing
Modern Fishing

Modern Fishing May 2018

For over 55 years Modern Fishing has been the cutting-edge voice of the Australian recreational fishermen. Packed full of informative feature articles, techniques, new gear reviews, species spotlights and inspiring travel destinations.

Express Publications Pty Ltd
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4 min.
all hail the king

I love kingfish. I literally love everything about them. It’s not only the fact they fight like terminators to the bitter end and taste delicious, it’s their personality that I like the most. They are the most frustrating of fish on their day and have led me to hopeless despair many times. If they actually are taking what you’re throwing at them, then more often than not they’re leaving you with nothing but a length of slack braid at the end of your rod and head in hands. I was reminded of this recently when a mate and I set ourselves the goal of landing a 20kg king, something neither of us had ever done before. It’s probably because I’d watched too many episodes of Big Angry Fish but I was…

2 min.
through the lens

Congratulations to this month’s winner! You’re taking away a brand new pair of Mako Blade polarised sunnies and a Mako fishing shirt and cap valued at over $390! HOW TO ENTER It’s pretty simple. Each month, we’ll be posting the competition on the Modern Fishing Facebook page and all you need to do is drop your best pics in the comments section and tag a fishing buddy. It’s that easy so get snapping! ! WINNER…

12 min.
diverse kingfish attack

Kings can change their temperament multiple times throughout the day which requires the mindset to keep your options and target methods open Diversity is a crucial ingredient in the recipe required to create a successful modern day angler. With the kind of technology and knowledge available at our fingertips more and more anglers are looking to broaden their horizons in order to improve the success rate on some of the traditionally harder to catch species. One such species that quickly springs to mind here is the yellowtail kingfish. Time and experience on the water no doubt have a lot to account for here when chasing these fish, but one thing that has become apparent to me after quite a few seasons trying to work them out is that the fishos having…

10 min.
bank bashing for bream

Shore bream anglers only need a glimpse of water through trees to get a rush of blood, and be flooded with possibilities. This was precisely the case recently, when after battling my way through thick scrub a virtually untouched piece of water gradually revealed itself before me. Nearing the water it soon became apparent that it was strewn with submerged timber and the odd nice deep hole, and was fishy enough to send my casting arm into involuntary spasms. It only took about a minute of scanning over the water to put the potential beyond doubt as a pair of 40cm bream casually swam around a nearby snag in full view without a care in the world. What followed was a crazy soft plastic and hardbody session, with the fish hurling…

4 min.
pelagic reds

One look at the jaws of a snapper will reveal a dual purpose mouth structure. With big yellow gripping fangs at the front and nut cracking molars at the back, this fish is well adapted to both scavenging on the bottom, or actively catching live prey Just how aggressive snapper are, and diverse in their feeding ways they can be, is an aspect of this fish often overlooked, and potentially at the cost of regular results. Plonking a dead, static bait on the bottom and waiting for fish to move up a berley trail now seems quiet archaic compared to modern snapper methods, with lures now used to more actively seek out fish and trigger bites. Improved sounder technology has also offered further insight into the habits of these fish and created…

12 min.
sunset   reds

Mother nature has a welcomed reputation of providing us with some spectacular backdrops when out on the water doing what we love. It undeniably adds a certain element of appeal to the fishing equation, and sometimes even when the action is quiet there’s an overwhelming sense of serenity to suggest there’s still no other place you’d rather be. Sunrise and sunset are two primary examples of the natural beauty on display that us fishos get the privilege of experiencing at times, but behind the beauty however lies the knowledge that these low light periods often deliver some quality fishing action in addition. The thought of this hand in hand marriage quickly directs my attention towards chasing sunset snapper over the inshore reefs, and one thing that has become apparent to…