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Mountain Bike Rider April 2021

Published by TI Media Limited mbr is the UK's leading magazine for trail riding, mountain bike enthusiasts. Published since 1997, mbr aims to inspire readers to just get out and ride! with every issue, by providing the very best expert advice about where, what and how to ride. Every edition delivers the ultimate mix of inspirational riding features, with extensive bike and product reviews, along with superb advice and reader involvement - plus free pull-out route guides.

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fight for the white to party

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. From squelching through bog, to floating on powder snow, to rattling along frozen dirt, 2021 has already been an express elevator of meteorological highs and lows. I don’t know about you, but my motivation to ride was at an all-time low at the start of the year, with trails hammered by incessant rain and unprecedented traffic as we all sought to escape the four walls of our now amalgamated home/office/ schools. Then the snow hit and it was like a magical release from reality, with a pristine fluffy duvet covering the previously Somme-like trails, where every corner was a drift into the unknown, often accompanied by a face full of snow from a sagging branch. The hangover as it…

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big picture

By now you’re almost certainly one of the 2.5m people who have viewed Danny MacAskill’s extraordinary film, The Slabs. Unlike most of Danny’s films, it’s entirely relatable to most average mountain bikers, where acrobatic trials moves are replaced by the intense fear and precision control required to safely descend a steep slope. Of course, Danny turns the gradient up to 11 with a heart-stoppingly vertiginous line in the Cuillins – something us mere mortals would never dream of attempting. Another boundary-busting project under his belt that breaks into the mainstream yet again – chapeau Danny! For Martin Soderstrom, style isn’t everything, but it is a lot of everything. Here the lanky Swede shows some of that effortless grace, not easy when you’re 6ft 5in tall, with a flatspin 360° during filming…

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when the dust settles

Will bikes cost more after Brexit? We put that question to a dozen brands at the start of January and the resounding answer was neither yes nor no. It was: we don’t know, check back again in a few months’ time. So two months on, we’ve asked again: have costs gone up, by how much, and why? The first question is easy to answer, yes they have. Direct-sales sector is the easiest place to start because there’s no hiding from the bike’s final price in your online basket. Take YT Industries, a brand known for its outstanding value. It tells customers on its landing page that bikes will incur increased shipping and import fees to the tune of £185, and a further 14 per cent customs duty (or six per cent for…

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the clean bandit

What kind of madman drills holes in his brand new carbon frame, bores out the inside of his carbon bars and connects up his dropper post lever to his shifter pods? Meet Dangerholm, aka Gustav Gullholm, a 34-year-old Swedish mechanic and Insta star who’s been going to extraordinary lengths to customise bikes and make them as clean and stylish as possible. He’s called his latest project the Scott Hyper Spark, a bike that takes the minimalist concept to new heights, with all the cable routing hidden inside the bike, including SRAM’s wireless AXS shifter pods. It’s a project that’s taken years to complete; like a conjurer, Gustav wants the mechanics of his build hidden from view, and just the magic left on show. So, with a flourish, this is how it’s…

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pimp your ride

REMOVE YOUR TYRE LOGOS WITH A SHARPIE Tyre logos don’t match the rest of your bike? For a cleaner look, simply take a sharpie pen to cover some or even all of them. It won’t last forever and might need touching up, but it’s super-easy. TIDY UP YOUR CABLES Maybe a bit extreme going full Dangerholm with all internal cable routing. Instead, take some time while servicing your bike to shorten your cables and tidy everything up. For those running parallel you can use shrink wrap or zip-ties for an even cleaner look. LESS LOGOS – MORE STYLE Sometimes all-black rims or a fork with no decals actually can make your bike look cleaner and more exclusive. If possible you can remove some decals, or if that feels a bit much you can have new…

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hot stuff

MOST WANTED CANYON TORQUE:ON 8 £4,499 We’ve loved Canyon’s regular Torque from the day it was launched back in 2018; a big-hitting enduro bike with liquid-feeling suspension and 27.5in wheels that made it nimble on the descents. The only trouble was you had to pedal it back up again when you wanted another run, dragging the sticky rubber, active suspension and heavyweight components along with you. Oh for an uplift. Or better yet, a motor so you can do it yourself. Canyon must have been listening to us because for 2021 it’s launched the Torque:ON, the same old Torque but now ready to muscle you to the top of the hill with Shimano’s latest EP8 motor. The old E8000 motor wasn’t light enough, small enough or pokey enough to do the job, Canyon…