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April - May 2020

NADIA is a new bi-monthly magazine where Nadia Lim will be sharing what's inspiring her when it comes to food, family and life. It encourages living a 'well-thy' life by embracing simple pleasures - good food, family, nature, creativity and connection. The magazine's back-to-basics approach champions community, nature, food, family, wellness, travel and what it means to be a New Zealander in 2016 and beyond.

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8 min
it’s only natural

With a background in environmental science, it was second nature to Mahuru Wilcox to look to the land when creating Hau Botanicals, her range of natural skincare. Learning about the practice of rongoā Māori (traditional Māori healing) and discovering maramataka (the Māori lunar calendar) have led Mahuru to harvest the plants she needs in accordance with nature’s cycles. The Raglan/Whāingaroa local, of Ngāti Awa/Ngāti Ranginui descent, talks us through the science and soul behind her business. What inspired you to launch Hau Botanicals? A few things came together which germinated Hau Botanicals from a thought-seed to the little enterprise it is today. I’ve always had a passion for the environment, and as much as I love working in the science research realm, I wasn’t able to grow my passion for rongoā. I…

5 min
soap story

The laundry is one of the hardest-working rooms in the home but it can also harbour many harmful chemicals. Studies have shown that cleaning products can contain ingredients that harm the lungs, cause asthma and are formulated or contaminated with carcinogens and hormone disruptors. Shopping for ‘green’ products is also tricky as the industry is ‘awash’ with greenwashing, so the easiest and cheapest solution is often to make your own cleaning products. A natural cleaning routine is not only healthier for you and the planet, it’s empowering and joyful as well. Here are some recipes to bring you some peace of mind. Done right, these methods save money, decrease your exposure to toxins and reduce your carbon footprint. Homemade wool dryer balls Wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to fabric softeners and dryer…

1 min
fast & fresh

“Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year”– Chad Sugg, singer-songwriter Make the most of the changing seasons and indulge in our star line-up of delicious pear dishes. Along with being ripe for the picking, this versatile fruit is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fibre, both of which are essential for a healthy gut. Nadia showcases her favourite pear recipes, both savoury and sweet, on page 96. We also treat Mum to some homemade baking on page 104, and branch out from our regular cup of joe to include coffee as a standout ingredient on page 110. RECIPE Nadia Lim. STYLING Lauren Freeman.PHOTOGRAPHY Matt Quérée.…

1 min
between the covers

1 I Choose Elena by Lucia Osborne-Crowley After suffering unimaginable trauma at the age of 15, aspiring Olympic gymnast Lucia Osborne-Crowley sought solace in reading, and in the process began her journey to healing. $18.99 Allen & Unwin 2 The Way of the Monk by Gaur Gopal Das If there is ever a time to take advice from a monk it’s probably now. Gaur Gopal Das has spent 22 years living on an ashram and his story is an honest account of how to find the path to enlightenment. $35 Random House 3 Heavily Meditated by Caitlin Cady Following a complete burn-out, Caitlin Cady turned to meditation to change her life for the better. Part memoir, part tool kit, this inspirational guide is the book you’ve been looking for if you’ve ever wanted to try…

1 min
backyard moon bath

In addition to cleansing our bodies, cleansing our psyches is an important part of self-care. Moon bathing is a simple, yet relaxing, soul-cleansing, mind-clearing ritual useful at any phase of the moon, but said to be most powerful during a full moon, when the moon’s purifying energy is at its highest. Moonlight or water? You do what you prefer and what feels comfortable. If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate year-round, bathing in the moon’s light, outside, feeling truly connected to the earth below your feet and the wondrous stars above, can bring an immense sense of peace. If your luck runs higher and you live near a body of water, a dip in the ocean, river or lake (even the pool!) can be enormously healing and fulfilling.…

2 min
the store

SOULTIME SKINCARE Soultime Skincare products nourish the soul as well as the skin. Using high-performing specialist oils, botanical extracts and pure essential oils, our products are cruelty-free, non-toxic and eco-friendly. soultimeskincare.co.nz CHEF’S COMPLEMENTS Everything you stew, braise, roast or bake in Le Creuset’s cast iron dishes will taste even better than you can possibly imagine. 11 Gascoigne Street, Taupo chefscomplements.co.nz LAWSON’S DRY HILLS Sustainability for us means understanding, recognising and addressing any impact our business has on the environment. That’s not just right here where we grow vines and make wine, but across every aspect, anywhere in the world. All of our wines are certified sustainable – including our beautiful new rosé, PINK Pinot. We are both SWNZ and ISO:14001 accredited. HEMP FARM Natural superfoods for health and vitality. New Zealand’s largest dedicated hemp company provides you with…