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Issue 9 2019

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age of anxiety

The introduction of a free youth mental-health pilot for Porirua, and later the wider Wellington region, is welcome news. Unfortunately, the rising incidence of serious mental-health suffering among our young people means this will still be far too little, far too late.Never mind putting the proverbial fence at the top of the cliff, we barely even have an ambulance at the bottom for those who fall. The Government has rightly prioritised mental health in its “well-being” reorientation of the Budget process and has increased spending on it. But this is still a public service in crisis. As with many struggling sectors, finding skilled staff may be as much of an issue as funding. But it is far too hard to get stricken young people into “the system”, and waiting lists…

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building on fairness

“I’d love to come but I’m on home DIY detention.” (ALEX SCOTT)The February 16 Editorial on KiwiBuild and housing affordability made some important points that we believe should be explored in the discussion about building houses. You hit the nail on the head (pun intended) when you said, “Many of the obstacles New Zealanders have faced in trying to build their own homes – in particular, the cost of land, labour and materials – are largely outside the control of developers.”The cost of construction was also out of the control of smaller builders, so we established Combined Building Supplies Co-operative last year to level the playing field between large and smaller players in the construction sector.Before the CBS Co-op was established, smaller builders didn’t have access to the trade rates…

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winning caption

Angela Mockett, NelsonCaption competitionTHIS WEEK’S PICTURE (GETTY IMAGES)FINALISTSSir David Attenborough: “Of course the royal family have lots of old bats in their lineage.” — Rhonda Ramsay, ThamesAttenborough: “Orange face, weird hair, batshit crazy. Remind you of anyone?” — Peter Scanlan, Lower HuttPrince William, thinking: “Camilla is a lot scarier than that.” — John Edgar, Spreydon, ChristchurchAttenborough: “Speaking of blood-suckers, how is Fergiedoing these days?” — Andrea Levarre-Waters, Morningside, AucklandWilliam: “I think David’s going a little batty here.” — Cynthia Mitchell, Epsom, AucklandWilliam: “The courtiers are worried about a new bat out of hell at the palace.” — Brian Holden, GreenlaneAttenborough: “GRAAA!” — Rick Aekins, email ■…

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quips & quotes

“Honest criticism is hard to take, particularly from a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or a stranger.” – Franklin P Jones, quoted in The Week“Downton Abbey is a phenomenon, but not a great deal happens. I watched an episode and moss was growing on a butler in real time. Glaciers shooting past the window.” – comedian Bill Bailey“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.” – plasterer Mick on Australia’s Married at First Sight“Winston was there because he was at the very first signing of the Treaty.” – comedian Paul Ego on Waitangi Day, on 7 Days“If we fail to perpetuate and constantly renew our faith in the Treaty and its principles, then they will recede and wither with neglect.” – Ngāi Tahu elder Sir Tipene O’Regan at Ōnuku Marae“We have now reached…

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life in new zealand

Unhappy with his 14th placing in the time trial at Tirreno-Adriatico last year, the current Tour Down Under leader spent the following weekend meticulously analysing his performance with his girlfriend.Stuff.co.nz, 19/1/19Government pundits could our fix teacher shortagesRotorua Daily Post, 5/2/19… accurate labels were sown inside the garment.Weekend Herald, 27/10/18On Monday, after setting up a roadshow in the St John ambulance premises on Johnston St in Waihi for the day, two hooded men stormed the building around 1.30pm.Waikato Times, 6/9/18“In delivery rooms around New Zealand, the state is removing baby after baby from the same mother.”Dominion Post, 14/12/18The bodies in the lake – In depthMarlborough Express, 4/2/19LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND: Entries must describe New Zealand events. The first sender of those accepted will receive a $5 Booksellers voucher. Enclose name, address…

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quick questions

1. True or false? Pagers have been entirely superseded by newer technologies.❑ True❑ False2. Which of these characters on The Simpsons did Phil Hartman voice?❑ Sideshow Bob❑ Mayor Quimby❑ Troy McClure❑ Moe Szyslak3. True or false? Senior citizens do most of Japan’s farm work.❑ True❑ False4. Which of these describes natural features called cenotes, which are especially associated with Mexico?❑ Sinkholes❑ River valleys❑ Salt flats❑ Rock arches5. Which of these habitats is preferred by New Zealand’s endangered whio/blue duck?❑ Swamplands❑ Estuaries❑ Murky ponds❑ Fast-flowing rivers6. True or false? The Soviet Union landed spacecraft on the moon.❑ True❑ False7. Which of these films helped to popularise the wearing of T-shirts as outer garments?❑ Casablanca❑ A Streetcar Named Desire❑ Singin’ in the Rain❑ Rear Window8. Which Hollywood celebrity has been arrested more…