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New Zealand Listener Issue 45 2019

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new zealand listener

Editor-in-Chief PAMELA STIRLING Books & Culture Editor RUSSELL BAILLIE Art Director DEREK WARD Senior Writers DONNA CHISHOLM, DIANA WICHTEL (Auckland), SALLY BLUNDELL (Christchurch) Chief Sub-editor GEOFF CUMMING Sub-editor NICK RUSSELL Entertainment Editor FIONA RAE Political Columnist JANE CLIFTON Assistant Art Director SHANE KELLY Senior Designer RICHARD KINGSFORD Digital Producer RYAN HOLDER Editorial Assistant LAUREN BUCKERIDGE Editorial contact 09-308 2405, listener@bauermedia.co.nz Published by Bauer Media Group (NZ) Chief Executive Officer BRENDON HILL Managing Director TANYA WALSHE General Manager Publishing STUART DICK Editorial Director – Current Affairs BEN FAHY Commercial Brand Manager JOSH WILLIAMS, jowilliams@bauermedia.co.nz Direct Account Manager MIKE SANDERS, msanders@bauermedia.co.nz Classified sales KIM CHAPMAN 07-578 3646, classifieds@xtra.co.nz…

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for fear of transgressing

Whether or not the Government decides we need to strengthen our hate-speech law, the world is already on a dangerous hair-trigger path towards vigilante censorship of free speech. We’re already past the point Ralph Waldo Emerson once warned about when he cautioned himself against “falling into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted”. Here, the merely contradicted have asserted persecution so successfully that Treaty of Waitangi sceptic Don Brash, overseas alt-right speakers and a feminist conference have all been “no-platformed”. University of Otago emeritus professor Jim Flynn – a long-paid-up member of the woke left – had his latest book rejected by his British publisher, not because the publisher thought the book incited hatred or violence, but because Britain’s hate-speech laws have been applied so unevenly publishers…

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captured by carbon dioxide

John Martin shows incredible optimism in his claims about carbon capture and storage (CCS) (Letters, October 19). He said we could capture the carbon dioxide from our process-heat industries and safely store it in undersea oil wells. But CCS technology hardly exists yet. There are 17 installations in the world, all on large plants. CCS applied to a power plant is expected to reduce the power output by 25%. Direct air capture – the technique needed to deal with vehicle emissions – is likewise in its infancy. CCS applications liquefy CO2 and store it in geological formations. Old oil or gas wells would not have the necessary integrity. Undersea wells would probably end up releasing CO2 into the sea, causing even more acidification. Sue Boyde(Paraparaumu) BORIS CHANNELS THE BARD Who knew that Boris Johnson reads…

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winning caption

Leoni Bucket, Lake Hayes FINALISTS Justin Trudeau: “I’ve been cast as Othello!” – Geoffrey Clendon, Auckland Trudeau: “I’m going to govern as a minority!” Man in background: “I wonder which one.” – John Cave, Auckland Man in background: “It’s not his first time running a minority outfit.” – Brian Holden, Tekapo Trudeau: “Go the All Blacks!” – PM Lynch, Upper Hutt Trudeau: “Canada to win the World Cup! Any World Cup!” – Steve Cox, Christchurch Caption: “No disguise: Just in ties.” – Kevin Boyce, Raumati Beach Trudeau: “Voters like the issues presented in black and white.” – John Stribling, Wellington…

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quips & quotes

“Marco Rubio is now frantically searching for a Bible verse that extols backtracking.” – tweet after the US President’s backdown on hosting the G7 at a Trump venue“Never get into a well with an American rope.” – newly minted Kurdish saying, quoted in the Week“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol, quoted in the UK’s i newspaper“I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet.” – Winston Churchill quoted in the Financial Times“I was in bed with a migraine when I heard my little boy telling my boss on the phone that I was in bed with a migrant.” – seen on Twitter“Politicians love chaos – it gives…

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life in new zealand

Jetlag drink company goes into liquidation rnz.co.nz, 15/10/19 “Kiwis are hunting out and pouring over our journalism and lifestyle content in growing numbers.” Rotorua Daily Post, 6/9/19 “There is growing evidence that exercise is not only preventative but rehabilitative too, and helps those living with dementia from living more fulfilling lives.” GreyPower, September 2019 “Tattoos and all forms of body art are accepted if they bring discredit to the Navy…” Navy Today, October 2019 This has all been done in only three weeks, says Judy, showing all the blankets, slippers, mittens, vests, jumpers, hats, teddies and knockers for women… Waimea Weekly, 4/9/19 Jason Donovan tackles fire in underpants stuff.co.nz, 4/10/19 LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND: Entries must describe New Zealand events. The first sender of those accepted will receive a $5 Booksellers voucher. Enclose name, address and source/date; TV and radio entries must…