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fear go

The housing crisis is leading to a law-and-order crisis and it is time to acknowledge the link. In Wellington, where vacant premises in the CBD are increasingly being used for emergency housing, violent crime in the inner city has risen 35% in five years, according to police figures. In Rotorua, with 2000 residents placed in up to 45 motels, the overall tally of crime might have gone down but the incidence of social disorder offences has shifted to the motel district. And in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, there has been a rise in antisocial behaviour following the housing of unemployed people in a block there, with locals noting an expanded gang presence, including in top-price bars. There are other factors at play, not least the increasing commercialisation of gangs and widespread availability of…

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debating the big three

A glance around any busy street confirms what medical pundits are saying: obesity is endemic, which is giving rise to burgeoning diabetes rates. There is doubt among the medical profession whether our health system can cope. So, it was good to see the Listener talking about the cause – not cure by diet – in the comprehensive article “Hit job” (March 27). This dealt with the court case against those involved in a campaign to discredit those fighting for effective regulation against the causes of our major health problems: sugar added to everything from baked beans to fizz, alcohol that lands taxpayers with an estimated $9.7 billion for related harm, and tobacco, which still causes horrendous health problems. Clearly, there is oversupply. A tax on these commodities has been proven to reduce…

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caption competition

WINNING CAPTION Alan Bernacchi, Orewa FINALISTS The Cambridges are unfriended by the Sussexes. – Elly Inta, Auckland Prince William: “Bros who live in glass houses shouldn’t overthrow thrones.” – Alan Belcher, Christchurch William: “So, who made whom cry?” Kate: “My lips are sealed.” – Anne Wotton, Paraparaumu Kate thought bubble: “Harry kiri!” – Daniel Phillips, Invercargill William: “Shame our Skype call froze like that.” – Ian Bywater, Rangiora William: “Oh, Gawd, Harry still thinks we’re being absolutely beastly to that Miss Marple.” – Dean Donoghue, Papamoa Beach William:“Drama Queen!” – Bruce Eliott, Auckland Kate: “God, next thing we know she’ll be playing herself in The Crown”. – Kate Highfield, Hastings “I wish Harry and Meghan would respect the privacy requested by Harry and Meghan.” – Graeme Burnard, Carterton William: “Try PASSWORD1234.” – Murray Anderson…

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quips & quotes

“Make no mistake about why babies are here. They’re here to replace us.” – Jerry Seinfeld “Putting Kamala Harris in charge of the US-Mexico border challenge is similar to how Trump put Pence in charge of handling the pandemic – when the going gets tough, presidents are like a middle-school principal telling the vice-principal, ‘I’ll stay here while you chaperone the field trip to the glass museum.’” – Jimmy Fallon “You’ll know when weed is legal when tourists are walking behind New Yorkers being like ‘Let’s go, let’s go!’ Soon you’ll see a guy on the street be like, ‘Hey, you took my parking spot! Enjoy it, friend.’” –Jimmy Fallon on the NY state legislature deciding to legalise marijuana “You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.” – Indira Gandhi, first female Prime…

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10 quick questions

1. Which country has a dragon on its flag and a capital city called Thimphu? ❑ Bhutan ❑ Myanmar ❑ Nepal ❑ Laos 2. Who won a Best Director Oscar in 2014 for Gravity and another in 2019 for Roma? ❑ Alejandro González Iñárritu ❑ Damien Chazelle ❑ Ang Lee ❑ Alfonso Cuarón 3. In 2020, a bird arrived in New Zealand after flying a record non-stop distance of 12,200km over 11 days. What species was it? ❑ Arctic tern ❑ Bar-tailed godwit ❑ Wandering albatross ❑ Common swift 4. In the Middle Ages, “side sickness” was considered incurable and fatal. What is its modern name? ❑ Heart disease ❑ Arthritis ❑ Kidney disease ❑ Appendicitis 5. Which international society is associated with driving fleets of miniature cars in parades? ❑ Mensa ❑ Lions ❑ Shriners ❑ Rotary 6. Which Kiwi artist created a renowned series of minimalist works called the Black Paintings? ❑ Ralph Hotere ❑…

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Recall the first day of our tenancy.It rained that morning. We taxied up in coolSeptember steam. Our neighbours brokered teaAnd fatal gossip and a fishy towelWhile we waited for an agent with the key,The kind of easy dealing people lovedBefore disease shied us.Behind the parcelled garden, muntjacs hoofedThe scarp where Roman settlers once made midden,A public kitchen tiled with rescued shardsOf early leaves, the chestnuts first to reddenHere and fall, then as now. Coughing hardInto their hands with pleasure and in synchronyThe sculling crew across the terrace toked.A student flat. We would succeed a family.And three yards down, whose manicure evokedMy Yank imaginings of English hedge,A poet lived, dying, we later learned.The muntjacs caught our eyes and wouldn’t budge.The rowers since moved on. The poet mournedThe crowded island he had…