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prince philip 1921 – 2021

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call the Duke of Edinburgh a proto-feminist. Despite being the embodiment of that Kipling-esque idyll, a man’s man, he married a woman to whom he would always be subordinate in the eyes of the world. Yet he could never be said to live in her shadow. It’s possible no man was better suited to be a queen’s consort than Philip Mountbatten. By nature and nurture, he was proud, resilient and resourceful. There was the downside of his brusqueness with staff, and he could be unbending with his family. But his rigidity and rather tart sense of humour seem to have been the self-protective result of a tough start in life. Born a prince, he did not exactly live the dream. He barely knew his parents, and…

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princely quotations

On bigwigs: “Occasionally I get fed up, going to visit a factory, when I am being shown around by the chairman, who clearly hasn’t got a clue, and I try to get hold of the factory manager but I can’t because the chairman wants to make sure he’s the one in all the photographs.” On the newly decorated home of Prince Andrew and his bride Sarah Ferguson: “It looks like a tart’s bedroom.” On his daughter Anne: “If it doesn’t fart and eat hay, she’s not interested.” On meeting designer Stephen Judge. “Well, you didn’t design your beard too well, did you? If you are going to grow a beard, grow a beard. You really must try harder.” On being told Ghana had 200 MPs: ‘That’s about the right number. We have 650 and…

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quips & quotes

“If it wasn’t for the effort, I could argue against hard work all day.” – Janan Ganesh in the Financial Times “The Brownies now have a ‘Smashing the Patriarchy’ badge. If you win it, your dad has to sew it on to your uniform.” – Lucy Porter “Grief never ends, but it changes. It is a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.” – Elizabeth I “Grief is the price we pay for love.” – Queen Elizabeth II echoes her namesake “Godzilla vs Kong killed it at the box office – and it wasn’t even Godzilla vs Kong and His Crippling Battle with Depression.” – Bill Maher “One reason I don’t drink is that I wish to know…

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occupancy & risk factors

“Death waves” (April 17) highlighted yet more dangers for our islands. This is all very well, and there is a mention of risk assessment, but I felt its suggestion that people’s perception of the risk was what mattered. As we have seen with the rejection of the AstraZeneca vaccination in Europe and Australia, public opinion on risk is frequently misguided. Australians know the risk of death is one in a million, compared with one in 25,000 from road accidents, yet choose the much greater risk of death from the virus. Our Government’s assessment of risk is also confused at best, and has seriously affected us. The estimates of earthquake-prone buildings have resulted in numerous buildings being closed and loaded a huge financial burden on many organisations. Risk of loss of life is…

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caption competition

WINNING CAPTION Gina Moyle, Auckland FINALISTS Boris Johnson: “Excellent. I pronounced Ms Litwinowicz-Soltysiak’s name right – 14th try.” – Tom Hepburn, Waiheke Island Agata Litwinowicz-Soltysiak: “Don’t worry, I’ve got the keys.” – J Neal Agata (thinking): “He’s got no trucking idea.” – Marc Breedon, Auckland Boris: “From OHMS to ohms.” – Alan Belcher, Christchurch Boris: “I’m looking for loopholes to drive this bus through.” – Warren Shaw Agata: “Sorry, we’ve had to let Mr Toad get behind the wheel.” – Graeme Samson Boris: “Oh, I get it. The wheels on the bus do go round and round.” – Robina Smythe Boris: “I’m taking this bus to Invercargill.” – DL Calder, New Plymouth…

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10 quick questions

1. Which of these is not a character in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book? ❑ Kaa❑ Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ❑ Shere Khan ❑ Mufasa 2. What are the naturally occurring phenomena called “fairy rings” composed of? ❑ Spider webs❑ Fungi❑ Water lilies❑ Clouds 3. In economics, which of these terms means to take advantage of a difference in price for something across at least two markets? ❑ Counterparty ❑ Arbitrage❑ Rebalancing ❑ Bootstrapping 4. Which of these innovations was first demonstrated in 1947 at a meeting of the Optical Society of America? ❑ Photographic film ❑ Digital camera❑ Black and white television❑ Instant camera 5. Which film includes the quote: “Only one thing counts in this life: get them to sign on the line which is dotted”? ❑ Wall Street ❑ Death of a Salesman ❑ Jerry Maguire ❑ Glengarry Glen…