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lecretia’s law

When this magazine broke the story in early 2015 of Lecretia Seales’ push to legalise assisted dying, I was trying to find an effective treatment for an aggressive leukaemia that was fast getting out of hand. I was so fatigued I could barely walk 50m and was astonished that anyone in the late stages of brain cancer like Seales could summon the energy and courage to put themselves into the public arena at such a vulnerable time. I was also impressed – and immensely grateful – that the topic of assisted dying had made it on to the cover of a national publication. The prospect of being able to organise a time to die peacefully when the end is imminent is profoundly reassuring. By the time my treatment was under way a few months…

12 min
wisdom of the ages

It isn’t so much the nomenclature that bothers me as a person who can be termed an “older adult” (“Age-old stereotypes”, October 30). What is annoying is that, despite my height, I have become invisible. When I went to buy a new computer, my daughter, who is in her twenties, happened to be with me and the whole time the shop attendant talked to her about the various aspects of the computer until she said, “It is my mother who is buying the computer.” It didn’t penetrate, and he continued addressing my daughter with the technical details, although I was quite astute about its applications. He was happy, though, to accept my credit card. But salespeople should be aware that these “older adults” will get their revenge. When I was in a…

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winning caption

FINALISTS Anna Lorck MP: “Well, if the traffic lights don’t work, you’ll certainly have to get a lot better at hand signals.”– Kathryn Ennis-Carter, ŌtakiJacinda Ardern: “Clarke! Put it down. I said we’re shifting wedding venue, not shifting the wedding venue.”– Robert Morey, DunedinArdern: “Our strategy is grab a mask, get a jab and hang loose.”– Paul Kelly, Palmerston NorthArdern: “Is this the sign for ‘Be kind’?”– Kate Gore, TaurangaKiri Allan: “You’ll be okay. They’re just waiting for their giveaways.’’– Kate Gore, TaurangaArdern rap: “Hey bro, I’ll let you know, It ain’t so bad to get your jab.”– Viv Donovan, RotoruaArdern: “Whoops! Have I signed red or green?”– Ann Love, Nelson…

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quips& quotes

“The Government seems to have gone from acting out of an abundance of caution to a reckless disregard for the consequences in the blink of an eyelid.”– PPTA Te Wehengarua president Melanie Webber on senior students’ return to school“I miss the clattering sounds of cafes. I miss opshopping. I miss ‘just browsing’ in shops. I miss last-minute dinner plans with friends after work. I miss dancing in a club that needs more air-conditioning … I wish I could visit my grandma and paint her nails her favourite colour, yellow. Still, I want level four.”– Spinoff writer Charlotte Muru-Lanning“As one newspaper columnist wrote, far from being turned into a ‘hermit kingdom’, New Zealand has been – in comparison with most of the world – ‘a passable imitation of Shangri-la’.”– epidemiologist Sir…

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10 quick questions

1. True or false? There’s no real difference between a tower and a turret. ❑ True ❑ False 2. Tony Clifton, an obnoxious lounge singer, was a character played by which comedian? ❑ Richard Pryor ❑ Andy Kaufman ❑ Rodney Dangerfield ❑ Roseanne Barr 3. Which country controlled Alaska before it was sold to the United States in 1867? ❑ France ❑ Russia ❑ United Kingdom ❑ Canada 4. True or false? It’s possible to twiddle your thumbs in opposite directions instead of rotating both the same way. ❑ True ❑ False 5. In Māori creation traditions, who is the god of the sea and the creatures that live there? ❑ Tangaroa ❑ Ranginui ❑ Māui ❑ Rūaumoko 6. The New Zealand fairy tern/tara iti is one of the country’s most endangered birds, with fewer than 40 adults remaining. What is their natural habitat? ❑ Native forest ❑ Open grasslands ❑ Coastal areas ❑ Alpine…

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the flight of the kiwis

Big Australia, withered by the pandemic’s halt to migration, is rousing – but should it be left to slumber? After this year’s weakest population growth in more than 100 years as borders were barred and foreigners fled, the Government, the largest state and business are looking to a migration surge of historic proportions to muscle up the country. Last financial year, a net 96,600 people left – the biggest exodus since World War I. Net overseas migration this year is expected to be minus 77,400. Even before the pandemic hit in March last year, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his ministers had the jitters about continuing high rates of migration to Australia. They chopped the migration programme’s cap in 2019 from 190,000 to 160,000. Morrison had argued people in Australia’s bigger cities were…