New Zealand Listener Issue 46 2021

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listen up

I was 10 when I first experienced the thrill of live radio. My father, Gordon, was a car salesman and he occasionally appeared on local radio in Gisborne. I was allowed to sit in the studio as he and the breakfast presenter went live on Radio 2ZG. My dad’s broad Geordie accent and the presenter’s polished voice were an interesting combination. But it was effective radio: two people having a conversation with a purpose and an audience in mind. I recall feeling a sense of wonder. From this room a connection was instantaneously made with thousands of people, some of whom I knew. Radio in New Zealand turns 100 this month and, despite increasing competition for people’s time, the medium retains its power. More than 80% of New Zealanders aged 10-plus listen to the…

11 min
approaching life with humour

I read Diana Clements’ article (“Age-old stereotypes”, October 30) and sighed an old man’s sigh (I’m 72). It seems the focus on “ageist” language can be challenged on two levels. First, it is an easy target that both ignores and replaces the real issues affecting old people. Whatever the professors and researchers think we should be called, it will not stop wicked children emptying our bank accounts, retirement villages ripping us off or poverty blighting our lives. It will not stop me recognising the disappearing lips and general sagging I see in the mirror of a morning. Second, I would be disappointed if my demographic cohort came over all sensitive about what we are called. I remember joining a team of workers, and aft er a period of appraisal, a Glaswegian colleague…

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caption competition

No, I’m Ground Control. I thought you were Major Tom. WINNING CAPTION Rex McGregor, Auckland FINALISTS Astronaut 1: “Are you sure you parked the Mars Rover here?” Astronaut 2: “Hmm – I think so. My handheld GPS says this is the place.” – Steve Albrecht, Auckland Caption: Shopping trip in Level 4. – Mary Smith, Hamilton Astronaut 1: “According to Google Maps, this is Pahiatua.” – Dave Smith, Wellington Astronaut 2: “Amazing! My therapist told me to be less self-contained, too!” – Mike Hamblyn, Dunedin Caption: Auckland developers check site for new housing development. – Stewart Halliwell, Warkworth Astronaut 1: “It would have been easier just to get the jab.” – John Northcott, Warkworth Astronaut 1: “I enjoy the relaxed living on Mars.” Astronaut 2: “So do I. There’s no pressure!” – Mike Hamblyn, Dunedin…

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quips & quotes

“It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” – Harry S Truman“That’s like not believing that humans cause pantspooping – it’s just part of the natural cycle of my khakis, I’m going to leave them for my grandkids to deal with.” – Stephen Colbert on a recent poll finding that 45% of Americans don’t believe humans cause climate change“I was married for 30 years. Isn’t that enough? I’ve had my share of dirty underwear on the floor.” –Martha Stewart“I personally think we developed language because of our deep need to complain.” – Lily Tomlin“Saying nothing … sometimes says the most.” – Emily Dickinson“Why does this country even offer aid, if it’s a mythical unicorn nobody gets.” – Alex from the Netflix series…

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10 quick questions

1. Which has a larger area, the islands of Japan or New Zealand? ❏ Japan ❏ New Zealand 2. Which of these is not an informal term for money? ❏ Bogart ❏ Spondulicks ❏ Boodle ❏ Simoleons 3. True or false❏ The US and Soviet Union agreed to put the Cold War on hold if there was an alien invasion. ❏ True ❏ False 4. What sort of thing is a quahog? ❏ Wild pig ❏ Dugout canoe ❏ Clam ❏ Pungent fruit 5. Which of these brands was not named after someone who lived in New Zealand? ❏ Ernest Adams ❏ Whittaker’s ❏ Vogel’s ❏ Wattie’s 6. Who took over from Selwyn Toogood as the host of It’s in the Bag in 1986? ❏ Phillip Leishman ❏ John Hawkesby ❏ Philip Sherry ❏ Louise Wallace 7. Which malevolent entity is mentioned in Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapsody? ❏ Lucifer ❏ Mammon ❏ Azrael ❏ Beelzebub 8. Which of these TV dramas…

3 min
wheels within wheels

Fashion, as everyone knows, is a cycle. Stick around long enough and everything enjoys its retro moment. In recent years, there have been films made about 1970s British music favourites Elton John and Queen that have introduced 1970s glitter to a whole new generation that had assumed it was just Halloween fancy dress. In much the same way, another 1970s cultural favourite has been enjoying a renewed lease of life: fuel shortages. There were long queues last month at petrol stations that had run dry as a consequence of people rushing out to buy fuel because there were shortages – fashion isn’t the only cycle. There are also food shortages in supermarkets, and a growing concern that there will also be a shortage of gifts for the Christmas shopping season. All these…