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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly Issue 23, 2021

New Zealand Woman’s Weekly is the country’s most read woman’s magazine. A true publishing icon, the Weekly shares stories of real New Zealand women as well as in-depth royal news and celebrity features from abroad. The magazine also inspires with relevant and aspirational content covering all things food, style, home and entertaining.

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seeing double

Lily James has a new costume drama – and there’s not a bustle in sight! The Downton Abbey actress is playing Pamela Anderson in a TV production based on the Baywatch star and set insiders say she’s having a blast getting around in a replica of Pammy’s iconic red swimming costume! Pamela, 53, famously had two breast enhancement surgeries in the early ‘90s, ultimately taking her to a 34DD, and word has it, Lily, 32, has been provided with a fake chest piece to match Pamela’s much-publicised assets. The drama, currently being shot in Malibu, recounts the story of Pamela’s four-day romance with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, which led to their impromptu wedding on a Mexican beach in 1995 – and the scandal of their stolen sex tape. While fans are thrilled…

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from the editor

It seems like yester day that Suzanne Paul appear ed on our TV scr eens with her Natural Glow infomer cial and “thousands of luminous spheres” almost became a part of Kiwi vernacular . At university in Palmerston North, any night out with my best friend Nikki always began with a sprinkle of Natural Glow! In fact, it felt like pr etty much everyone was wearing it back then. She has been on our screens and in the pages of the Weekly many times since then, so it’s wonderful Suzanne’ s on our cover this week celebrating 30 years since she arrived in New Zealand. Suzanne’s had many highs and lows over the years, and in her story on page 6, she shar es the resilience she has developed, her big…

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suzanne’s forever glow the lessons i’ve learned

To celebrate 30 years living in New Zealand – the longest she’s ever been based in one place – Suzanne Paul is keeping it simple: picking up her pension, oh, and getting married. As one of the most recognised faces (and voices) in the country, she jokes she’s reinvented herself more times than Madonna in that time, too. From sunbed salesperson to television host, dancing star to declaring bankruptcy, the plucky infomercial queen has packed a lot of living in. “Sometimes I think the last three decades feels like forever and how did I do all of that? Other times it feels like it’s gone in a blink of an eye,” confesses Suzanne from the cosy rural home she shares with fiancé Patrick Kuhtze and rescue dog Matty, north of Auckland. “People must presume…

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What former TV show would you love to make a comeback? How’s Life? I remember Paul Henry and I going one way with our relationship advice – “Don’t boil your cabbages twice, love. Kick him to the curb!” – while other panellists would say, “Best to get counselling.” It was a blast. What do you wish you could tell 35-year-old Suzanne? I love that line from a movie that says “Everything will be alright in the end. And if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.” It’s so true. Is there anything you wouldn’t sell? A product that didn’t work! In New Zealand, your integrity is everything.…

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j.lo’s love nest

Things are heating up for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Days after being spotted returning from their romantic getaway in the snowy mountains of Montana, Ben flew across the country from his home in Los Angeles to join J.Lo in Miami. It may only be early days for the former lovers and Gigli co-stars, but a source shares, “They have kept in touch every day since their Montana rendezvous.” As the Argo actor was seen enjoying her stunning view, eagle-eyed fans noticed a very special accessory had reappeared on the 48-year-old’s wrist. Throughout their whirlwind relationship in the early 2000s, Ben frequently sported a silver watch with a distinctive chunky chain, thought to be a gift from J.Lo, 51. Whether it was courtside at a basketball game or on the set of the…

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tv confession hugh’s angel

More than a decade before they teamed up in the rom-com Music and Lyrics, Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant had a special connection. Appearing on Drew’s daytime talk show, the British father-of-five opened up about the isolating time after his 1995 arrest when he was caught engaging with a sex worker in public. It seemed like the world was against him, but a friendly letter from a Hollywood actress he’d never met was a lifeline. “I was back in England with 5000 members of the press around the borders of my farm, and I opened a letter, from you, that was very supportive and nice. It was very cheering up and I thought, ‘I love Drew Barrymore.’” He added, “You will always have a place in my heart.” Drew, 46, has been open about…