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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly Issue 26, 2021

New Zealand Woman’s Weekly is the country’s most read woman’s magazine. A true publishing icon, the Weekly shares stories of real New Zealand women as well as in-depth royal news and celebrity features from abroad. The magazine also inspires with relevant and aspirational content covering all things food, style, home and entertaining.

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back in the saddle

After getting off to a wobbly start, Prince Charles proved he really was the Prince of Wheels as he launched a charity cycle event from his home at Highgrove last week. The heir to the throne, 72, decked himself out in a bespoke suit for the occasion. And seeing off the 30 cyclists raising funds for the British Asian Trust, he joked that they were “a very good demonstration of why I don’t wear Lycra”. He commented to one rider, “It’s a nightmare getting into it, isn’t it?” He then got a fit of the giggles when he was handed a tiny Lycra top by one of the organisers. When the father-of-two and grandfather-of-five was asked why he hadn’t chosen a sportier bike than his borrowed British-made Pashley, he joked, “I don’t…

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This week, we celebrate a very important group of people who help make New Zealand, and in some cases the world, a better place – volunteers. Our cover star Pippa Wetzell has been giving her time and raising awareness of the charity Bellyful, which provides meals for families who have a new baby in the home. While I personally didn’t use this charity when I was a new mum, I do remember with gratitude the people who were so generous when I had each of my four children. There would be meals dropped off, an offer of a ride here or there, helping with the older kids so I could focus on the newborn and so much more. Thank goodness for wonderful people who are there to lend a hand.…

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pippa’s superpower why i had to step up

‘It can be all it takes to overcome a difficult time – feeling like someone’s got your back’ It’s a Friday afternoon on Auckland’s North Shore as much-loved broadcaster Pippa Wetzell takes a break from dinner-party preparation to chat to the Weekly. The Fair Go host is excitedly anticipating a quick-stop visit from her Australian-based brother, who she hasn’t seen in nine months, while her kids Brodie, 14, Cameron, 12, and Taj, 10, happily help where they can thanks to time off school for a teacher’s only day. “Our kitchen looks like an absolute bombsite at the moment,” laughs the former Breakfast presenter, 44, whose daughter Cameron, aka Cami, has just whipped up a fresh batch of brownies for dessert. “We’re having a big family catch-up, so it’ll be lovely. I’ve hopefully…

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ange’s date with her ex

When Angelina Jolie married her Hackers co-star Jonny Lee Miller in 1996, she wore black rubber trousers and a white shirt decorated with her own blood. But it was a far more demure Angelina who slipped out of her ex’s New York apartment last week after sharing a bottle of wine and a quiet evening together. The sighting sent the internet alight with rumours that the exes were back together. These theories were only strengthened when the Salt star returned to the apartment a few days later, this time with son Pax, 17, in tow. The Maleficent actress is in New York with her whole brood – Maddox, 19, Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 12 – celebrating her 46th birthday. Despite having her hands full, the mum-of-six made time…

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cracking the whip

It’s been 40 years since Harrison Ford dazzled audiences as daring archaeology professor Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. But his looming 79th birthday hasn’t stopped him picking up his trademark fedora and leather whip one last time! Currently in Britain filming the fifth instalment of the movie franchise, insiders say the Star Wars veteran cycles up to 64 kilometres a day and munches on energy-boosting supplement bars to ensure he’s in top form for the physically demanding role. And to make things more complicated, the movie makers are mostly filming through the night to avoid offending locals with the Third Reich symbols that are necessary for the storyline. “He has an exercise and work regime that would be punishment for a man half his age,” says the insider. “It’s wake…

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emma: stars who make me cry

She’s an Oscar-winning actress, currently getting rave reviews for her portrayal of the wicked Cruella de Vil, but Emma Stone says she gets so starstruck by other famous people that she cries! “I have this instinct to burst into tears when it’s someone whom I’ve really admired since childhood, so it’s happened too many times,” laughs the mum-of-one. “I’ve cried in front of Diane Keaton. I didn’t cry in front of Bill Murray, but I walked away and cried. “I tried to keep it semi-cool in front of Steve Martin, but it’s got to stop. “I don’t do it as much any more, but in my early 20s, it just would overwhelm me. I was like a Chihuahua!” La La Land star Emma, 32, has been lauded for her performance in Cruella – the origin…