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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly Issue 27, 2021

New Zealand Woman’s Weekly is the country’s most read woman’s magazine. A true publishing icon, the Weekly shares stories of real New Zealand women as well as in-depth royal news and celebrity features from abroad. The magazine also inspires with relevant and aspirational content covering all things food, style, home and entertaining.

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on the road again

They sealed their place in cinema history when they drove hand-in-hand off the edge of the Grand Canyon 30 years ago – and Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis could barely contain their joy as they reunited to commemorate the milestone anniversary of their movie Thelma & Louise. The 1991 film, which began as a road movie and ended up as an all-or-nothing run from the law, broke new ground with its story of female friendship and empowerment. “It was revolutionary because in most films, if there was more than one woman, they were automatically your enemy,” says Susan, 74. “Very rarely were the two women friends.” Adds Geena, 65, “The reaction from women was so strong and nothing I’d ever seen before. It made me realise how few opportunities we have for women to…

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from the editor

I believe that our cover star Melissa Stokes is very brave to open up about the challenges and anxiety she has felt during what has been a very difficult year. Melissa’s candid recount of her journey – which many will be able to relate to – is ultimately one of hope that may inspire you or someone you love to reach out for support if needed. There is also a lot of royal news this week. While the rift between princes William and Harry has been well documented, it now appears the divide is a lot deeper than previously thought. Meanwhile, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has spent a decade learning about the importance of the early years in a child’s life and has put together some groundbreaking plans that will change…

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breakfast & bravery melissa’s private pain

‘I was sick of my brain giving me these worries all the time and needed a break from it’ Cool and calm, Melissa Stokes is often the face presenting the news to hundreds of thousands of people across New Zealand. But over the past year, when the cameras stopped rolling, the TVNZ star has faced some of the biggest hurdles in her life – including battling anxiety, helping her eldest son with his ADHD and being there for her mother who has lung cancer. “When Covid first hit in 2020, I’d only been the weekend newsreader for a year before I had to move to the Breakfast show, as we broke into teams,” recalls Melissa, who turns 43 next month. “I don’t think I handle change very well, so that made me quite…

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What was your first job? Working in the deli section at New World Tauranga. Then in my later teens, I worked for my parents in their fabric store and was terrible at it. In fact, Dad says he fired me but I always tell him I quit! Who inspired you to be a journalist? My uncle is Spencer Jolly, who was a political reporter at TVNZ for a time. And he didn’t get on with Muldoon apparently, so he moved to Australia, where he was political editor at Channel 9 for years. When I would go over there, he would take me into the studio. What’s your funniest memory while covering stories abroad? Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010 were completely chaotic. And compared to the Beijing Olympics, where you had to follow every rule and…

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a rocky beginning

He’s one of the biggest names in pop culture and is the highest-paid actor in the world, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life hasn’t always been the high-flying Hollywood dream he’s living today. Growing up, his father, WWE legend Rocky Johnson, was always away working, so his mother Ata, 72, raised him on her own, struggling to make ends meet. “We were living paycheque to pay-cheque,” he recalls. “We couldn’t afford to pay rent, $180 a week, and eventually were kicked off Hawaii.” Things only worsened when they moved to Tennessee, where their financial hardships were combined with the racial prejudice of the south. But those tough times are what fuelled Dwayne’s famous work ethic. “I’ve always been of the mindset that I can’t change the way I look. I was born with this…

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bombshell revelation william threw harry out

Their rift has caused shockwaves since it was announced two years ago that Prince William and Prince Harry were splitting their royal households. But now comes the bombshell news that the decision to go their separate ways was not made by Harry, as previously thought, but by William, who was furious over claims his sister-in-law, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was ill-treating palace staff. An explosive book by royal historian Robert Lacey claims the brothers argued over the allegations against Meghan, who William felt was “undermining some precious principles of the monarchy”. A furious Harry came to his wife’s defence and William, feeling “hurt and betrayed” by the brother he’d always been so protective of, decided the Cambridge and Sussex households should go their own ways, says Robert in his book Battle of Brothers.…