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April 2020

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3 min
wrinkle in time

Yes, there’s something different about me. Two weeks ago, I got a touch of Botox. These days it’s nothing to frown about, but go ahead and frown if you want, because I won’t be able to for at least three months – a nice change from looking like Grumpy Cat. Here’s the thing with getting older (incidentally, don’t look at me for life lessons, life hasn’t taught me a thing except I don’t suit orange), inside you stay exactly the same, while on the outside some very disappointing pre-programmed stuff starts happening and the two things aren’t in sync – in fact it’s this disconnect that makes middle-aged men think they can pull young chicks. Women, however, are more pragmatic about their looks, even if our shop window reflections can sometimes…

3 min

Bohemianism, I realise, is a bit like acne. You can cover it up, you can hide it completely for a time – but sooner or later it just breaks through. Tonight, my bohemian tendencies are stirring under my currently conventional existence. Friday evenings used to be shabby makeshift galleries, vodka drunk from plastic cups, and chats with my possession-free, art-focused friends. Now I’m perched on an overstuffed grey tweed sofa, perusing flat screens on Mr Stable’s iPad. ‘We all have bouts of wanting to fit in. But it’s a cage’ “Do we need one as big as that?” What I actually mean is, ‘as expensive as that’. While Mr Stable chats knowledgeably about 75Hz refresh rates and D-hub ports, I’m thinking, ‘Couldn’t we just blow that money on a fabulous dinner at…

1 min
perfectly formed

A fashion insider’s secret to always looking stylish is the capsule wardrobe. This seasonal collection of core garments can be interchanged with one another to create limitless looks that will take you effortlessly from work to weekend and everywhere in-between. The 10 key pieces are classic in cut and designed to showcase the best of the season, so you’ll always look on-trend, without the stress. 1. THE CARDIGAN Izabel London Animal Knit Cardigan, $119.99 2. THE SWEATER State of Play Carmen Sweater, $139.99 3. THE CORD JACKET Zest Oversized Cord Jacket $99.99 4. THE BLOUSE Whistle Pleat Back Shirt, $79.99 5. THE SHIRT Zest Washed Golden Shirt, $79.99 6. THE BLACK JACKET Oliver Black One Button Jacket, $119.99 7. THE SKIRT Band of Gypsies Good Lovin Skirt, $69.99 8. THE DRESS State of Play Harper Dress, $129.99 9. THE PANT Zest Wide Leg Pant, $79.99 10. THE TEE Bodycode Boxy…

8 min
smitten with seattle

Confession time: I’ve wanted to visit Seattle ever since I first saw Grey’s Anatomy. If this rainy city at the tippy-top of north-west America was filled with men who looked like McDreamy and McSteamy, I figured I would be in heaven (conveniently forgetting that I am, in fact, happily married). But then my obsession with Grey’s waned and I forgot about wanting to shop at Pike Place Market, or riding the Seattle Wheel, and seeing the house where grunge legend Kurt Cobain lived and died. That was until last year when I found myself in the city at the rump end of a 10-day Trafalgar Adventures in the Wild Northwest tour. We arrive in Seattle the way everyone should – on a ferry, crossing the big blue scoop of Puget Sound with the…

10 min
leading the charge

One’s a highly qualified makeup artist who’s been painting the faces of models, movie stars and TV presenters for decades. The other could be described euphemistically as ‘self-sufficient’, but ‘control freak’ wouldn’t be overstating things. The stand-off is over a mascara wand; that is, who gets to wield it in the direction of the latter’s lashes. And if you think the former has a shot at winning, then you’ve clearly never met Bernadine Oliver-Kerby. “I’ve just been poked in the eyeball too many times!” jokes the 48-year-old sports broadcaster as she leaps from the makeup chair – mascara firmly in hand – and stations herself in front of a large mirror, the concentration demanded by the task not remotely interfering with her ability to answer questions at a million words per…

4 min
force of habit

You may have heard it takes 30 days to create a new habit. Well, it’s not as simple or as difficult as that. If you have managed to create a new habit simply by doing it for 30 days, congratulations. Repetition is important, but most of us fail well before we get to the 30 days, and even after the 30 days it may still not be an ingrained behaviour. Whether it’s exercising regularly, eating less sugar, or meditating, even though I know all these things are good for me, and they are all enjoyable (except eating less sugar, let’s be honest), my success in actually doing them on a regular basis is sporadic at the best of times. Why do willpower and motivation evaporate so fast? ‘THE TRUTH IS, WILLPOWER AND…